(Fr. 855.)


Young, Alex : The Vaneties of Human Greatness. A Dis

Nath. Bouditch, March 25, 1838.



White, D. A. Eclogy on Nath. Bowditch, May 24, 1858

6. J. Kirkland, May 3, 1840

Young Alex . Discourse on


4. Parkman, For. Discoure on

F. Firkland, May, 3, 1840Young, Alex. The Good Merchant. Discourse, March 26, 1857, after the Decease of Mm. Parsons

Greenwood, F. 14. P. Sermon, Nov. 22,1835 after the Fun eral of James Freeman.

Greenwood, Fr. H. P. Sermon on the Death of John Lowel

March 22, 1840,

Hutton, J. Sermon preached at Bristol [Eng] Fir. 26, 1840, on the Death of Lant Carpenter.

"Utham, 6.W. Discourse at the Funeral of John Prince 9 Jerne, 1836.

Canning, #E, Tribute to the Memory of Noat Worcester

Nov. 12, 1837.

Discourse expon John Marshall, 15 Oct, 1830

Etory, J. Discourse upon Johnst
Cargent, J. J., Discourse on the Death of Mr. Seelli-

van, Jept, 15, 1839,

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3. Brooks, Ch. Discourse del? in Cohasset, Oct: 13, 1835, at the Interment of Rev. Jacob Flint.

4. Bigelow, A. The Voice of the Spirit . A Sermon preached in Norton 15 Feb. 1835, at the Interment of Rev. Pitt Clarke.

Hill, D. Discoune on the Life & Character of Rev.
Nath. Thayer, in Lancaster, at his Interment,
June 29,


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