well paid for his services. During the last year his office cost the city $20,000—his own personal salary amounting to $7,000-$1,500 more than that of any of the Judges of the Supreme Court; $2,000 more than that of the City Judge, and $1,000 more than that of the Recorder or the Judge of the Marine Court. If, however, he were not to allow half as many malefactors to escape as he does, because it requires too much time and labor to prosecute them earnestly and vigorously, he would be worth not only the $7,000, but considerably more. As it is, we think that his services for the past year would have been amply remunerated by $5,000; nor have we seen much sign, thus far, that he will have earned his salary for the present year much better.

The Supreme Court costs the county $62,444; the Superior Court, $71,633.32; the Court of Common Pleas, $43,700; the Marine Court, $32,700; the Surrogate's Court, $17,898.97; the Court of General Sessions, $23,400, &o. Considering the vast interests which he controls, and the great responsibility resting upon him, there is not one of our public functionaries who receives a more moderate salary than the Comptroller, the amount allowed him by the Board of Supervisors for 1864 being only $2,500. He would have deserved twice the amount had he done nothing more than to frustrate the fraudulent schemes of the gas monopolies against the city. In closing his Report he makes a suggestion which few will think uncalled for or superfluous, as follows:

The Comptroller takes this occasion to urge upon your Honorable Body the necessity of the most rigid economy in relation to the public expenses under your control, in order to avoid a further increase of the Public Debt, and also to lessen as far as possible the burden of taxation for the current expenses of the County Government."

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Another officer who receives a moderate salary, and earns a liberal one, is the County Clerk; at least this seems to be admitted on all hands as true of the gentleman who occupies that position at present. But we must forbear further comment until we see the Annual Report for the city; it is the latter which gives the large figures, and shows that there is not a city in the world which it costs so much co govern, and yet, is governed so badly, as New York.

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