Fertility, Family Planning, and Women's Health: New Data from the 1995 National Survey of Family Growth

DIANE Publishing, 1998 - 114 pagina's
Presents data on a wide range of topics based on personal interviews with a national sample of women 15-44 years of age in the U.S. It is organized around the central theme of pregnancy & its determinants & consequences. Contents: children ever born & total births expected; wanted & unwanted births; sexual intercourse; marriage & cohabitation; contraceptive use; fecundity, infertility, & sterilization operations; breastfeeding, maternity leave, & child care; adoption, stepchildren, & foster children; health insurance coverage; family planning & other medical services; cigarette smoking; HIV testing; pelvic inflammatory disease; & sex educ.

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Pagina 113 - Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas; South — Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas; West — Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska and Hawaii.
Pagina 1 - NSFG consists of personal interviews with a national sample of women and. for the first time, men 15-44 years of age in the civilian noninstitutionalized population of the United States...
Pagina 77 - No high school diploma or GED High school diploma or GED Some college, no bachelor's degree Bachelor's degree or higher FIGURE 2-1 Age-adjusted cigarette smoking prevalence by education level, 2001.
Pagina 27 - Includes pregnancies with wantedness status reported as "don't know" and pregnancies to women of other race and origin groups not shown separately. :Based on "traditional" version (comparable to Cycle 4 and previous cycles) of wantedness status.
Pagina 112 - Geographic region. — for the purpose of classifying the population by geographic area, the States are grouped into four regions. These regions, which correspond to those used by the US Bureau of the Census, are shown in figure I.
Pagina 97 - Limited to women 22-44 years of age at time of interview. GED is general equivalency diploma.
Pagina 54 - Includes morning-after pill, foam, cervical cap, Today (TM) sponge, suppository, jelly or cream (without diaphragm), and other methods not shown separately.

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