Breaking the Curse of Racism from the Root

Xulon Press, 2007 - 344 pagina's
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The people of African descent have suffered different degrees of abuse since they were taken from their homeland and enslaved. Since that time they have experience abolition of slavery, segregation, and today's subtle racism. One cannot help but wonder why of all the people groups of the world they were chosen to endure this suffering? Why is Africa, their motherland the only place in the world known as the Dark Continent? Are these two issues connected? Are we under a curse? The author finds the answers hidden in the word of God, and discusses ways of biblically eradicating racism, and restore Africa as the continent of light it was created to be. All races will find this book inspiring and freeing as it brings a fresh hope of freedom from these types of problem for all people, especially the people of African descent and the descendants of those who brought them here. Barbara R Smith is the Founder/Director of Instrument of His Peace Ministry, Mercy Intercessors for America and Hands of Mercy Ministry, an inner city ministry to the poor and homeless. She is a Minister, and certified Elijah House Counselor and has traveled and ministered in different parts of the world on short-term missions. E-mail: Barbara teaches on Intercession and is called to mobilize the Church to corporate and personal repentance, especially in the area of Racial Reconciliation. She is also called to be a voice for reconciliation, and commissioned to write this book on the Curse of Racism. The Lord revealed to her the root this problem and how to biblically eradicate it. She has a background in Nursing. With an MS in Health Education and a BA in Christian Literature, she is the widow of a Pastor and mother and grandmother.

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Introduction Slavery of the Jews and the Black Race
The Turning Point Prayer Summit
From Abolition of Slavery to Segregation to Subtle Racism
The Cruel Dispersion From Africa to America
The Root of Racism Part I
The Root of Racism Part II
The Root of Racism Part III
The Weapons of Our Warfare
Walking in Forgiveness
No Gethsemane No Forgiveness
A Place of Decision
Bitterroot Judgments and Expectations
The Sin a Nation Would Rather Forget
Reconciliation of a Nation
The Bride of Christ Is Submissive
Epilogue Consequences of Disobedience

What Is Repentance?
Identification Repentance

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