Hearings Before Subcommittee of House Committee on Appropriations, Parties 1 à 2

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1951
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Page 571 - Agreement are to assure supplies of wheat to importing countries and markets for wheat to exporting countries at equitable and stable prices.
Page 688 - For farms of soil conservation district cooperators, the Soil Conservation Service will continue to recommend as" a part of its farm conservation planning, the land to remain in trees, the existing wooded areas to be converted to other uses, and where new woodland areas should be established by planting. 2. The Forest Service and the Production and Marketing Administration will jointly determine the forestry practices to be included in the agricultural conservation program, and rates of payment for...
Page 99 - CCC, effective July 1, 1948, as an agency and instrumentality of the United States under a permanent Federal charter. The...
Page 99 - CCC has a five-member advisory board, the members of which are appointed by the President of the United States. Not more than three of the members may belong to the same political party. The advisory board meets at least every 90 days to survey the general policies of the CCC.
Page 327 - Federal meat inspection laws to assure production of disease-free, clean, and wholesome meat and meat products for both civilian and military use and for foreign commerce. This is accomplished by supervising slaughtering and meat processing operations at meat packing plants, application of controls over imported meats to assure the same protection as in the case of meats produced domestically, and supervision of a system of certifying meats for export to keep foreign markets open to American meats.
Page 8 - Congress should direct the responsible Federal agencies to submit new proposals for water resources development to Congress only in the form of basin programs which deal with entire basins as units and which take into account all relevant purposes in water and land development.
Page 887 - ... Department programs in the several river basins, renders administrative decisions in regulatory proceedings pertinent to Department programs, and maintains close liaison with Members of Congress on all matters pertaining to legislation and policy in order to insure effective performance of the agricultural programs.
Page 599 - ... from which such transfers are made. The justification of the increases and decreases is contained in the statements for the various appropriation items involved. Transfers...
Page 99 - October 1 6, 1933, under the laws of the State of Delaware, as an agency of the United States.
Page 686 - The basic physical objective of soil-conservation activities by Department agencies shall be the use of each acre of agricultural land within its capabilities and the treatment of each acre of agricultural land in accordance with its needs for protection and improvement.

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