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The Modern Language Association of America

Secretary of the Group

The following bibliography represents a first attempt to bring together such material as should be readily accessible to every investigator in the field of American literature. Thanks are due to scholars and librarians who have aided in making the list as full as it is. Professor J. B. Hubbell, of Southern Methodist University, has helped materially in securing information from various libraries. Despite every endeavor toward accuracy and completeness there are omissions and there may be misstatements. The compiler will be grateful if corrections will be directed to him at Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, Illinois.


1. On Individual Writers

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1 The date following the author's name indicates the year in which the dissertation was accepted. Where no publisher is indicated, the dissertation is yet unpublished. Asterisks indicate dissertations in Germanics; § in History; † in Romance Languages.

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2. On Topics of a General Nature

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1. On Individual Writers

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This list excludes articles on American literature in journals like the Sewanee Review (which alone contains as many articles as are given here), because these are indexed in the Reader's Guide Supplement. For articles in scholarly journals since 1921 see the annual bibliography in PMLA.

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