The Works of Alexander Pope, Volume 7

Henry Lintot, 1737

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Pagina 93 - I communicate. I hope all churches and all governments are so far of God as they are rightly understood and rightly administered ; and where they are or may be wrong, I leave it to God alone to mend or reform them, which, whenever He does, it must be by greater instruments than I am.
Pagina 13 - The inhabitants of this delicious isle, as they are without riches and honours, so are they without the vices and follies that attend them ; and were they but as much strangers to revenge as they are to avarice and ambition, they might in fact answer the poetical notions of the golden age.
Pagina 127 - Remember it was at such a time that the greatest lights of antiquity dazzled and blazed the most, in their retreat, in their exile, or in their death : but why do I talk of dazzling or blazing? it was then that they did good, that they gave light, and that they became guides to mankind.
Pagina 127 - I hope you will think lefs of the time paft than of the future ; as the former has been lefs kind to you than the latter infallibly will be. Do not envy the world your Studies ; they will tend to the benefit of men againft whom you can have no complaint, I mean of all Pofterity : and perhaps at your time of life, nothing elfe is worth your care.
Pagina 12 - ... the common kinds, as cherries, apricots, peaches, &c. they produce oranges, limes, almonds, pomegranates, figs, water-melons, and many other fruits unknown to our climates, which lie every where open to the paflenger.
Pagina 130 - Lord Bolingbroke is now returned (as I hope) to take me with all his other hereditary rights...
Pagina 34 - Catechism, as a kind of hint of the order of time in which they are to be taken.
Pagina 104 - Spencer ; and I will take care to make good in every respect what I said to him when living ; particularly as to the triplet he wrote for his own epitaph ; which, while we were in good terms, I promised him should never appear on his tomb while I was dean of Westminster.
Pagina 13 - ... pasture to flocks of goats and sheep, and the top is a sandy pointed rock, from which you have the finest prospect in the world, surveying, at one view, besides several pleasant islands lying at your feet, a tract of Italy about three hundred miles in length, from the promontory of Antium to the Cape of Palinurus...

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