"May Your Days be Merry and Bright" and Other Christmas Stories by Women

Susan Koppelman
Wayne State University Press, 1988 - 260 pagina's

These fifteen short stories gathered by Susan Koppelman combine all the great themes of Christmas. They were written by American women over the last one hundred and twenty years, and all but two were published in the Christmas issue of a popular magazine or

There are stories of joyful family reunions, reconciliations, and renewals of the spirit. Some speak of the pain of those who are excluded or exclude themselves from the celebration; others are filled with the bitter ironies of those who betray the meaning of the season. Finally, there are stories about those whose holiday is not Christmas and for
whom the season is a curious or threatening
imposition on their lives.

Written by artists whose literary craft is exceptional and whose imaginations are visionary, these rich and insightful stories will continue to reward
on repeated readings.

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Louisa May Alcott A March Christmas
A Friendship Story

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Over de auteur (1988)

Susan Koppelman is a leading feminist scholar living in St. Louis. She has edited five books and has several others in process. A Ph.D. from Bowling Green University, she has been president of the Popular Culture Association since 1985. In the same year, the Women's Caucus of the Popular and American Culture Association inaugurated the "Susan Koppelman Award," given annually for the best feminist critical study of popular and/or American culture.

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