Inspirations From B. C. to A. D.: A Life Saved By Grace

AuthorHouse, 2004
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"Inspirations From B.C. to A.D.: A Life Saved by Grace is an auto-biography set to prose. The author takes you on his journey from darkness to living in the marvelous light of Jesus Christ. All of the poems expose the frustrations, disappointment, trials, conflicts and hidden disempowering beliefs and questions we all have asked ourselves in life. Those hard questions that are so difficult to find the answers. As you read these poems surely you will perceive the burst of life and joy unspeakable that results in a wonderful and exciting new birth and transformation that takes place in the author's life. Don't miss the impact and importance of truth that transform and continues to transform brother Victor Baxter's life. The Spiritual growth and Liberation that results as he lets go and let God have his way in his life is tremendous and dynamic and felt through his writings.

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