aid of title or note? Is the style in pure and good taste? Is it, in fine, of such a character, that a youth may enter fully into it?-Such pieces, and such only as in the opinion of the editor, possess these requisite qualities, are admitted into this work; and these without regard to the circumstance of their being introduced into prior compilations. So that, while the reader will find most of this collection to consist of new extracts, he will not be surprised, (after this explanation) if he find some, whose merit has recommended them to the notice of former Compilers.

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B. D. E.

October, 1830.



The rapid sale of the first edition of the Academical Speaker:has:induced the publishers to issue a stereotype edition of the work.::In the meantime, it has been carefully revised and enlåsged, Having thus received a permanent form, it will undergo no further change; in order that those teachers, who use it as a reading Class Book, may not hereafter be incommoded, by a diversified arrangement in succeeding editions.

The final Ldumph of Liberty

N. 4. Review. 142

Education the Poore

Smith. 143

On Invasion

Ibid. 144

The same subject

Ibid. 145

The same subject -

Ibid. 146

Supposed Speech of John Adams in opposition to the Declaration

of Independence

Webster. 147

Supposed Speechi of John Adams in favour of the Declaration of


Ibid. 148

Moral Effects of Intemperance

Beecher. 154

The Right of Free Discussion

Webster. 154

Extract from the Address of the American Congress to the

Inhabitants of Great Britain, 1775


Second Extract from the same


Sublimity of Mountain Scenery

Croly. 164

Political Cupidity l'eproved

Sheridan. 164

Republican Equality

Story. 166

Character of Blannerhassett

Wirt. 167


Close of the Defence of Judge Prescott

Webster. 169

Character of Napoleon

Phillips. 175

Moral Desolation

N. E. W. Review. 176

Conclusion of a Speech in the Trial of W. S. Smith

Emmet. 177

Principles of the American Revolution

Quincy. 178

Practice of Religion a source of Enjoyment

Logan. 180

Patriotic Exhortation

Hall. 181

Humorous account of English Taxes

Ed. Review. 186

The Right of Discovery -

Irving. 187

The Right of Cultivation

Ibid. 189

The Hignlander to his Son

Scott. 197

Death of King Philip

Irving. 199

Swiss Deputy to Charles, Duke of Burgundy

Scott. 200

Defence of Mr. Stockdale -

Erskine. 202

Pitt on American Affairs in 1775


Property an Element of Society

Upshur. 210

Necessity of protecting Property

Ibid. 211

Enterprise of New England Colonists

Burke. 213

Extract from Mr. Canning's Speech at Plymouth


Speech of Lord Cavendish on American Affairs


Influence of Literature and Divine Revelation

Wayland. 223

Lord Littleton's Speech on the “ Jew Bill”


Speech of a Creek Indian in a Council of his nation


Extract from Mr. Mercer's Speech


Contrast between Canning and Brougham European Magazine. 234

The same

Ibid. 236

Character of Oliver Cromwell

Cowley. 238

Devastation of the Carnatic

Burke. 239

Extract from a Speech in the Irish Parliament

Curran. 246

Extract from a Speech on the Catholic Question

Gratton. 247

Force of Talents

Dwight. 249

Atrocities of the French Revolution

Roland. 255

The same continued

Ibid. 256

Perpetual Progress of the Soul in Virtue

Logan. 253

Ruinous Consequences of unhallowed Pleasures

Ibid. 259

Aboriginals of New England

Sprague. 263

Extract from a Speech on the Judiciary

Morris. 265

Extract from Mr. Evereti's Oration at Plymouth 1824


The Effects of Atheism

Channing. 263

Claims of Africa

Burges. 272

Delineation of Missionary Objects

Chalmers. 273


Cotton. 274

Speech of Mac Briar to the Scotch Insurgents

Scott. 281

Mr. Burke's Opinion of Junius


Specimen of the Eloquence of James Otis

Miss Francis. 287
Slave Trade


Burke on American Affairs.


Industry necessary to form the Orator

H. Ware Jr. 331

Missionary Objects

Wayland. 333

Death of Hamilton

Nott. 335

Extract from an Address to the Citizens of Boston

Quincy. 336

Mr. Brougham’s Invective against Lord Castlereagh.


Reform in England

N. A. Review. 339

Taxation and Representation inseparable

Pitt. 340

Decisive Integrity

Wirt. 341


Zollikofer. 343

The same


The Switzer's Wife
Cato's Speech to the Mutineers
The Ocean
The Battle of Talavera
The Curtius and the Russell
Song of the Pilgrims
Stanzas addressed to the Greeks
Speech of Catiline on sentence of banishment
William Tell in the field of Grutli
The Torch of Liberty
Marullus to the Mob
Speech of Arminius to bis Soldiers
The Homes of England
The Pilgrim Fathers

Mrs. Hemans. 23

Addison. 24
Cornwall. 34

Byron. 35
Barton. 48
Upham. 49
Anon. 50

Croly. 58
Knowles. 59

Moore. 60
Shakspeare. 67

Knight. 68
Mrs. Hemans. 79

Pierpont. 80

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