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The death of Mr. Congreve. Cha

racter of an indolent friend. XXXVI. Dr. Swift to Lord Bolingbroke.

Exhortation to him to write history.
The Dean's temper, his present amuse-

ments, and disposition.
XXXVII. From the same, on the same sub-

jects, and concerning aconomy; his sentiments on the times, and his manner of life of the love of fame and distinctiou. His friend

Ship for Mr. Pope. XXXVIII. From the same. His condition : The

state of Ireland: Character of Mrs.
Pope: Reflections on Mr. Pope's and

Mr. Gay's circumstances.
XXXIX. Mr. Pope's answer : His situation

and contentment : An account of bis

other friends. XL. Lord Bolingbroke to Dr. Swift ;

A review of his life, his thoughts

of æconomy, and concerning fame. XLI. Dr. Swift's answer. The misfor

tunes attending great talents : Con

cerning fame, and the desire of it. XLII. Dr. Swift to Mr. Pope. Concern

ing the Dunciad, and of his situation of life.


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XLIII. Frcin Lord B.

That the sense of friendship increases with increase of years. Concerning a history of his own

times, and Mr. P.'s moral poem. XLIV. Of the fiyle of his Letters, of his con

dition of life, his past friendships,
dislike of party-spirit, and thoughts of

pensions and preferment.
XLV. Of Mr. Westley's dissertations on Yob.

- Postscript by Lord Bol. on the

pleasure we take in reading letters. XLVI. From Lord B. to Dr. Swift. Invit

ing him to England, and concerning

reformation of manners by writing. XLVII. From the same. The temper proper to

men in years : An account of his

The character of his lady. Postscript by Mr. P. on his mother,

and the effects of the tender passons. XLVIII. From the same. Of his studies, parti

cularly a metaphysical work. Of retirement and exercise.- Postscript by Mr. P. His wish that their studies were united in some work useful to manners, and his distaste of all partyporitings.


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LETTERS of Dr. Swift to Mr. GAY.


p. 172

XLIX. Concerning the Duchess of 2-y. Per-

fuafions to æconomy.

L. On the same subjects.

LI. A letter of raillery.
LII. In the same style, to Mr. Gay and the

LIII. A strange end of a law-suit. His way

of life, &c. Poffcript to the Duchess.

LIV. Two new pieces of the Dean's : Answer

to his invitation into England. Advice

to write, &c.

LV. More on the same subjects. A happy

union against corruption. Postscript to

the Duke of 2. and to the Duckefs.
LVI. Mr. Gay to Dr. Swift. His account of

himself : his last fables : His ceconomy

- Postscript by Mr. Pope, of their com-
mon ailments, and economy; and against

party-spirit in writing.

LVII. From Dr. Swift to Mr. Gáy. Congra-

tulation on Mr. Gay's leaving the Court;

Lord Cornbury's refusal of a penhon :

Character of Mr. Gay.

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LVIII. From the same. Concerning the writ-

ing of fables : Advice about æconomy,
and provision for old age; of inatten-

tion, &c. Poftscript to the Duchess. LIX. From the same to Mr. Gay, and a post

script to the Duchess, on various sub

jects. LX. From the same, concerning the opening

of letters at the post-office. The encouragement given to bad writers. Reasons for his not living in England. Poftscript to the Duchess ; her character ; raillery on the subject of Mr. Gay him

self. LXI. From Dr. Swift to Mr. Pope. An ac

count of several little pieces or tracts published as bis : which were, or were

not genuine. LXII. From Mr. Pope and Dr. Arbuthnot to

Dr. Swift: On the sudden death of Mr.

Gay. LXIII. From Dr. Swift. On the same subject,

Of Mr. Pape's epiftles, and particularly

that on the use of riches. LXIV. From Mr. Pope, on Mr. Gay : His

care of bis memory and writings; concerning the Dean's and his own ; and of several other things.

LXV, More


LXV. More of Mr. Gay, his papers, and epi-

taph. Of the fate of his own writings,

and the purpose of them. Invitation

of the Dean to England.

LXVI. From Dr. Swift. Of the paper called

The Life and character of Dr. Swift.

Of Mr. Gay, and the care of his pa-
pers. Of a libel against Mr. Pope.
Of the edition of the Dean's works

in Ireland, how printed.
LXVII. Of the Dean's verses, called A libel

on Dr. D. the spurious character of
bim : Lord Boli's writings : The in-

dolence of great men in years.
LXVIII. From Dr. Swift. On Mrs. Pope's

death. Invitation to Dublin. His

own situation there, and temper.
LXIX. Answer to the former. His temper of

mind fince his mother's death. Tbe
union of sentiments in all bis acquain-


LXX. Concern for his absence. Of a libel

against him. Reflections on the beha-

viour of a worthless man.

LXXI. Melancholy circumstances of the sepa-

ration of friends. Impertinence of

false pretenders to their friendship.

Publishers of Night papers. Of the


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