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TUDENTS rowing on the river, Brilliant clubs in blue and white, Lay upon their oars to liften

To the mufic of the bells;

While the waves beneath them quiver
In the sunset's golden light,
And the bubbles dance and glisten
Far behind them, gay and bright,

While their song responfive swells
To the mufic of the bells.

Hark! upon some Class-Day morning,
Gayeft day of all the year,
Gloriously we hear them ringing
Out "Fair Harvard," loud and clear;
Then, when round "the tree" entwining
All Fair Harvard's sons fhall stand,
While the sun's laft ray is fhining

On the academic band,

"Auld Lang Syne" fhall flowly sound,

And the ftudent chorus swells
To the mufic of the bells.

Many a maid shall, sweetly dreaming,
Walk around our ancient town,
And, her eyes with pleasure beaming,
Hear some merry marriage peal
From the belfry floating down
Gently o'er her senses steal;
See the Bride in bright array
Gayly drive from church away,-

While each heart responfive swells
To the mufic of the bells.

Homeward, toward his Alma Mater,
Turns the son in after years,
And, with heart and look sedater,
Views each scene which reappears
Peopled with familiar faces,
Voiceful with remembered mirth,-
Swift the vanished paft retraces,

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