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TO O U R P A T R O N S .

(Go THE ECLECTIC MAGAZINE is now the only Monthly repository of Foreign Literature in the country; and having absorbed every thing else of the kind, it stands unrivalled, and is, truly, an Eclectic Magazine. Its plates have always been unequalled; and, by a special agreement with Mr. Sartain, whose execution in this line surpasses that of all others, they will in future be even superior to those already given. The Engravings are considered, by many, worth the price of the work.

(Go To those who have taken Campbell's Semi-Monthly heretofore, we now send the Eclectic Magazine monthly, hoping they will be satisfied with the change. The Eclectic is conducted very much on the same plan with the other, but contains more matter, the printed page being larger. After consultation, we are disposed to think that a monthly issue of such a work is preferable to any greater frequency, and will be generally acceptable.

The last four numbers of the Semi-monthly have been made up of the matter of the Eclectic, so that subscribers to the former have had a fair opportunity of judging of the character of the latter. They will excuse the repetition of one or two short articles, which, under the circumstances, could not well be prevented.

Should any discontinue, they will please to inform us soon by letter, through the Postmaster, and direct to 194 Broadway, New-York.

s? We beg leave to remind many of our old subscribers, that they are indebted to us for the Museum of 1843, as well as for the Magazine of 1844, and would help us much by prompt payment. We presume all are now aware that the Museum has not been published since January.

{Go Our intention, hereafter, is to issue promptly, on the first DAY of each month, waiting for the arrival of the steamers, which leave Liverpool on the 4th of each month, and bring us our Magazines, Thus we shall always furnish fresh matter, selecting for Oct. 1, from the September Magazines, and so on.

{G All moneys to be sent directly to 194 Broadway, except by subscribers in Philadelphia and vicinity.

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