The illustrated catalogue of the industrial department, Volume 4

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Pagina 1 - XVIII. Woven, Spun, Felted, and Laid Fabrics, when shown as specimens of Printing or Dyeing.
Pagina vii - More than two-thirds of the population of the empire are engaged in husbandry. In Bohemia, however, and in Lower Austria and Moravia, where the chief efforts for fostering a manufacturing interest are made, about one-half of the population is withdrawn from the cultivation of the soil. The population is divided with respect to race and language into the following nationalities, according...
Pagina i - ... Austrian empire, as stated above, comprises an area of 11,252'9 square miles, of which it is computed that full three quarters consist of mountainous regions. There are 1,215 square miles of rivers tributary to the Adriatic Sea, 1,050 square miles to the North Sea, and 825 square miles to the Baltic Sea ; the remainder is tributary to the Black Sea, principally through the Danube system, the area of which comprises 7,600 square miles within the empire. The Adriatic washes 250 miles of the Austrian...
Pagina 135 - Histoire d'Egypte des les premiers temps de son existence jusqu'ŕ nos jours. Ouvrage dédié ŕ son altesse le vice-roi d'Egypte Mohammed - Said - Pacha.
Pagina vii - The component parts of the soil, the abundance of water, and quick succession of isothermal lines, are circumstances eminently favorable to the growth of those products which Austria is daily studying to improve. The peaks and ridges of the various systems of high mountains in Austria, the elevated portions of the Karst and the Dalmatian ranges of heights, some...
Pagina xv - ... in 1838. With such a short existence of these two branches, it is obvious why several kinds of chemicals and machines are to this very period still imported. The best and surest scale for a ratio of the development of factory system and production by machinery is the consumption of mineral coal, this fuel having been comparatively little used in the households of Austria. Now, the consumption of coals has, since 1839, increased from 10,000,000 to 70,000,000 •cwts. FOREIGN TRADE. The foreign...
Pagina xxiii - Austria, an exclusive patent can be granted only if the same are still patented abroad, and such a grant can be bestowed only upon the proprietor or lawful claimant of the foreign patent.
Pagina xxii - Switzerland the regulations are very strict : " in the Canton of Argovia no children are allowed to work, under fourteen years, more than twelve hours and a half ; and education is compulsory on the millowners." In the Canton of Zurich " the hours of labour are limited to twelve ; and children under ten years of age are not allowed to be employed. The clergy are the inspectors, and the system of inspection is very rigorous.

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