Lays of the Minnesingers Or German Troubadours of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries

Edgar Taylor
Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown and Green, 1825 - 326 pagina's

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Pagina 230 - THE beautiful spring delights me well, When flowers and leaves are growing ; And it pleases my heart to hear the swell Of the birds...
Pagina 39 - For, lo, the winter is past, The rain is over and gone ; The flowers appear on the earth ; The time of the singing of birds is come, And the voice of the turtle is heard in our land ; The fig-tree putteth forth her green figs, And the vines with the tender grapes give a good smell. Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away.
Pagina 164 - Hath banished care, finds many a joy: And I too would be gay, Were the load of pining care away; Were my lady kind, my soul were light, — Joy crowning joy would raise its flight. . . The flowers, leaves, hills, the vale, and mead, And May with all its light, Compared with the roses are pale indeed. Which my lady bears; and bright My eyes will shine as they meet my sight — Those beautiful lips of rosy hue, As red as the rose just steeped in dew.
Pagina 143 - The woodlands with my songs resound, As still I seek to gain The favor of that lady fair Who causeth all my pain. My fate is like the nightingale's, That singeth all night long, While still the woodlands mournfully But echo back her song. What care the wild woods, as they wave, For all the songster's pains ? Who gives her the reward of thanks For all her tuneful strains ? In dull and mute ingratitude Her sweetest songs they hear ; Their tenants roam the desert wild, And want no music there.
Pagina 9 - MAY, sweet May, again is come, May that frees the land from gloom ; Children, children, up, and see All her stores of jollity ! On the laughing hedgerow's side She hath spread her treasures wide . She is in the greenwood shade, Where the nightingale hath made Every branch and every tree Ring with her sweet melody; Hill and dale are May's own treasures.
Pagina 231 - aid " is echoing loud ; And there on the earth the lowly and proud In the foss together lie; And yonder is piled the mangled heap Of the brave that scaled the trench's steep. Barons ! your castles in safety place, Your cities and villages too, Before ye haste to the battle scene ; And, Papiol ! quickly go, And tell the lord of " Oc and No" l That peace already too long hath been I PlERRB VlDAi.
Pagina 145 - WouLD I the lofty spirit melt Of that proud dame who dwells so high, Kind Heaven must aid me, or unfelt By her will be its agony. Joy in my soul no place can find : As well might I a suitor be To thunderbolts, as hope her mind Will turn in softer mood to me. Those cheeks are beautiful, are bright As the red rose with dewdrops graced; And faultless is the lovely light Of those dear eyes, that, on me placed, Pierce to my very heart, and fill My soul with love's consuming fires, While passion burns...
Pagina 271 - THE wise man sees his winter close Like evening on a summer day; Each age, he knows, its roses bears, Its mournful moments and its gay. Thus would I dwell with pleasing thought Upon my spring of youthful pride ; Yet, like the festive dancer, glad To rest in peace at eventide.
Pagina 168 - WHO would summer pleasures try, Let him to the meadows hie. O'er the mountain, in the vale, Gladsome sounds and sights prevail : In the fields fresh flowers are springing, In the boughs new carols singing, Richly in sweet harmony There the birds new music ply.
Pagina 253 - 11 chase those fierce invaders : Without a shelter they shall fly Before our valiant chivalry. Then, noble Sirs, we will not fear, Strong in the hope of succours near. And e'en if Frederic, on the throne Of powerful Germany, Submit the cruel ravages Of Louis' hosts to see, Yet, in the breast of England's king Wrath deep and vengeful shall upspring.

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