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Contents of the Ninth Volume.

1.To Dr. Swift. Retired from Court

some months before the Queen's

II. From Dr. Swift, at Dublin. How little

be cares to think of England: Concern at
the violence of party. Of the first volume
of Mr. Pope's translation of Homer. His

circumstances in Ireland.
III. Mr. Pope's love and memory of Dr. Swift.

The Calumnies and Slanders upon him on

account of Religion, turned into raillery. IV. Dr. Swift's answer. His enquiry concern

ing Mr. P.'s principles. Poets generally
follow the Court.. Raillery on the subject
of his enemies, and bis Religich, A Qua-
ker-pastoral, and a Newgate-pastoral,

proposed as subjects for Mr. Gay.
V. Dr. Swift to Mr Pope: Ar apology for

his conduct and writings after the Queen's
death: With an account of bis principles

in politics.
VI. Dr. Swift to Mr. Gay.
Vol. IX.

VII. Mr.


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VII. Mr. Pope to. Dr: Swift, occasioned by

the former : An account of his conduct

and maxims in general.
VIII. From the L. Bolingbroke, a postscript to

the foregoing letter, with some account of
his own sentiments, and situation in pri-

vate life.
IX. Dr. Swift's answer.
X. From Mr. Pope to Dr. Swift. An in-

vitation to England.
XI. From Dr. Swift: Of Gulliver's Travels,

and his scheme of Misanthropy: Concern-
ing a lady at Court : Character of Dr.

XII. To Dr. Swift. Character of some of his

friends in England; with further invia

tations. XIII. Dr. Swift's answer. Death of Lord Ox

ford's fon : something concerning Ph-s:

Mare of his Misanthropy.
XIV. Expectations of* Dr. Swift's journey to

Englaisd. Charakter of low enemies and
detractors with what temper they are to
be born. The amminents of his friends
in England.Lord B.'s postscript on the

same occasion. XV. From Dr. Swift, preparing to leave England again.


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XVI. Answer from Mr. Pope. The regret of

bis departure, remembrance of the sa

tisfaction past, wishes for his welfare.XVII. Defires for his return, and settlement in

England : The various schemes of his

other friends, and his own. XVIII. From Mr. Gay and Mr. Pope. An ac

count of the reception of Gulliver's

Travels in England.
XIX. On the same subječt from Mr. Pope.

Advice against party-writing.
XX. From Dr. Swift. About Gulliver, and

of a second journey to England.
XXI. From the same. Concerning party, and

dependency : And of the project of a

joint volume of Miscellanies. XXII. The answer. On the same subjects. XXIII. On Dr. Swift's second departure for Ire

land. XXIV. From Dr. Swift : His reasons for de

parting XXV. From Dr. Swift. His remembrance of

Mr. P.'s friendjhip ; with some con

deration of his circumstances. XXVI. From Mr. Gay. Raillery: What em

ployment was offered him at court, and why be refused it.


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XXVII. Dr. Swift to Mr. Gay. On the refu-

sal of that employment, and his quit-
ting the Court. Of the Beggars

XXVIII. From Lord Bolingbroke and Mr. Pope.

Of the Dunciad. Advice to the
Dean in the manner of Montaigne.
Of courtiers, and of the Beggars

XXIX. Of a true Jonathan Gulliver in New-

England: The Dunciad, and the
Treatise of the Bathos. Reflections
on mortality and decay: What is de-

frable in the decline of life.
XXX. From Dr. Swift. Answer to the for-

mer : His situation in Ireland.
XXXI. From the same. His own, and Mr.

Pope's temper.
XXXII. Lord Bolingbroke's life in the country.

More about the Dunciad.
XXXIII. From Dr. Swift. Advice how to pub-

lish the Dunciad: Concerning Lord

B. and Mr. Gay.
XXXIV. From Bath. The pleasure of being

abused in company with worthy men. XXXV. From Dr. Swift. His manner of living with a friend in the country.


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