Instruct the ignorant, reclaim the wandering, and edify thy people. We thank thee, gracious Father! for the mercies of the past night, and the light and blessings of this holy morning. Let thy good providence preserve and defend us this day, and thy Holy Spirit guide and comfort us. Prepare us for all the duties and events of subsequent life, and, especially, for death, judgment, and a happy eternity. And now, I thou prayer-hearing and prayer-answering God! hear our supplications, and grant us an answer in peace through Jesus Christ; to whom as the Lamb, that was slain to redeem us to God by his blood, be blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, forever and ever.


Sabbath Evening.

Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, whieh was, and is, and is to come! Thy name endureth forever, and thy memorial unto all generations. Help us, at the close of thy holy day, to bow before thee with the profoundest veneration, and to worship thee in the beauty of holiness. We thank thee for the sabbath, which is now passed, and its sacred privileges; that we have been permitted to worship thee in the family, and in the house of our holy solemnities. Accept, through the mediation of the heavenly Advocate, our praises and thanksgivings; hear our supplications; and sanctify to us the instructions of thy word. May what we have this day heard, read, and meditated upon, of a religious nature, deeply impress our minds and do us good, as thy word doth the upright in heart. If we have mispent or profaned in any degree thy holy day, pardon us we beseech thee. May the services of thy people, in all parts of Christendom, come up in acceptable remembrance before thee. Wherein their worship

has been defective or defiled, forgive. Let what they have this day learned of God and his law, their depravity and ruin, Christ and his gospel, powerfully impress their hearts, and influence their practice. May thy word, this day dispensed, be quick and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow.

Cause a heavenly wind to blow, that dry bones inay be enlivened, and the dead in trespasses and sins be. quickened. Bless all thy churches. Build them up in the faith, order, and purity of the gospel. May all, who minister at thy holy altar, be richly furnished for the services of the sanctuary, and be inspired with an ardent love to the souls of men. Bless the Minister of thy gospel in this place. May he be instant in season and out of season, labouring abundantly in word and doctrine, not teaching for doctrines the commandments of man, but the pure word of God. Succeed all attempts to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth, and to save a perishing world.O Lord! graciously regard us, who are now worshipping before thee. Behold! we are vile, what shall we answer thee? Our siņs are more numerous, than the hairs of our heads, and testify against us. But, O Lord! enter not into judgment with us, for in thy sight shall no man living be justified. With the disciples of Christ we pray, Lord! save us; we perish. O thou, who art exalted to give repentance to Israel and remission of sins! give us ovuly sorrow, which worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of. Pardon us we beseech thee, O God! and accept us in the Beloved. We thank thee, heavenly Father! that thou hast so tenderly loved us, as to give thine only begotten Son to die for us! Praised be thy name, that eternal redemption may be obtained through the blood of sprinkling. We give thee thanks, O God! for the blessings of life, and of the past day in particular.

-We commit ourselves into thy hands for keeping this night, O thou Shepherd of Israel, who never slumberest nor sleepest! May we lie down to rest in peace and safety, and in favour with God and man. Having been refreshed with sleep, bring us to behold the morning, rejoicing in its light and in thy loving kindness. Ever may we act in thy fear and live to thy glory. When the evening of life shall arrive, and we are called to close the day of toil and trouble, may we fall asleep in Jesus, and, in the morning of the resurrection, awake to a glorious and blissful immortality. Hear our prayer, O Lord! give ear to our supplications; in thy faithfulness answer us, and in thy righteousness. Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honour and glory forever and ever. Amen.

Monday Morning

Our voice shalt thou hear in the morning, o Lord! in the morning will we direct our prayerunto thee, and will look ap. Lord! teach us to pray in faith, for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them, that diligently seek him. O thou eternal Father! we have sinned against heaven and before thee, and are no more worthy to be called thy children. We have acted the part of prodigals. We have strayed far from our heavenly Father's house, and wantonly rioted in the vanities and follies of the world. We would repent and return; and, O! have compassion upon us.

Hide thy face from our sins, and blot out all our iniquities. Enable us to lay aside every weight, nd the sin, which doth so easily beset us, and to run with patience the race, that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. Fulfil in us all the good pleasure of thy

R. 43. I will not do any thing, which I think I shall lament doing, when I come to die, and upon which I cannot look up, and ask God's blessing: .

Q. Are not many of my plans and wishes such, as God can never approve? Do not many of them afford no satisfaction in the review? Do I seek the favour and guidance of God in all my ways?

R. 44. I will not think of myself more highly than I ought to think, but think soberly, and

will guard against the love of human praise and distinction.

Q. Is the pride of my heart subdued? and does the fear of God render me indifferent to the flattery, or rensure of man?

R. 45. I will endeavour to mortify self, and guard against my constitutional sins.

Q. What are my constitutional sins? Do I check my strongest passions, and guard against my besetting sins?

R. 46. I will strive to keep a command over my passions, and subdue them.

Q. Do I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection? Do I exercise a suitable restraint over all my unhallowed passions and affections?

R. 47. I will deny myself, take up my cross, and follow Christ, as my great Exemplar, and endeavour to imitate Him in all things, imitable by me.

Q. Is Christ my pattern? and do I take up my cross, and follow Him?

R. 48. I will exert myself to practise humility, meekness, lenity, forbearance, and forgiveness.

Q. Do these amiable virtues appear in my daily temper and deportment?

Ñ. 49. I will avoid disputes and contentions, as much as possible, receive reproof with meekness and thankfulness, be patient of contradiction, and open to conviction.

Q. Am I a peace-maker? Do I patiently bear the inevitable contentions of unreasonable and wicked

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men? Do I kindly receive rebuke, and yield to the convictions of conscience?

R. 50. I will never speak of the failings and vices of others, unless the good of Zion or the personal benefit of those concerned, or others, require it; and I will never needlessly say any thing evil about a person when absent, and nothing designedly to flatter him when present.

Q. Can I wash my hands in innocency, and disclaim the guilt of flattery and slander?

R. 51. I will endeavour to be sober, chaste, and reverent in thoughts and language, avoid all foolish talking and jesting, all trifling and vulgar remarks, as unbecoming a man and a Christian, and exert myself, that my conversation may be, as becometh the Gospel of Christ.

Q. When I consider how pure and broad are the precepts of the Gospel, do I not feel condemned in thought, word, and deed?

R. 52. I will neither offend nor grieve any person needlessly, either by language, or conduci.

Q. Am I thus attentive to the welfare and happiness of all around me?

R. 53. I will do nothing through revenge, or resentment, but will requite good for evil.

Q. Do I love my enemies, and seek to do good to those, who slander and persecute me?

R. 54. I will not repine at, nor envy the situation of others, nor murmur under the crosses and afflictions, which befal me in life, but be contented with the allotments of Divine providence.

Q. Am I happy and resigned in my condition? and do I rejoice in the superiour prosperity of others?

R. 55. I will guard against all the temptations, follies, and vices of time and sense.

Q. Do I not yield to some popular vice, because it is not reproachful? and am I not ensnared by many of the temptations of the world?

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