take decided measures, sent an army across the Indus, plan. Yet there may be an extreme. It would be which in the space of three short months, reduced a false and superstitious notion of the sanctity of the the mountain - fortress of Ghuzni (supposed to be Sabbath, which would interdict the giving of lessons impregnable), Candahar, with its capital Cabul, and, in reading, in any case where they could not otherin fact, the entire country.

wise be obtained. Such an interdiction would assuIt is true that a subsequent repulse ensued, which redly have come under the rebuke of “the Lord of was caused by treason, rather than by the valour of the Sabbath," who says: " I will have mercy and not the Affghans ; but the English army soon reconquered sacrifice.” The power to read is, on all accounts, so the country, and then withdrew within the natural precious—and especially as the means of access to frontier of their possessions, the River Indus. the treasures of divine truth, and thus to the blessings

Two years since, the alarm was sounded far and of salvation--that the imparting of it might fairly, wide, and on the Continent particularly it was be in this view of it, be numbered amongst religious lieved, through reports spread by the French, that acts; and he would be a stern moralist, indeed, who, the star of England's glory was about to set in India, in any case of necessity, would prohibit and condemn and not a few envious hearts rejoiced at it; while it. It must, however, on the other hand, be admitted, some looked on it as a just retribution for the wrongs that it requires necessity for its vindication. And which had been inflicted on that country. Subsequent possibly our southern neighbours have allowed themevents (namely, the reconquest of Affghanistan and the selves to slip too extensively into the practice, withpeace of Nanking) have proved that these assertions out having sufficiently considered the duty, as far as were premature. The great designs of God, for which possibility could be made to go, of week-day instituhe has instituted the relationship between Britain tions for the mechanical and secular department of and India, are not yet accomplished, and, until they tuition, and of reserving the Lord's-day for such inare, no hostile powers can disunite them.-Weil- struction as is really and strictly religious. It would brecht's Missions in Bengul.

be at once a saving of principle, and a saving of time.-Dr Wardlaw.



HEARERS AND DOERS THE HEATHEN. Some forty years since a proverbial saying prevailed one who, meeting his neighbour coming out of the

I REMEMBER our countryman, Bromeard, tells us of in Bengal, that every Englishman going to India left church, asked him, “What! is the sermon done?" his religion at the Cape of Good Hope. I am happy “ Done!” said the other, “no: it is said it is ended, to say, times have since changed for the better. There but it is not so soon done." And surely so it is with are many now who bring their religion with them, or if

we have good store of sermons said, but we they have none when they come, they get one in India. have only a few that are done: and one sermon Depraved as the Hindus are, they know very well done is worth a thousand said and heard; for “not how to estimate the moral character of Englishmen. the hearers of the law, but the doers of it are justiTheir idea is--and probably it is not incorrect--that fied. And if ye know these things, blessed are ye if every one who calls himself a Christian should be a

ye do them.

Glory, honour, and peace to every good man. Since this is not always the case, they man that worketh good!” — Rom. ii. 10. - Bishop perversely ascribe the immorality of Europeans to Hall. the Christian religion, judging others by their own standard. While I was preaching in the bazaar, they frequeutly called out : “ You English are not a hair

SAYINGS OF OLD HUMPHREY. better than we; don't you know that such and such | a saheb is living an immoral life? If your religion beat of the heart is a rap at the door, to tell us of

Our frail bodies are tottering habitations; every į be so excellent as you say, why are some of you so bad ?" If I replied : “ Just because they care nothing

our danger, about it," they rejoined : " Go then and first convert

Do you want to know the man against whom you your own countrymen."--Ibid.

have most reason to guard yourself?-your lookingglass will give you a very fair likeness of his face.

When I put my finger on my pulse, it tells me, at MOHAMMEDANISM IN INDIA.

the same moment, that I am a living and a dying The power of the Mohammedans in India is crumbled into dust, but their pride is in no way humbled. They

When the Infidel would persuade you to abandon | regard the English and their religion with hatred, your Bible, tell him you will do so when he brings

and are therefore far less accessible to the missionary you a better book. than the Hindus. Many of the old noble families

A man should always look upwards for comfort; long for the time, which will never come, when the for when the heaven above our heads is dark, the banner of Mohammed shall once more wave on the earth under our feet is sure to be darker. mountain-fortresses of Hindustan.-Irid.

When we start back with unusual surprise at the wickedness of others, may it not be a proof that we

are not sufficiently acquainted with our own hearts ? THE TEACHING OF READING IN SABBATH

The friend that lightly flatters thee is an enemy; SCHOOLS.

the enemy that justly reproves thee is a friend. IN Scotland, the system of Sabbath schools is, gene- bitter draught, and a meal of wormwood; a night

He who neglects religion prepares for himself a rally speaking (for there are exceptions), on a somewhat different footing from what it is in England. cap of thorns, and a bed of briers; a life of' vexation, The schools are exclusively devoted to the communi- and a death of sorrow. cation of religious instruction. The learning to read If you want to get a spiritual appetite, walk often forms no part of their exercises. For those who in the green pastures and by the still waters of God's can not read, it is reckoned most desirable to have promises to his people. week-day evening schools, preparatory to their future If the world knew what passes in my heart, what attendance on the Sabbath school. And beyond would it think of me? I do know it; what then do question, wherever it is attainable, this is the better | I think of myself:- Visitor.



to blot and blur their evidences for glory, by corr. Daily Bread.

mitting this or that heinous sin; and then his next work is to rob them of their evidences for glory, that

so, though at the long-run they may get safe to FRIDAY.

heaven, yet, Jacob-like, they may go halting and "The Lord is our lawgiver."-ISA. xxxiii. 22. mourning to their graves.—Brooks.

Thy nature be my law-

Thy spotless sanctity;
And sweetly every moment draw

My happy soul to thee.

“ Faith as a grain of mustard seed."-MATT. xvii. 20. I'God hath written his law three several ways.

Poor, guilts, weak, and helpless worms, When he first created man, he wrote it then upon

On thy kind arms we fall;

Thou art our strength and righteousnesshis heart by his creating finger. Man was the trans

Our Saviour and our all. cript of God. As he was his handiwork, so he was The least degree of true sanctifying grace is sufihis hand-writing also; man was then the only copy cient to entitle the soul to heaven and glory. Let of the law extant in the world. This copy was per

weak and doubting Christians, therefore, know this fect; but yet it was such as might be blotted and

for their comfort, that the promise of eternal life is torn. Next, God wrote his law in his Word. The

not made to the degree of their grace, but to the Holy Scriptures exhibit to us an entire system, both truth of it; not to grace as strong, but to grace as of commands and duties; and this copy is both per

true. Now the truth of grace may be in the least fect and durable; such as neither hath suffered, nor and in the weakest degree. That grace to which can suffer, any decays from length of time, or from the rage and malice of men or devils. And, lastly, it is not said, He only whose faith is so strong as to

our salvation is principally ascribed, is our faith; now God hath again written his law upon the heart of

overcome all temptations and all doubts, and to man, in his new creation; and this copy is eternally flourish up into assurance, he only shall be saved; durable; but yet it is but as a writing upon sinking but, Whosoever believes shall be saved, though his and leaky paper, which in this life is very obscure faith be very weak and very wavering.-Hopéias. and full of blots.Hopkins.


“ Come, Lord Jesus."-Rev. xxii. 20. “ Now ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the

Happy he whoin Christ shall find
blood of Christ."- Eph. ii. 13.

Watching to see him come;
Ol! what is man, when grace reveals

Him the judge of all mankind
The virtue of a Saviour's blood ?

Shall bear triumphant home.
Agrin a life divine he feels-

Be frequently looking out and longing for Christ's
Despises earth, and walks with God.

coming. “As Abraham stood in his tent-door reat In a state of nature, we stood in a threefold sad go forth to meet the angels that were sent unto him, and wretched relation to God; we were strangers to

should the believer keep himself in a waiting posture God, rebels and enemies, and also guilty malefactors; at this time. It is the character of believers—they and as such, were liable to eternal condemnation. are such as love his appearing.—2 Tim. iv. 8. They But, the grace of God intervening, makes a blessed desire his coming. “Make haste, my beloved."-Cant. change in all these relations; of strangers, we are

viii. 14. “Even so, come Lord Jesus, come quickly." brought near, and enrolled in the family of heaven, The Lord is gone! my Saviour hath left the earth, and so are made children of God and heirs of glory, and entered into his glory; my friends and brethren by the grace of adoption; of enemies, we are made are gone to their blessed rest, where they see God's friends and intimates, and accepted through the Be- face, and sing his praise for ever; and how can I be loved, through the grace of redemption; of guilty willing to stay behind when they are gone! Must malefactors, we are acquitted, and pardoned, and ac I be groaning and sighing, when they are triumphing cepted to eternal life, by the free and absolute grace and dividing the spoil ? Surely I will look after of justification.-Ibid.

them, and cry, O Lord how long?. When shall I be

with my Saviour and my God? - Willison. SABBATH. “ Search me, O God, and know my heart."-Ps. cxxxix. 23.


“ We shall be ever with the Lord."-1 THESS, IF, 17.
Let earth no more my heart divide-
With Christ may I be crucified-

Thrice blessed bliss-inspiring hope !
To thee with my whole soul aspire.

It lifts the fainting spirits up-
Dead to the world and all its toys,

It brings to life the dead ;
Its idle pomp and fading joys,

Our conflicts here shall soon be past,
Be thou alone my one desire.

And you and I ascend at last,

Triumphant with our Head.) That man is for heaven, and heaven is for that man, who makes it his greatest business in this world Death may separate chief friends; but to sepsto watch his heart-to guard his heart. The hypocrite rate them from God-this is impossible! Whether looks most to externals, but the sincere Christian | living or dying-in time or in eternity-in this world looks most to internals; the bypocrite's main watch or in any other-a good man is equally under the is about his lips, but a sincere Christian's main watch kind care of the Father of mercies. It is his eye is about his heart; the hypocrite's main work lies that watches the sleeping dust. It is his favour that without doors, but the sincere Christian's main work animates the glorified spirit. It is his gracious hand lies within doors.-Brooks.

that supplies its wants. In all worlds, and at all

times, he is the wisdom that directs, the power that MONDAY

upholds, and the goodness that satisfies his people! “ Your iniquities have separated between you and your -Wilkinson.

God."-Isa. lix. 2.
Since thou would'st have us free from sin,
And pure as those above,

Edinburgh: Printed by JOHN JOHNSTONE, residing at 12,
Make haste to bring thy nature in,

Windsor Street, and Published by him at 2, Hunter

Glas. And perfect us in love.

Square. London: R. GROOM BRIDGE & Sons.

gow: J. R. MNAIR & Co.; and to be had of any BookSatan's masterpiece is first to work Christians 1 - eller throughout the Kingdom




a Sermon.


“ Thou wilt show me the path of life.”—Ps. xvi. 11. emphatically“ the path of destruction,” strewed These words had originally a double applica- everywhere with the wrecks of the dead and tion, as is the case with many Old Testament dying, and at the end of which opens the jaws statements. They were uttered by David, king of perdition to receive condemned sinners into of Israel, and embodied an assertion of his con the region of the “ second death.” It is clearly fidence and triumphant hope; but they also stated, that it requires no effort to secure a referred to David's Son and Lord, as is clear passage along this way. The gates to it are wide from what is stated by the Apostle Peter :“For open continually--the way itself is broad and David speaketh concerning him, I foresaw the crowded with passengers: Wide is the gate, Lord always before my face, for he is on my and broad is the way, that leadeth to destrucright hand, that I should not be moved: there- tion, and many there be which go in thereat." fore did my heart rejoice, and my tongue was We have merely to be let alone in our natural glad; moreover also my flesh shall rest in hope: state, and we shall infallibly be pressed forward because thou wilt not leave my soul in hell, amidst the crowd, and as sure as we sit in this neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see house of prayer, so surely shall we be “ driven corruption. Thou hast made known to me the away in our wickedness," and have destruction ways of life; thou shalt make me full of joy and death for our everlasting companions. with thy countenance. Men and brethren, let | There is no secret in all this. There is no guide me freely speak unto you of the patriarch David, required but Satan, who is ever ready, and our that he is both dead and buried; .... but he, own wicked and deceitful hearts. But, on the seeing this before, spake of the resurrection of other hand, David spake of something altogether Christ."

supernatural and glorious, when he spake of As it ought to be the earnest desire of all true “the path of life" —of a great secret which had Christians to be “ followers of Christ,” so, in been revealed to him, and called in Scripture this respect, they should especially desire to re “the secret of the Lord,” which is only with semble him, that, amidst all the discouragements them “that fear him, and hope in his mercy"and cares of an uncertain world, and amidst all of an exercise of omnipotent power to drag him the privileges and enjoyments of the sanctuary back from the downward steep of ruin, and to below, they may ever look forward to that set him upon a rock, establishing his goings,” which is within the veil, and say: “ Yea, though and open to his admiring gaze the “ King in his I walk through the valley of the shadow of beauty, and the land that is afar off.” The condeath, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; fidence which David here expresses was the thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou result of saving, divine power, and was not preparest a table before me in the presence of only to him the assurance of heaven when he mine enemies: thou anointest my head with died-it was heaven begun-the bright foretaste oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness of an everlasting inheritance. and mercy shall follow me all the days of my Let me fix your thoughts, for one instant, life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord on the striking designation here given of a

for ever.” “Thou wilt show ine the path of Christian's path: “The path of life." Death hope life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy was the great curse of the law, which “hath

right hand there are pleasures for evermore." passed upon all men, because all have sinned.”

The topic of great importance suggested by Its dark shadow has come over the whole gene* these words is this: The assurance which David rations of a fallen world. And herein consists

had of future blessedness, teaching us that such the fearful essence of man's degeneracy, that an assurance is attainable, and highly to be de his soul is dead, and that even the external sired : “ Thou wilt show me the path of life.” body—those eyes that look out on the glories

The language is figurative, and sets forth the of nature those ears that are awake to Christian life under the emblem of a way in the sounds of melody, that living, moving which the Christian walks- a very frequent frame, is only the habitation of a dead soul, figure in Scripture. All men are there spoken whose moral perceptions are blunted, across of as strangers and pilgrims upon the earth; whose eyes a veil of darkness hath been drawn, they are spoken of as ever in motion, whether and which is “ alienated from the life of God, they believe it or not, drawn forward irresist through the ignorance that is in it.” The man ibly, whether sleeping or waking, towards an is “ dead even whilst he lives; for to be carnally eternal world; nay, it is declared, that they minded is death.” But the first impulse of the are by nature drawn forward on a path called divine Spirit removes this veil of darkness,

September 26, 1845.

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No. 31.

quickens this insensible conscience, and starts cious ? bath he in anger shut up his tender this soul into spiritual life. “Old things pass mercies?"—that Job was left to bewail his away, all things become new.” The whole soul darkness: “O that I were as in months past, as is now alive, and that germ of life expands, in the days when God preserved me; when his brightens, and increases, till it reach the glory of candle shined on my head, and when by his light I the perfect day. Satan can never quench it - walked through darkness”—that Paul was left sin can never finally overcome it-death, instead to doubt, that, after having preached to others, of destroying it, merely destroys the tabernacle he himself might be a castaway;- but from such in which this immortal spirit is confined, and texts as, “Who is among you that feareth the sets it free into a region of brightness and end- Lord, that obeyeth the voice of his servant, that less purity. Every step, therefore, taken by walketh in darkness, and hath no light? let him such a soul, is taken by a soul alice, along a way trust in the name of the Lord, and stay upon irradiated with life, towards a region where his God;" and from the fact that the Apostle death is unknown. And no sooner does a soul John encourages those to whom he wrote, as once see and enter on this path really, than it being already Christians, to seek to“ know is quite certain that it shall hold on its way, that they had eternal life;" whilst the other and wax stronger and stronger: “ They go apostles desire Christians to give all “ diligence from strength to strength, every one of them to the full assurance of hope unto the end"appearing before God in Zion.”

proving that the mere existence of personal Having made these explanations in regard to Christianity does not always make assurance the terms here employed, let us now consider certain. the thing itself which David asserts, viz., that At the same time, it is quite clear from such he possessed a certainty of his own salvation : passages as our text, not only that such an as“ Thou wilt show me the path of life.” It was surance is attainable, but that it ought most the homely but striking statement of another, earnestly to be sought after by all Christians as that much theology is often contained in pro- the great sheet-anchor of comfort : "Give all nouns; and you observe there is no vagueness diligence to make your calling and election here: Thou,the God of heaven and earth, sure.' And most assuredly if the man who the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, possesses an earthly estate, not merely walks “wilt show me the path of life”-clearly inti- round the boundaries of it with eager eye--not mating that David himself possessed å firin merely makes it as sure as parchment and the assurance of his own salvation. Many other power of law can make it--not merely places portions of the Psalms contain evidence of the the title-deeds in a strong record chest, and same truth : “ As for me, I will behold thy face registers them beyond the reach of destruction in righteousness: I shall be satisfied, when I - but even after he has done all this, can awake, with thy likeness”—“ Thou shalt guide scarcely rest upon his bed till he is convinced me with thy counsel, and afterward receive me that all is secure, and that no one designs to to glory.” And his last words make it clear interfere with his property or challenge his that he died exulting in the same confidence : title, although all must soon pass from him by “He hath made with me an everlasting cove. | death, and these titles and these estates be nant, ordered in all things, and sure: for this burned up amidst the conflagration of the is all my salvation, and all my desire.” The world—0 surely it becomes the Christian to same confidence had Job: “I know that my make sure of his title to that inheritance which Redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at is incorruptible, undefiled, and that fadeth not the latter day upon the earth.” Thus also we away, which shall burst upon his sight when he find the great Apostle of the Gentiles saying, in enters the eternal world. triumph, when about to be offered: “I have We must, however, discriminate with care fought a good fight, I have finished my course, between a true and a false assurance. We may I have kept the faith: henceforth there is laid | imagine ourselves to be rich, and increased in up for me a crown of righteousness, which the goods, whilst poor and miserable-standiug in Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at need of all things. For there are dreams in that day: and not to me only, but unto all them the spiritual world as well as in the natural; also that love his appearing."

and as the “hungry man may dream, and behold That an exulting assurunce of salvation is, he eateth, but he awaketh and his soul is faint;" therefore, one of the privileges of God's people so a man may dream that everlasting glory cannot be doubted. But that it is not always shall be his, but death may break up the dream attained, and that, even after attained, it is like a thunder-clap, and his soul be exposed to often interrupted by doubts and darkness, is everlasting famine. “ There is a generation quite clear from the Word of God. Like the that are pure in their own eyes, and yet are not varying aspect of the sky, so is the experience washed from their filthiness.” And, consider of a Christian's life. Not always sunshine, but the dreadful consequences of delusion on such sometimes gloom and darkness; and“ the clouds a subject. The greatest prince or proprietor return after the rain.” This is clear, not merely on earth has not one foot of land in heaven; and from the fact that David sometimes was left in though he harass himself and spoil others for despondency: “Hath God forgotten to be gra- | the purpose of swelling out his possessions here,

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one stroke will separate him for ever from then this rule, peace be upon them, and upon all all. Nothing will avail a man amidst falling the Israel of God.” It is because many proheaveus and a reeling, dissolving earth, but a fessing Christians seldom read the Word of sure interest in the“ salvation which is in Christ God, or at least not prayerfully, that they so Jesus with eternal glory.” But, if we have a seldom realize their own glorious privileges. well-founded assurance of salvation, we may “Unless thy Word had been my refuge, I had anticipate the future with confidence. Come almost been like them that go down to silence.” death, come life, come darkness, come sorrow, But, for the purpose of thrusting this Word “ I know in whom I have believed. I am per- upon the notice of Christians, a day of rest is suaded that he is able to keep that which I have appointed after a week of toil, on which they committed to him against that day.” And un come up to the courts of God's house, and hear less men are determined to deceive themselves, Christ's ambassadors, with audible voice, unit is not so very difficult, after all, for Christians folding anew the overtures of mercy and the to arrive at, not perhaps an exulting confidence, glories of heaven, and imploring men in Christ's but at least at what is called in Scripture “a stead to be reconciled to God; nay, assuring good hope through grace.” I say, for Christians; them that God is more willing to confer salvafor there are many who evidently are not amongst tion than they are to receive it; and that if a this number, and who know themselves, amidst work of grace has at all been begun-if they all their professions, that they have “neither have been made to turn from sin unto Godpart por lot in the matter.” They profess to he who“ hath begun that good work will have their eyes on heaven, but they know that carry it on, and perfect it in the day of their works all savour of the earth, and that Christ.” God comes nearer still, and in the their hearts, being thoroughly carnal, meditate sacraments puts into their hands the pledges plots of evil, deep and deceitful as the sides of and foretastes of heaven. As with unbelievthe pit. The language of boasting is upon their ing Thomas, he made him thrust his hand lips the bread and wine of communion some into his side, and his finger into the prints of times in their hands. “ The temple of the Lord,” the nails—as with the unbelieving Israelites, say they, “the temple of the Lord, the temple of he brought a bunch of the grapes of Eshcol, the Lord are we;" but they know themselves for the purpose of satisfying them that the land that the statement is false—that they are merely was good, and flowed with milk and honey; 80 players on the stage, having stolen the garb of in the sacrament, he addresses our eyes, our angels of light, for the purpose of deceiving the ears, our hands, and says : Here is the pledge, onlookers ; they are what are called in Scrip- and there is the glorious earnest. “ Be pot faithture“ double-minded men." They have a mind less, but believing.". Above all, this assurance xcithout, which they exhibit to the world; and a is conveyed not only by the Spirit of Christ mind within, which is only seen by God and speaking to believers in these ordinances, themselves. But they themselves are perfectly and saying: “This is the way, walk ye in aware of all this, and, by-and-by, the whole it. Son, daughter, be of good cheer; thy sins universe shall know it. “Mark the perfect man, are forgiven thee”—by the Spirit witnessing and behold the upright, for only the latter end with their spirits that they are the children of that man is peace.”

of God--but by the fruits of the Spirit, by But to an humble Christian, who is really which we come to bear his stamp and imdesirous both of securing an interest in Christ's press; and are seen to be his by those transfinished work and of knowing that that interest is forming influences which he alone can exert. secured, Christ has many ways by which to com “Let no man deceive you with vain words; municate the assurance referred to in the text. he that doeth righteousness is righteous, even He that formed the eye, and the ear, and teach as He is righteous.” How is this illustrated ? eth man all the knowledge which he possesses, Why, our becoming Christians is spoken of can he not easily communicate this most in as a“ grafting into Christ.”. Now we all know, teresting of all knowledge ? In the use of that in that process the whole test of efficacy appointed means, the Lord the Spirit enables lies in the nature of the new fruit. Although the humble, believing people of Christ to say : the graft is brought from the ends of the earth, “I have found him whom my soul loveth” inserted with the greatest skill, and certified to * One thing I know, that whereas I was blind, be genuine by a thousand husbandmen, yet if now I see” _“ O Lord, I will praise thee; though the fruit is still sour and corrupt like that of thou wast angry with me, thine anger is now the ungrafted tree, no gardener will believe that turned away, and thou comfortest me; the the grafting has been properly accomplished; Lord is my strength and my song; he also on the other hand, though a thousand husbandis become my salvation.” He conveys this men should declare that the graft was worse assurance by means of his written Word, which than the original stem, still if, in the time of is a staff on which his people lean-the pillar harvest, it is loaded with mellow fruit, the of cloud by day—the shining of a flaming fire gardener will declare it genuine, and rejoice in . by night-“our song in the house of our pil- the work of his hands. And so is it with the grimage,” by which we are revived in the midst great Husbandman who came from a far country of all our straits, As many as walk by to graft the degenerate plants of this fallen world

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