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New York, April 26, 1875.—The last fortnight, only those who are obliged to remain in the city bringing the musical season to a close, has been during the long, hot season, can fully realize the crowded with concerts, so that a brief notice of great satisfaction and good to be got from the Cen

DESCRIPTIVE LIST OF THE some of the best of them is all that I can give. tral Park Garden, and how like our daily bread it has become.

L A T E S T Beginning with the two concerts by the Thomas

M U S I O, Orchestra, at Steinway Hall, on Friday evening, I give below the programmes of the six Symphony Published by Oliver Ditson & Co. April 16, and Saturday afternoon, April 17, we

Concerts which Mr. Thomas gave during the season find two programmes, which, though of lighter just ended.

Vocal, with Piano Accompaniment. character than those of the Symphony Concerts,

Harola Symphony.

Good Night.

3. G to g. Glover. 35 are yet very interesting.

Piano-forte Concerto, Op. 16 (new).


“ Parting is such sweet sorrow, Mr. F. Boscovitz.

That I shall say "good night' till the morrow." The evening concert opened with a performance

Heroic Symphony, No. 3....


Shakspeare said those sweet words, and the music of Beethoven's Second Symphony in D, op. 36. A


is equally sweet. Suite in B-minor. (first time).

Bach work, the whole of which is seldom played in New

Adagio and Rondo brillante, A-major.......Huminel

Bonum Est. (It is a good thing). Quartet York, although the second movement, (Larghetto).

Mr. H. H. Timm.

or chorus.
3. Eh to g.

Campiglio. 50
Symphony No. 1, in B flat..

Schumann is well known here. The rendering seemed to be

An excellent composition by a New Orleaus Trio, “Tremate, emni" (first time). ......Beethoven

organist. exceptionally fine, even for the Thomas Orchestra,

Miss Lasar, Mr. Eritsch, Mr. Remertz.
Symphonic Poem, "Die Ideale.".

Liszt Sing not of the Past. 3. F to f. Trekell. 40 with which perfection is an every day matter. An

“Each remembered note recalls,
instrumental novelty was an orchestral setting, by
Overture_" Paris and Helen” (Arst time)... Gluck

Life's young hopes and fears.'
Symphony No. 6, D-minor (new)..

Carl Reinecke, of R. Schumann's delightful series of Wotans Abschied and Feuerzauber (first time.)
“ Bilder aus Osten,” for the piano, (four hands).


She never flirts. (Fairy Queen), 3. Eh to e. Vocal part by Mr. Remmertz.

Hendle. 30 The adaptation is such as to preserve the exact Symphony No. 5, C-minor........... .Beethoven

“But she'd eloped with a circus man. spirit of the original music, while its gorgeous

Symphony No. 4. B-flat....


A pretty comic song, full of surprises. Oriental coloring is intensified by ingenious orches

Concerto for two violins and orchestra (first time), The Cragsman. 3. A minor to e. Molloy. 35

Bach tration. It is “Lalla Rookh" in music.

Hungarian Dances (new)..


“ The golden crested eagle's wing Piano-forte concerto (new).

Shall deck her nut brown hair." Berlioz's bright little Scherzo, La Reine Mab,

Mme. Schiller.

A wild, strange song of the egg-hunter and his ou la Fee des songes,” which we have heard at the Frithiof Symphony (new)..

Hofmann perils. garden concerts, was the next instrumental piece,

Frogtown Spellers. Kommick Song and
Oxford Symphony, G-major....


2. G to e. and the concert ended with three selections from Sinfonia, Recitative and Ăria from “ Semele".Handel

Beg. 30 Mlle. Anna Drasdil.

“ An orful spell is ore us kast." Wagner's Meistersinger," namely, The Introduc

Overture. “Leonora," No. 2..


Just in time for the prevailing mania. As this tion to the 3d act, Walther's Prize Song, and the Dramatic Symphony, No. 4 (new).. Rubinstein

will only last for a spell, hasten to enjoy the fun. Overture. The Introduction and Prize Song are

Jupiter Symphony...


Longing. Canzonetta. 4. Bb to f. Barker. 35 new to us. The magnificent overture we have Piano-forte Concerto in E-flat (new)...... Rubinstein

“Over the tranquil sea, Mme. Schiller.

Where the bright moon is shining." heard many times, but cannot hear too often *.

Symphony in A. No. 7......


Also arranged for Contralto in G, and in either

key a beautiful song. The beautiful prize song of Walther was entrusted The last concert of the Brooklyn Philharmonic Old sweet Story. 3. Eb to e. Lindsay. 35 to Mr. H. A. Bischoff, tenor, who proved to be any Society took place on Saturday evening, April 17th.

"And the forests heard. and the leaflets thing but a “Meistersinger,” for he pitched bis The attendance was large, and has been so through

Whispered it down to the flowers." voice too low at the outset, and had a painful strugout the season.

Exceedingly sweet. whatever it was; for at the

close we are left in doubt. gle with the music. Nor did he succeed with

The following selections were performed under the My fairest Angel. (Biondina Bella). 4.

direction of Theodore Thomas: Siegmund's Love Song," (from “Walkuere,”) an

C to f.

Gounod. 40 1. Symphony in E-flat, Köchel-543--[first time). other novelty which came earlier in the evening.


“Ti vestirei di biancn tutta guanto." Of course we have to consider the difficulty which 2. a. Part Song “How Sweet the Moonlight."

The translation may be "Beautifnl Blonde" and H. Leslie

the comparison to a white robed angel is prettily all singers find in Wagner's music, and it is said b. Glee. “ The Hunting Song.".........J. Benedict

carried out, raising this in sentiment above the The Glee and Madrigal Society of Brooklyn.

average of Italian songs. Fine Gounod music. that Mr. Bischoff did much brtter at the matinée, 3. Concerto in C-minor, Op. 37, (first movement. Waking at early Day. (Ballad Singer). 3.

Beethoven when the same selections were given.

Eb to f.
Mr. Richard Hoffman and orchestra.

Linley. 30 Two pieces, sung by Miss Annie Louise Cary, 4. Fanst.-Characterbild-Op. 68....... ... Rubinstein

“ Youthful hearts I cheer, 5. Barcarole, (from the fourth concerto.W. S. Bennett

Age delights to hear." completed the bill of the evening. One was the

Mr. Richard Hoffman.

A most cheerful and nice" song. Try it, famous "Che faro senza Euridice," from Gluck's

6. a. Part Song "Sands of Dee."

.Macfarren b. Lullaby of Life.

H. Leslic

Instrumental. Orpheus," and the other the well known arietta,

The Glee and Madrigal Society. 7. Symphonic Poem, Tasso...

Liszt by Beethoven, “In questa tomba oscura.” Miss

Happy play-days. (Frohe Spiele). 4. C. The Mozart Symphony is one of the three best of

Lange. 50 Cary was in good voice, and sang well, as indeed

the series, and contain the most popular of all the May, perhaps, be marked 3 for difficulty, but the she always does. Minuettos. It was composed in 1766, in Vienna,

delicate and pretty musical thoughts with which

Mr. Lange has filled it require an equally delicate At the Saturday Matinée, Mendelssohn's Refor The Rubinstein * Character Bild," has been

and downy touch, which only belongs to a 4th de

gree player. mation Symphony was performed. We have not played by the Thomas Orchestra in New York, only

once or twice within my recollection. The Sym Fille de Madame Angot. Fantasie. 4. Eb. heard it in full for several years past, although the phonic Poem “ Tasso," is one of the best of Liszt's

Lange. 75 Scherzo has been frequently played. The composer, compositions. It is really suberb, as far as instrn

The fantasie is much better than the music it is who was an excellent critic of his own works, an mentation goes, though it is a noticeable fact that the founded on ;-and that is very good. ticipated the verdict of posterity upon this sym

only bit of pure melody contained in the work is a “Petit Carnival.” No. 2. Polka. 4 hands. text not claimed by the composer as his own. It is

1 C.

Streabbog. 33 phony, and effectually disarmed criticism ; but it is

a song of the Venetian gondoliers; a melody to “Home Treasures." No. 6. Gypsey Countess. too good to be wholly lost to our ears, and ought to which the first strophes of the “Jerusalem

2. G.

Smallwood. 40 be occasionally played. chanted upon the lagoons.

Ensy and pretty instructive pieces. To continue the bill, Schumann's “ Abendlied,"

4 Canto l'armi pietose e'l capitano

“Highland Gems."

Pape. Che'l gran Sepolcro libero di Cristo." and a serenade, by Haydn, were performed by the

No. 7.
Still we have to thank Liszt for a setting of this

Annie Laurie, and Who'll be King but Charlie ? 6. Eh

75 stringe. The Wagner music of the evening previ. form, such as perhaps no other man could give. ous was repeated. Beethoven's “ Leonora” over The singing of the past songs aud glee were well

The previous pieces have been noticed, and this,

with the rest, is among the best pieces published ture was played, and Miss Cary sang Mozart's enough, although the music was obviously inappro for show playing. “Voi che sapete," and the Romanza "Non conosci, friends have their own way of doing things, and priate upon such an occasion. But, our Brooklyn Chaconne.

3. C.

Durand. 40

A good, hearty, honest piece, which refreshes you from Mignon. The name of the last piece always doubtless were satisfied with the arrangement. I to bear. brings a thought of an artist who left us not very could not keep wishing, for my part, that some of Subscriber's Waltz. 3.

Strauss. 60 the songs which took up so much time, and were long ago, and the splinters (? sic.) of musical sense

“ The Subscriber' with others, agree that this is repeated in two instances, had been left out, and an

a good Strauss Waltz. are still too fresh and fine for us patiently to hear

opportunity thus afforded Mr. Richard Hoffman. to Harpe Aeolienne. Tone Picture. 4. D. the same piece sung even by so charming a singer play the whole of Beethoven's Concerto, of which as Miss Cary.

Lange. 30 only the first movement was given. Once in each

While it is a pretty piece. it is also an excellent This brought the season of Thomas Concerts in year this artist comes to the front, is heard with study, as the right hand plays almost exclusively, New York to a close, and the great Conductor, with breathless attention, and immediately returns to chords or extensions. his orchestra, has gone West, not to return until the private life, which he prefers, probably because he season for opening the garden concerts. There has has already many of those honors for which a

ABBREVIATION8.-Degrees of difficulty are marked been some needless alarm lest these delightful sum capricious public often exacts a long and toilsome 1 to 7. The key is marked with a capital letter: as C, B mer nights entertainments should be discontinued ; service.

fiat, &c. A small Roman letter marks tho highest note,

if on the staff, an italic letter the highest note, if above * Verily there is no accounting for tastes!—ED.

[The remainder of this letter next time.)

the staff,



American School Music Reader

Hour of Singing.

A Systematic Graded Course in Three Books. CHEERFUL VOICES.



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By L. 0. Emerson and W. $. Tilden,


By L. O. EMERSON and W. 8. TILDEN.

PRICE $1.00.
Book First. Price 33 Cls.

Until recently, it could not be said that there was really

BY L. O. EMERSON. Price BOC. PREPARATORY COURSE. This, the lightest of tho

any music book especially adapted for High Schools. There three book. is intended for children of the l'rimary

were, to be sure, excellent collections of music which could School" age. The lessons commence with a single note,

be used, after a fashion, in teaching. Sull the Instructor in and proceed to pieces of moderate dificulty. Copious or Mr. Emerson's previous school Bong books about

Music had no propor text book until the appearance of tho directious to teachers, are printed in very small type to 300,000 bave been printed. “Cheorful Voices" being as 70 pages, and 100 songs.

Houn or SINGING. good as the best, should reach at least 150,000 singers.

Its adaptednuss to its place and

work was so apparent, that it was at once, without ques. Som! 91 Book Second. Price 50 Cls. The book contains a well written Elementary Courso, tion, adopted in a large number of High Schools and Seml.

with abundance of agreeable exorcises and tunes for plac-naries, and has also, to a certain ertont, been used by the This book is intended for children in the classes next beyond the Primary Schools, and will be used gener: tice; and also a large and varied collection of Songs, higher classes of Grammar Schools. ally, in the lower classes of Grammar Schools. Two- Rounds, &c., with thirty pieces of Sacred Music for openPart Songs are introduced at the appropriate place.

ing and closing School. Book Third. Price 60 Сls. This book finishes the elementary course, and is an ap. propriate work for the upper classes of Grammar Schools.

Price 75 Cents. Some kuowledge of chorus is acquired, followed by pracrice in Two and Three parts, and in Minor as well as Major

Designed to be a book for teaching the Elemonts of Keys. Forty pages at the end are filled with Four-Part Music.

By L. O. Emerson. Price 50 Cents. Music, and in its theory has a general resemblance to other Nr. Tilden has thoroughly and successfully tested his

Methods with a similar object. There is, however, a theories in schools in the vicinity of Boston.

marked character in the exercises and solfeggl, which have a

Has an excellent reputation among School Bong Books. graceful Italian style, are safo and good for the voice, Dr. Mason's Song Gardens Put together et a later period than that of the appearance and render the book an excellent ono for all schools of a

of THE GOLDEN WREATH by the same author, the high grade. Has had a Very Large and Well-Merited Sale. book contains muro original matter than the other, and

It may either be used alono, or in connection with another pleases all, but in a different way.

book, in which case it will serve as a collection of useful THE FIRST BOOK. Prioo 50 Cents,

Solfeggios, or "Songs without Words.'
Is for Young Children.

Price 80 Cents.
Is for Common Schools,
Price $1.00.

Is for High Schools and Adult Classes,

L. O. Emerson, 50 Cents.

By W. 0. Perkins and A. R. Hallett.

Price $1.00.
The success of this fine book has been a surprise, more

than a quarter of a million connes having been sold. To Intended, according to the title page, For Bor's SCHOOLS Dr. H. R. Streeter.

that number of persons, thereforu, its face is as that of a AND COLLEGES. As Boys voices and Girls voices are,

famillar friend. Since its issue 'lowever, an entirely new previous to change, at the same pitch, there la no reason Prico 60 Cents.

set of children fill the schoc'a and to those who are unac-why THE ORPHEAN may not be used in the advanced These must not be supposed to be Elements for use quainted with its melodies the GOLDEN WREATH may classes of any common school. in Primary Schools. The book is for all ages, and.con, still be the best School Song Book. tains a well arranged presentation of the Elements of

The music is exceedingly well selected, and conveniently Music, somewhat like those ordinariuy found in Church

arranged into Two, Threc and Four Parts, Music books, but with the Dr's ideas impressed upon thern, and also numerous examples and exercises, in all kays and of easy compass.

Dr. Streeter has a high reputation as a teacher of "Voice Building," and his ideas are well worth noting.

Two Vols. each with 30 Charts, PRICE 50 CENTO,

Price $8.00.

These charts have each a surface of about a squaro yard,
Abridged, $1.00.
By W, 0, & H, S. PERKINS,

and as the exercises and illustrations are printed upon them Quite valuable, as giving the theory of Primary Instruc

In large block type, they are visible from all parts of a tion, from a French Professor's point of view. All teachers A very appropriate name for a favorite collection of school-room. should become acquainted with those various "Schools," Bchool Songs. The sweet bird has sung its way into many The charts save much inconvenience in the way of black. whether they use them or not.

communities, with melodies that have made many a child's board writing.
heart glad.

Note that they aro too large for mailing, but may properly

be sent by exprons, Wilhem's Method of THE GOLDEN ROBIN.




Primary Elements of Music.


THE NIGHTINGALE, Dr. Lowell Mason's Music Charts


Panseron's A, B, C, of Music


Toaching Vocal Classes.

For School Exhibitions.


A book called out by the great awakening in England on

Musical progress, both among young and old people, the subject of teaching inusio to the masses.

depends so much upon musical enthusiasın, that thero Every good teacher will study all methods, and adopt tho

One of the best known of Bchool Song Books, and will seems to be almost a necessity for introducing Concerts and best. Every good teacher will then, of course, examine yet make many more friends. Well chosen and good songs, Exhibitions, into the music teaching course of schools. To *Wilhem,"

mure than two hundred of them, and the usual e.ementary give brilliance and success to these affairs, nothing can be course with attractive exercings.

better than such Cantatas as aro mentioned below: Tho Flower Queen ;

G. F. Root. 75 UVIND

The Culprit •

J. L. Ensign. 1.00 The Twin Bistori.

U. G. Saroni. 50 And Solfeggios, Price $1.50.

Fairy Bridal.

Hewitt. 50 The Pic Nic.

J.R. Thomas, 1.00 There is a close resomblance in all collections of Vocal

Fontiral of the Roso.

J. C. Johnson. 30 Exercises. They are, and must be composed of tho sounds

Flower Fostival on the Banks of the Rhino. of the scale, arranged with or without skips, in runa, or in

J. C. Johnson. 45 slow time.

Price 80 Centrs,
Spring Holiday.

C. C. Converse. 75 Dr. Mason's book contains the most essential ones.

Quarrel Among tho Flowen. Shoeller. 35 As to the Bolfeggios, they have been exceedingly useful

Juvonilo Oratorios. Containing “The Festival of and pless ::t affairs, when applied to class practice, and Classical and pleasing songs which an in use la High the Rose,” The Indian Summer," and “The Children Day also be used by thuse who study alone. and Normal Schools.

of Jerusalem," three Cantatas. By J. O. Johnson. 60



A Catalogue describing the dove and about 1,000 other books published by Ditson and Co., sent free on application. Also all books mailed, post-paid, for retail price. OLIVER DITSON & CO., C. H. DITSON & Co., LYON & HEALY, 277 WASHINGTON STREET, BOSTON. 711 BROADWAY, NEW YORK.





Pilgrim's Harp.

The name of this great eclectic collection may with

PRICE $1.50. propriety be placed either the first or the last on our list of

By ASA HULL, Price 75 Cents. modern Church Music Books. First, because it contains Encouraged by the very marked success of the HARP OF nearly all of the most popular church tunes published in, JUDAH Mr. Emerson, after a proper interval, brought out

It is highly desirable that a book ilko this for or before the first half of the present century, and is there his JUBILATE, which as a matter of course followed in foro a rich reservoir of old tunes. Last, because as new

Social Meetings, books become known, and their contents tried and proved, Harp were quite willing to try another book by the same the footsteps of its predecessor. Those who had used the

Dovotional Meetinga, their best tunes are from time to time removed to the author, and those who only knew it by reputation, thought

Vestry Prayer Meeting, American Tune Book, which is intended to be a sort of that reputation a good one.

Neighborhood Pruyer Moetings, Paradise of good tunes and bymns. Made up in this manner, it is easy to see that there can

and the like, should be light, portable, and comprehensive.

No one likes to hold a heavy book while singing. be no better book for a Congregation, and that a Choir will

A book that can be carried in the pocket is just the thing not try to do without it, while the vast number of old favor.

for social meetings. ite tunes will always render it a p. able book to keep at

That DEVOTIONAL CHIMEB contains all that it should bome.

contain is sbown by the fact that it has 248 pages of music, About 500 prominent Music T'er chers and Choir Leaders were consuited at the last re-arrangement of the book,

PRICE $1.50.

with an average of one tune on a page, and more than 400

hymns. About half of the hymns and tunes are of the which now contains about 1000 tunes and anthems, As The Elements of Music, according to Dr. Lowell

kind usually called Spiritual songs, and half are standard Mason, occupy its first pages, it is a work

of value for singi distinguished among Church Music Books for its steady

The next in order of publication to tho JUBILATE, and Psalm Tunes with the appropriate words. Ing classes, and may under some circumstances be preferred and long continued sale, the second and third seasons being to other books for that use.

something like the first. RETAIL PRICE $1.50.

The book characterized by the pecullar excellencies of
Prof. Emerson's compilations, and

Price 60 cts. By ASA HULL.
THE STANDARD, Pilgrim's Harp is entirely similar in design and character

to DEVOTIONAL CHIMES. It is, however. a smaller and form a quartett of very pular singing books of which no a cheaper book, has not so many hymns, but is, of the two author need be ashamed.

the more "pocketable” and portable. For keen appreciation of public tasto, and for special genius to meet it, Mr. Emerson stands almost unrivalled.

, O ARCH, and the STANDARD, he has joined hands with H. R. PALMER, of Chicago. The last named gentleman is well-known in the region

Of Psalm and Hymn Tunca, Chants. An. of wbich Chicago is the centro, and his popularity as composer and conductor at the West, is perhaps quite equal to

By THEO. H. SEWARD. assisted by Dr. thems, and Sentencen. By H. W. GREAT.

OREX. Price, Cloth $1.75 ; Board. $1.50. ihat of Prof. Emerson in the Eastern States. Books by LOWELL MASON and WM. B. BRADBURY.

Mr. Greatorex, while compiling this work. was bold sucb a "double team" of authors must of course be successes; and such they are proving.

enough to put together music altogetber too difficult for the PRICE $1.50.

great body

of singers in those days. These days however

are better days, and many thousands are now competent to The amount of musical matter contained in this large grapple

with this truly first class music.

The GREATOREX COLLECTION has always been a favor. collection is almost unpred lented, yet the type is plain and

ito with the best singers, and in common uso for Quartet clear. Of the three compilers it may be said:

Mr. T. H. SEWARD has won a distinguished place as
By I. R. Palmer, assisted by L. O. Emerson, writer and composer, and, with his native ability and good

judgment could have produced a superior book without can hardly fail to be the leading book in 1874 and 1875.

** assistance." Price, $1.38, or $12 per Doz.

Dr. LOWELL Masox, who recently finished the wellSinging School Course; Sacred and Secular Music for ronnded and perfect work of a long and active life, was better

With Piano or Organ Accompaniment. Price, Cloth $2.75, practice; Metrical Tunes and Anthems, all the products of qualified than any other to give suggestions founded on ex:

Boards $2.50. the highest skill, and irtended to be the best of material perience. While for Singing School Teachers, and for use in Choirs and

Wx. B. BRADBURY, whose excossive labors doubtless

showed a talent not to be surpaseed in preparing church SACRED MUSIC. Price, Cloth $2.75; Boards $2.50.
and sunday school music fit für the times.




Baumbach's Sacred Quartettes


caused his brand need wat midden in the authbere coup leste Baumbach's New Collection of The Song Monarch II

Buck's Motett Collection,

THE KEY-NOTE, The Standard !!

commune reine de dhe book is CHURCH and HOME.


[ocr errors][merged small]

Price, Cloth $2.75; Boards $2.50, is the work of the above gentlemen, is intended especially for SINGING CLASSES, and contains the same Singing School Course as the LEADER, with the addition of about 120 pages of Songs, Glees, Quartets, &c., &c., for Singing By WM. B. BRADBURY.

Price, Cloth $2.75; Boards $2.50. Class practice.

Messrs. Buck and Baumbach have in these four booke

amassed a rich store of the best of music Price, 73 Cts. ; $7.30 per Doz.

The book. bave large pages, bave multitudes of Solox,

Duets, Trios, and Quartets, with well arranged accompani.
By Wm. B. Bradbury.

monts for Piano, Reed or Pipa Organ.

It is quite superfluous to ask which book la the best,

since no quartet choir can get along without all of them. is an acknowledged success, having been very largely in use in all parts of the country during the part musical sen.

As more than 200.000 "Jubiloe's" have been sold, and The compilers ure L. 0. EŠIERSON and U. R. probably 500,000 singers have sung from them, the book has PALMER.

already a large advertisement. It is still in demand. The

Key-Note, by the same skillful hand, will commend itself to
Prico, $1.50, or $13.50 por doz.

all as a worthy companion. Mr. Bradbury's music is sim Prico, Cloth $2.75 ; Boards $2.50.
ple, very smooth and sweet, and has a character of lightness
and grace which causes it to differ materially from the com-

A collection of Anthems, Motetts. &c., from the work. pact, bright, solid music of other favorite composers.

ot Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven. Weber, Mendel. Neohn, Spohr, Cherubini, Gibbons, Boyoc, Crouch, Gluck,

King. Winter, Himmel, Novello and others. By GEORGE Price of Each Book, $1.50. LEACH.

A worthy companion to the collections by Baumbach and Buck, and, as indicated above, has a great variety of

authors, PRICE, $1.80. of the HARP OF JUDAH, it is perhaps sufficient to say

WILSON'S BOOK OF CHANTS. that it made the reputation" of Prof. Emerson as a com. poser of Church Music. People everywhere were impressed

By Ceo. F. Root.

Price, Cloth $2.00; Board. $1.75. with the clear, ringing harmony, the beautiful melody, and

EMERSON'S Chants and Responses. with what might be called the devotional spirit" of the

To the collection of Tunes in this book are prefixed "a music. Certainly music, in itsell, can have no special devo- new and comprehensive view of Music and its Notation,

Price, $1.00. tional character. Still, when united to sacred words, if fi: exercises for Reading Music and Vocal Training, Songs, EMERSON'S EPISCOPAL CHANTS. carefully avoids all constructions that remind one of the Part-Songs. Rounds, Etc.” Opera or The Ball Room; if it clings closely to the words As Mr. Root is not only a successful composer, but in sentiment; if it adds decidedly to these words in their

Price, 75 cto. influence, then music may be said to have a devotional in chorus, we find very naturally in his book a very smooth possesses unusual skill in training voices, both singly and

Mr. Emerson has, in the last named book, provided spirit, and such was the feeling with respect to the music of

"singable” style of melody, that improron the voice of the goodly variety of excellent chants, and in the other, not the Harp of Judah.

only the Episcopal Chants, but a number for all denomiThe book has had an immense sale. It is, however, now singer, while it pleases his taste and ear.

nations. as good as ever, and, for those who have never used it, is

Price $1.50.

Wilson's book has been longer before the public, is perfectly new.

favorite, and has the same general arrangement of contenta. A Cataloguo describing the above and about 1,000 other books published by Ditson and Co., sent free on application. Also all books mailod, post-paid, for retail price. OLIVER DITSON & CO: C. H. DITSON & CO. LYON & HEALY, 277 WASHINGTON STREET, BOSTON. 111 BROADWAY, NEW YORK.



The Diapason.

Dwight's Journal of Music,

2 Paper of Art and Literature.



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WHOLE No. 889.

BOSTON, SATURDAY, MAY 15, 1875. VOL. XXXV. No. 3. Dwight's JOURNAL OF MUSIC, 20 Superior Music Books. New Music for May.

Published every other Saturday

371 Washington St., Boston, Kass.
New. For Opening and Closing Schools, 40 cents.

What does Little Birdie say? 3. Eb to e.
For Note Reading in Schools,

Molloy. 30 JOHN 8. DWIGHT, EDITOR.

American School Music Readers. Twilight Fancy, or Dresden China. 3. D to i.
Vols. 1, II and III. 35c., 50 C., 60 C.

Molloy. 30 TERM8.-!{ mailed or called for, $2,00 per annum; Cheerful Voices. delivered by carriers, $2.50. Payment in advance.

50 cts.
Swan Song. From Lohengrin. 3. A to f.

Wagner. 30
Advertisements will be inserted at the following rates :
One insertion per line 30 cents.

For Sabbath Schools,

I'm dreaming of the sweet Spring-time. Each subsequent insertion, per line, 20 cents.

3. F to f. Song and Cho. Webster. 30 Cards, 6 lines Nonpareil, (one-half inch of space), per River of Life, New Ed. $30 per 100.

Les Rameaux. (Palm Branches). 4. C to g. annum, $10.00 in advance. Other spaces in proporrion. For High Schools and Academies,

or Ab to an

Faure, 40 J. 8. SPOONER, PRINTER, 17 PROVINCE ST. Hour of Singing.

$1.00 Song of a Barge. 2. F to d.

Molloy. 35

Beauties of Giroflé-Girofla.

Brindisi 4. Ab to h.


O Pretty Giroflan Duet. 4. Eh to b. For Home Entertainment,

35 Pa, 'tis the Day.

3. G to a. 35 Piano at Home. 4 hands. $2.50 Deborah. Lyric Opera in 4 acts. By Harrison NEW MUSICAL WORK,

Cheap Instruction Books,


Winner's New Schools, each 75 cents., for No. 1. How beautiful. (Di vaga). Chorus. Piano,--for Cabinet Organ - for Melodeon,--for Guitar,

4. E to g. How to Teach, How to Learn,

75 --for Banjo,--for Cornet,- for Fife.-for Accordeon,-for

% On Chariot of Fire. (Su carro). Ciarionet.- for Flute,-and for Flageolet.

- Cavatina. 4. Ab to f.

50 How to form a judgment of Musical Performances Sold by all the principal Music Dealers.

Sent post

3. Now the Hope. (Or la brama). paid, for Retail Price. TRANSLATED FRON THE GERMAN

Sextette. 4. Eh to b.


« 4. Horrid Darkness. (Cupa notte). MUSIC BOOKS

Cavatina. 4. Eh to e.
Friedrich Wieck.

50 Price $1.25, Sent by Muil, Pontage Free.

Sweet Molly Moreland. 2. Eb to e. Molloy. 30
Mr. Varley's Songs.


QUARTET CHOIRS. No. 10. No more. 3. C to g. LOCKWOOD, BROOKS & Co.,


Sleep On. (Cradle Song). 4. G to a. Warren. 30 (successors to Noyes, Holmes & Co.) Thomas's Sacred Quartet..

Down in the dewy Dell. Trio. 4. Ab to f. 381 Washington Street, Boston, Baumbach's Sacred Quartets.

Smart. 50 Formerly 219.

Buck'n Mote Collection.

Tell, Sister, tell. Duet. 4. F to f. White. 60
Baumbach'» New Collection.


Buck's 2 Motet Collection. Normal Musical Institute,

Church and Home.

Two Orphans. Waltzes. 3. Tissington. 75 EAST GREENWICH, R. I.

Hayter's Church Music.

Home Treasures.

Smallwood, each 40 Trinity Collection,

No. 3. Fading away. A Seaside Music School during the summer vaca

2. G. tsa, conimencing July 13, and closing August 10th. The

Price of each Book, in Boards, $2.50; in Cloth, $2.75. No. 4. Home they brought her Warrior dead. most eminent musicians as instructors. A rare opportuni

2 G. ty for teachers desirous of higher attainments, and for

Interpretation Waltzes. 3. papils of every stage of proficiency. Board and tuition

E. Strauss. 75 Very low.

From the inmost Soul. (Aus tiefster Seele). Address for circulars

Melodie. 4. Eb

Lange. 40 E. TOURJEE, Director,

Marche Triomphale. 3. G. Aronsen. 40 Boston, Mass.

Chanson Slave. Sclavonian Melody. 4. Gb

Schulhoff. 40 MUSICAL DIRECTOR. highest Musical Culture and considerable experiAugentlemider Generima pera ORIGINAL HYMN TUNES. beramComposer

composer Petit Carnival. 6 easy Dances for 4 hands. ence as Conductor, will be disengaged from Sept. 1st. A of "Federal St.," and other favorite tunes, contains 100

Streabbog. high salary not the primary object but rather to be associ. Tunes, Chants and Anthems, all original and of the best

No. 1. Waltz. 1. G.

35 ated with a society cultivating Classical Music, both Vocal quality. Price, Boards, 80 cts; Cloth, $1.00. and Instrumental. Address, (with full particulars) Musical

MIXED Director, care of W. Knabe & Co., FOICES No. 8. . ). Baltimore, Md. Applications should be made before June published, is an unusually good collection of entirely

4. C minor. as the Professor contemplates visiting Europe early in the

40 new music, by the best modern German composers. Just La Favorite Galop. 2. G. Aronsen. 40 887-9 right for Musical Societies. Price $1.50.

Meadow Pink. Brilliant pieces easily arr. by G. W. FOSTER,

Chas. V. Cloy, ea. 30 Collections of instrumental Music. No. 1. Mazurka. 3. Eb TEACHER OF VOCAL CULTURE.

2. Waltz 2. G. The Italian Method taught on a new and original plan, Musical Treasure, (Also vocal). 225 pages.

3. Polka. 2. G. by which unusually rapid progress may be made. Piano at Home! 4 Hand pieces. New! Usefull

• 4. Quickstep. TERMS.-Private lessons per quarter, $80.00; Class

2. C. Lessons, 2 pupils each, $40.00; Class Lessons, 4 pupils Gems of Strauss. Most brilliant collection extant.

Oh! Soft Sunshine. Idylle. 3. F. Lichner. 40 eaeh, $20.00. Pianist's Album. Popular and easy music.

Waltz and Polka. 2. G. Rose Coggeshall. 30 Rooms 154 Tremont Street, Boston. For personal inter

Pianoforte Gems. Popular, brilliant, easy pieces Brilliant Arrangements. La Jolic Parfumeuse. Fiew call Vondays from 11 to 12 A.m. For further particu

Waltz. lars address, care Aason & Hamlin Organ Co. Home Circle. Vol. I. Easy music.


Ihifils. 75
Home Circle. Vol. II. Popular 2 and 4 h’nd pieces. Spring-time is coming. Waltz. 3. Zikoff. 60
Organ at Home. 200 good pieces for Reed Organ. Beauties of Ruy Blas. By Marchetti.

1. Fantasia Elegante. 4. Bucellotte. 80 Teacher of Singing and Voice Building.

Grace et Coquetterie. Caprice Etude. 4. Ab Collections of Vocal Music,

Boscowitz. 60 (Dr. H. R. Streeter's Method) Room No. 3,

BOOKS. Mason & Hamlin's Building, 154 Tremont St. Operatic Pearls. The chief songs of 50 operas, (797)

Gems of German Song. Songs that will never die LOUIS KÖHLER'S PIANO STUDIES.
Gems of Scottish Song. Sweetest of all ballade. Op. 166. Technics for Middle Classes.

Book 1. Scale Studies,
Shower of Pearls. Nearly all the good vocal ducts.

$2.00, Winner'. Band of,Four. $1.00.

2. Studies in Chord Form, Gems of Sacred Song. Pure, devout and beautiful.

2.00. Masical Garland. Violin, Piano acc't. $2.50.

Silver Chord. Wreath of Gems. Large collecMusical Flower». Flute, $2.50.

MUSIC BY MAIL.-Music is sent by mail, the expense be. tions of the best popuiar songs. Violin Amusements. $1.50.

ing two cents for every four ounces, or fraction thereof

ubout one cent for an ordinary piece of music. Flute Bouquet. Price of each book in Bds, $2.50. Cloth, $3.00. Gilt, $4.00.

Persons, $1.50.

at a distance will find the conveyance a snving of time and OLIVER DITSON & CO., CHAS. H. DITSON & CO., OLIVER DITSON & CO., CHAS. H. DITSON & 00:, expense in obtaining supplies. Books can also be sent at Boston, 711 B’dway, New York.


711 B'dway, Now York. double these rates.

Home Musical Library.



American Method," Pianoforte and Harmony, VOCALIST AND TEACHER OF SINGING. 718-tf ) 267 Columbus Avenue, Boston. Address, care of Oliver Ditson & Co. (798




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VIENNA, 1873, PARIS, 1867.



A COLLECTION FOR QUARTETTE AND CHORUS CHOIRS. in capacity and excellence by any others. Awarded

Containing a great variety of ANTHEM settings to all the CANTICLES
OF THE CHURCH, for the Regular and Special MORNING
AND EVENING SERVICES, from the most eminent


Edited by
American Organs ever awarded any medal
in Europe, or which present such extraordj.

H. P. DANKS. nary excellence as to command a wide sale there.

awarded highest premiums at Indns-
trial Expositions, In Amerlea as well as

The book is of the greatest value to Organists and Choirs of the EPISCOPAL CHURCH, as here Europe. Out of hundreds there have not been six in all where any other organs have been preferred.

are found anthems fitted to all occasions of the regular and special service, thus forming a BEST

Declared by Eminent Musicians, in both

hemispheres, to be unrivaled. See complete STANDARD BOOK OF SERVICES. With the exception of the Gloria Patri's, these TESTIMONIAL CIRCULAR, with opinions of more than One Thousand (sent free).

fine anthems, with music by the best American and Foreign Composers, and noble words from INSIST

on having a Mason & Hamlin. Do not
take any other, Dealers gel LARGER COM-

the sacred scriptures, are also perfectly adapted for use in the services of
MISSIONS for selling inferior organs, and for this
reason oflen try very hard to sell something else,


with most important improve-
ments ever made.


and are worthy of careful examination. Solo and Combination Stops. Superb Etagere and other Cases of new designs.


exquisite combination of these instruments.

EASY PAYMENTS. Core monthly or quarterly
payments; or rented until rent pays for the organ.

and Circulars, with full partic-

From the Rising of the Sun...


Danks. CATALOGUES ulars, free. Address MASON & Rend your Heart...

HAMLIN ORGAN CO., 154 Tremont Street, BOS-

Enter not into Judgment.


TON; 25 Union Square, NEW YORK; or 80 & 82
Adams St., CHICAGO.
I will Arise.



.Best. (Ten arrangements, by Danks, Caswell, OFFERTORY SENTENCES.. IMPORTERS AND PUBLISHERS OF MUSIC, Bialla and Poznanski.

No. 1...




In C, (with Solos,).
In D...

Kortheuer. CANTATE.
In C....


In F.

Ward. In C..

.... Stephens. MUSIC PUBLISHERS,

In D, (with Solos,).

Caswell. BONUM EST.

In D, (with Solo and Duet,). ...Danks. FESTIVAL TE DEUMS.

In D. (with Solo,)...

.Phelps. CHICAGO, ILL.,

In Eh, (with Solos,).

In Bb,

...Ilsley. DEUS MISERATUR. Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Sheet Music,

In F....

Ward. Music Books, and Musical Merchandise BENEDICITE. (Plain.)..

In Eb, (with Solo,).

Of Every Description.


..Phelps. In D..

Caswell. Our stock of Sheet Music, Music Books, Musi In F, (with Solos,)

Marsh. THANKSGIVING ANTHEM. ..Barnby. cal Instruments, etc., is the largest and most FESTIVAL JUBILATES.

CHRISTMAS MUSIC. complete in the North West. Our connection

In Eb, (with Duo,)..

There were Shepherds

..Morgan. with Messrs. O. Ditson & Co., enables us to fur

Lambillote. Rejoice, O ye people.. .Mendelssohn. nish their publications to Western Dealers, at

Hark, the Herald Angels.... net Boston Prices. BENEDICTUS.

Behold I bring you..


Danks. In addition to the publications of Messrs.

In D, (with Duo,). 0. Ditson & Co., we keep on hand and furnish In G, (with Solos,)


Christ our Passover, (with Solo,). .Danks. al Music and Music Books published in Ameri- KYRIE ELEISON.

Christ being Raised.

Eltey. ca, together with a choice stock of Foreign

Mendelssohn. Now is Christ Risen.

.Allen. Music,


.. Von Weber.



I heard a voice, (with Solo,).......Danks, M Teacher of Vocal Music. 124 Chandler Sto

, near Columbus Avenue. [782-ly


1104 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. A large assortment of American Music con

CHAS. H. DITSON & CO. New York, LYON & HEALT, Chicago. stantly on hand.

In Eb,




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