He cannot surely entertain so mean an Opinion of the Judgment, Understanding, or Honesty, of a British House of Commons, as to suppose they will be influenced by such a palpable Piece of Sophistry. There cannot be conceived fo daring an Insult upon the Wisdom and Integrity of that Honourable Assembly, as such, an impudent Supposition would imply; unless this same Gentleman were to petition, that in the Decision of this great Affair, of publick and national Concern, Regard might be had purely to his private Emolument ; and that the Candidates in the New Interest might be voted in quo jure quáque injuria, only because this humble and modest Petitioner, being likewise very poor, has a considerable Sum of Money depending.

And with Regard to the real Principles of this University, they are such as will approve themselves to every honest un. prejudiced Perfon in the Kingdom. Its very Opposers are satisfy'd of this, not

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withstanding they take such Pains to
blacken and misrepresent them. They
know, Sir, in their own Consciences,
that we are most firmly and unalterably
attach'd to the Church of England, and to
its great Support, the Protestant Succession,
They know that our Loyalty to his pre-
sent Majesty is as untainted as our reli-
gious Principles. I speak from the very
Bottom of my Soul when I charge them
with being convinced of this; but such
base Men pay little Regard to inward
Conviction. It was previously agreed up-
on between the Gentlemen of a certain
Interest in this County, that the stale Cry
of Popery and Jacobitifm should be re-
vived to serve their present Purposes, and
to facilitate their Success. But surely the
University might have been spared upon
this Occasion; for, in the Name of Won-
der, how is this Cry supported? The
whole Body is vilified and abused for the
Action of a few inconsiderate


Fellows: And that very Action, now it has þeen searched to the Bottom, is found to


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be imputable to almost any Thing rather than Jacobitical Principles. But suppofing the Charge upon them to be just, how often must it be insisted on to be a most flagrant Piece of Injustice, an absolute Contradiction to Common Sense, to make the University answerable for every single Action of each individual Member? If this Way of Reasoning be admitted in one Case, let it be admitted in all. Our Sifter-University, it is well known, would then come in for her Share of the Charge of Difaffection,

But we hope for her Sake, as well as our own, that such impotent Slander, such partial Accusations, will always meet with the Reception they deserve. In the mean Time we call upon them to prove one single Act of Dilloyalty upon the collective Body. Even their subtle and malicious Inventions will, I may safely say, be puzzled to do this. But, 'till this be done, our Character -as good Subjects, as well as

every other Respect, will stand unhaken and secure. The whole Herd

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of. Sycophants, let their Combination
against the Place be never so strong,
and their Efforts never so united, will
in the End bé baffled and confounded.
Their reiterated Blows at its very Foun-
dations will but the more powerfully en-
gage every virtuous and impartial Man,
every true Lover of Learning and his
Country, in its Support; and so be the
unwilling Means of establishing it the
firmer :
---Veluti annoso validam cum robore quercum
Alpini Boreæ nunc hinc, nunc flatibus illinc
Eruere inter fe certant; it stridor, & alte
Confternunt terram concufo ftipite frondes :
Ipfa baret fcopulis ; & quantum vertice ad

Ætherias, tantum radice in Tartara tendit.


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At the fame Time it must be own'd it ties upon us, as we regard the good Opinion of the World in general, to wipe off those virulent Aspersions which have been successively thrown upon the Place, and

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ration particularly those


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the chief Magisrong

trate in a late Defence. Too long a De

lay may in such a Case, it is to be feared, nded

be construed to our Disadvantage. A A
Consciousness of our own Innocence and

Integrity may, it is true, help to deceive

us into a blameable Security. In these his Times, it must be confessed, an uncommon e the

Degree of Circumspection and Activity is the necessary

. But the Children of this World are in their Generation wiser than the Children of Light. On the other Hand it must be conceived, we may have hitherto been

partly restrained by a Tenderness for the W

Character of a certain Society, which has 25:

shewn so little to that of the whole Uni-
versity besides itself. Whatever Motive
our Silence


be imputed to, the World may rest assured that strange Scenes of In

iquity will e’er long be brought to Light, Edit

"Till which Time it can be no unreason-
able Request to desire those who are in-
clined to think ill of us, to suspend their
Judgment, and entertain as favourable an
Opinion of this University, for the sake


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