I Alexander Pope, of Twickenham, in the county of Middlesex, make this my last Will and Teftament. I resign my Soul to its Creator in all humble hope of its future happiness, as in the disposal of a Bcing infinitely good. As to my Body, my will is, that it be buried near the monument of my dear Parents at Twickenham, with the addition, af. ter the words filius fecit of these only, et libi: Qui obiit anno 19-ætatis--and that it be carried to the grave by fix of the poorest men of the parish, to each of whom I order a suit of grey coarse cloth, as mourning. If I happen to die at any inconvenient distance, let the same be done in any other parish, and the Inscription be added on the monument at Twickenham. I hereby make and appoint my particular friends, Allen lord Bathurst, Hugh earl of Marchmont, the honourable William Murray his Majesty's solicitor general, and George Arbuthnot, of the court of Exchequer, Efq; the survivors or survivor of them, Executors of this my last Will and Testament.

But all the manuscript and unprinted papers which I shall leave at my decease, I defire may be delivered to my noble Friend, Henry St. John, lord Bolingbroke, to whose sole care and judgment I commit them, either to be preserved or destroyed; or, in case he shall not survive me, to the abovesaid Earl of Marchmont. These, who in the course of my VOL. X.


life have done me all other good offices, will not refule me this last after my Death: I leave them there. føre this trouble, as a mark of my trust and friendfhip; only defiring them each to accept of some small memorial of me: That my lord Bolingbroke will add to his library ail the volumes of my Works and Trazslations of romer, bound in red morocco, and the eleven volumes of those of Erasmus : That my lord Marchmont will take the large paper edition of Thuanus, by Buckley, and that portrait of Lord Bo. lingbroke, by Richardson, which he shall prefer : That my lord Bathurst will find a place for the three ftatues of the Hercules of Furnese, the Venus of Medicis, and the Apollo in chiaro oscuro, done by Kneller: That Mr. Murray will accept of the marble head of Homer, by Bernini ; and of Sir Isaac Newton, by Guelfi: and that Mr. Arbuthnot will take the watch I commonly wore, which the King of Sardinia gave to the late Earl of Peterborow, and he to me on his death bed ; together with one of the pictures of Lord Bolingbroke.

Item, I desire Mr. Lyttleton to accept of the busts of Spencer, Shakespear, Milton, and Dryden. in marble, which his royal master the Prince was pleased to give me. I give and devise my library of printed books to Ralph Allen, of Vidcombe, Efq; and to the Reverend Mr: William Warburton, or to the survivor of them (when those belonging to Lord Bolingbroke are taken out, and when Mrs. Martha Blount has chosen Threescore out of the number.) I also give and bequeath to tlie said Mr. Warburton the property of all such of my Works already printed, as he hath written, or mall write Commentaries or Notes upon, and which I have not otherwise difposed of, or alienated ; and all the profits which shall arise after my death from such editions as he shall publish without future alterations.

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