Cranford and Other Tales

Smith, Elder, & Company, 1886 - 488 pagina's

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Pagina 445 - Forgive, me, LORD, for Thy dear SON, The ill that I this day have done ; That with the world, myself, and Thee, I, ere I sleep, at peace may be.
Pagina 7 - Rasselas and Imlac, in a high-pitched majestic voice: and when she had ended, she said, 'I imagine I am now justified in my preference of Dr Johnson as a writer of fiction.' The Captain screwed his lips up, and drummed on the table, but he did not speak. She thought she would give a finishing blow or two. 'I consider it vulgar, and below the dignity of literature, to publish in numbers.
Pagina 429 - For her part, she wished that the first-discovered witch had been a member of a godly English household, that it might be seen of all men that religious folk were willing to cut off the right hand, and pluck out the right eye, if tainted with the devilish sin.
Pagina 4 - ... absolutely cried with sorrow and dismay; and it was said she thought of trying a bath of oil. This remedy, perhaps, was recommended by some one of the number whose advice she asked ; but the proposal, if ever it was made, was knocked on the head by Captain Brown's decided " Get her a flannel waistcoat and flannel drawers, ma'am, if you wish to keep her alive. But my advice is, kill the poor creature at once.
Pagina 454 - XVII, 6), whereby we fear we have been instrumental, with others, though ignorantly and unwittingly, to bring upon ourselves and this people of the Lord the guilt of innocent blood...
Pagina 414 - Is thy servant a dog, that he should do this great thing ?' and went straight and did it, because his evil courses were fixed and appointed for him from before the foundation of the world. And shall not thy paths be laid out among the godly as it hath been foretold to me...
Pagina 27 - When the ducks and green peas came, we looked at each other in dismay ; we had only two-pronged, black-handled forks. It is true the steel was as bright as silver ; but what were we to do...
Pagina 11 - ... our book or our work ; and, lo ! in a quarter of an hour the sun had moved, and was blazing away on a fresh spot ; and down again we went on our knees to alter the position of the newspapers. We were very busy, too, one whole morning, before Miss Jenkyns gave her party, in following her directions, and in cutting out and stitching together pieces of newspaper so as to form little paths to every chair set for the expected visitors, lest their shoes might dirty or defile the purity of the carpet....
Pagina 218 - Mr Jones, the agent's clerk, agreed to come to the George at two, but, somehow, he had a distaste for his entertainer. Mr Jones would not like to have said, even to himself, that a man with a purse full of money, who kept many horses, and spoke familiarly of noblemen — above all, who thought of taking the White House — could be anything but a gentleman; but still the uneasy wonder as to who this Mr Robinson Higgins could be, filled the clerk's mind long after Mr Higgins, Mr Higgins's servants,...
Pagina 2 - You must keep thinking about the time, my dear, and not allow yourself to forget it in conversation." As everybody had this rule in their minds whether they received or paid a call, of course no absorbing subject was ever spoken about. We kept ourselves to short sentences of small talk, and were punctual to our time.

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