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Regulated from the Prompt-Book,

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Printed for forn Bell, near Exeter-Exchange, in the Strand;

and C. ETHERINGTON, at York.

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Μ Ε Ν.

Drury-Lane. Covent Garden. Peachum,

Mr. Moody. Mr. Wilson. Lockit,

Mr. Braniby. Mr. Dunfta:l. Macbeath,

Mr. Vernon. Mr. Mattocks. Filch,

Mr. Parsons. Mr. Wewitzer, femmy Twitchier, r Mr. Wright, Grook-finger djack, Mr. Wrighten. Wat. Dreary,

Mr. Norris. Robin of Bag Shot,

Mr. Carpenter. Nimming Ned,

Mr. Griffith, Harry Paddington, Mr. Marr. Mat. of the Mint,

Mr. Kear. Mr. Baker, Ben Budge,

| Mr. Burron. Beggar,

Mr. Waldron.

Mr. Whitfield.
Constables, Drawers, Turnkey, &c.

Macbeatb's Gang.


Mrs. Peachum,
Polly Peachum,
Lucy Lockit,
Diana Trapes,
Mrs. Coaxer,
Dolly Trull,
Mrs. Vixen,
Betty Doxy,
Jenny Diver,
Mrs. Slammekin,
Suky Tarudry,
Molly Brazen,

W O M E N.

Mrs. Love. Mrs. Pitr.
Mrs. Smith. Miss Brown,
Mrs. Wrighten. Mifs Catley.
Mrs. Bradshaw. Mrs. Whire,
Mrs. Millidge. Mrs. Whiteheid,
Mrs. Musgrove.
Miss Platt,
Mrs. Palmer.

Mrs. Davies. Mrs. Pouffin. & Mrs. Johnston, Mrs. Green.

Mrs. Smith.
(Mrs. Brathwait.

Women of the Town.



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F poverty

dispute mine. I own myself of the

of beggars; and I make one at their weekly festivals at St. Giles's. I have a small yearly falary for my catches, and am welcome to a dinner there whenever I please, which is more than most poets can say:

Player. As we live by the Muses, it is but gratitude in us to encourage poetical merit wherever we find it. The Muses, contrary to all other ladies, pay no distinction to dress, and never partially mistake the pertness of emr. broidery for wit, nor the modesty of want for dullness. Be the author who he will, we push his play as far as it will go. So (though you are in want) I wish you success heartily.

Beggar. This piece I own was originally writ for the celebrating the marriage of James Chanter and Moll Lay, two most excellent ballad-fingers. I have introduced the fiinilies that are in all your celebrated operas : the Swallow, the Moth, the Bee, the Ship, the Flower, &c. Besides I have a prison fcéne, which the ladies always reckon charmingly pathetic. As to the parts, I have observed such a nice impartiality to our two ladies, that it is impossible for either of them take offence, I hope I may be forgiven, that I have not made my opera throughout unnatural, like those in voğue ; for I have no reci. tative; excepting this, as I have consented to have neither prologue nor epilogué, it must be allowed an opera in all its forms. The piece indeed hath been heretofore frequently represented by ourselves in our great soom at St. Giles's, fo that I cannot too often acknow. ledge your charity in bringing it now on the stage.

Player. But I see it is time for us to withdraw; the actors are preparing to begin. Play away the overture.





The lines diflinguished by inverted comas, 'thus,' ere omitted in the



SCENE, Peachum's House.
Peachum fitting at a table, with a large book of accounts

before him.
AIR I. An old woman cloathed in grey.
THROUGH all the employments of life

Each neighbour abuses his brother;
Whore and rogue they call husband and wife:

All professions be-rogue one another.
The priest calls the lawyer a cheat,

The lawyer be-knaves the divine;
And the statesman, because he's so great,

Thinks his trade as honest as inine.

A lawyer is an honest emplopment, fo is mine. Like me too he acts in a double capacity, both against rogues and for 'em ; for 'tis bui fitting that we should protect and encourage cheats, since we live by 'em,

Enter Filch. Filch. Sir, Black Moll hath sent word her trial comes on in the afternoon, and the hopes you will order matters so as to bring her off.

Peach. Why, she may plead her belly at worst; to my knowledge the hath taken care of that security. But

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