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Madison, Voi 53706-1494 U.S.A.


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The following extracts are taken from the “Advertisement” prefixed to the first edition of this “Contrast,” published some years ago.

“ The author of the following little work, which he now lays before the public, with great diffidence, has extracted the doctrines of the Old, or Protestant Churches, therein contained, from the “Westminster Confession of Faith, and the 'Larger Catechism,' adopted by all the members of the Church of Scotland, and many other sects, as orthodox; the doctrines of the New Church, he has drawn from the Theological Writings of EMANUEL SWEDENBORG, whose opinions, after a careful and sober examination, he has, for some years past, adopted.

“In selecting the articles contrasted, from the Church of Scotland, in preference to the other sects of the Old Church, the author was not governed by any particular prejudice. They were selected from the Confession and Catechism* of that Church, because he found in them a more full and complete abridgment of the common doctrines of the Old Church, than in the Formularies of any other. The Articles of the Church of England, although in many respects similar, are too concise and indefinite; and the Confessions of the other sects are not sufficiently known, to meet the author's object in preparing and publishing this work.

“In stating the doctrines of the Old Church, it will be perceived, on examination, that they are copied, vera batim, from the printed copies of the works alluded to;

* For excellence in composition and style, these two works are worthy of all praise.

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