The History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V.

W. and W. Strahan, 1769

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Pagina 131 - Leo himself in the zeal and munificence with which he encouraged them. He invited learned men to his court ; he conversed with them familiarly ; he employed them in business ; he raised them to offices of dignity, and honoured -them with his confidence. That...
Pagina 367 - His voyage was prosperous, and agreeable ; and he arrived at Laredo in Biscay, on the eleventh day after he left Zealand. As soon as he landed, he fell prostrate on the ground ; and considering himself now as dead to the world, he kissed the earth, and said, " Naked came I out of my mother's womb, and naked I now return to thee, thou common mother of mankind.
Pagina 366 - Ghent, and, after stopping there a few days, to indulge that tender and pleasing melancholy which arises in the mind of every man in the decline of life on visiting the place of his nativity and viewing the scenes and objects familiar to him in his early youth...
Pagina 350 - ... wish to enjoy the tranquillity of private life, may you have a son endowed with such qualities, that you can resign your sceptre to him with as much satisfaction as I give up mine to you.
Pagina 63 - It was even by some of those qualities, which we are now apt to blame, that he was fitted for accomplishing the great work which he undertook.
Pagina 349 - Countries ten times, England twice, Africa as often, and had made eleven voyages by sea; that, while his health permitted him to discharge his duty, and the vigour of his constitution was equal, in any degree, to the arduous...
Pagina 412 - Francis the hearts of all who approached his perfon, he was no ftranger to the virtues which fecure fidelity and attachment. He placed unbounded confidence in his generals ; he rewarded their fervices with munificence ; he neither envied their fame, nor difcovered any jealoufy of their power.
Pagina 410 - The service for the dead was chanted, and Charles joined in the prayers which were offered up for the rest of his soul, mingling his tears with those which his attendants shed, as if they had been celebrating a real funeral.
Pagina 61 - The other, warmed with the admiration and gratitude which they thought he merited as the restorer of light and liberty to the Christian Church, ascribed...
Pagina 369 - ... rooms, four of them in the form of friars' cells, with naked walls ; the other two, each twenty feet square, were hung with brown cloth, and furnished in the most simple manner.

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