NOTE: The following bibliography attempts to include the more important books, articles, and reviews which appeared in the year ending January 1, 1926, together with the more noteworthy productions of 1924 and earlier recent years which have escaped the bibliographies by the late Professor Thornton Shirley Graves in the April numbers of this journal since 1922. These bibliographies are here referred to by the year in which they were published. The compiler has had slight assistance from several scholars, which is hereby gratefully acknowledged. Professor Walter L. Bullock of Bryn Mawr has supplied a number of items from the Italian field and has rendered generous assistance in other matters. Where his comments have been given, they have been marked (B). The work has been done with kind and admiring recollections of Professor Graves.




Archiv für das Studium der neueren Sprachen und Literaturen. = Beiblatt zur Anglia.


- English Historical Review.

Eng. Rev. Eng. Stud. JEGP




English Review.

Englische Studien.

Journal of English and Germanic Philology.

Literaturblatt = Literaturblatt für germanische und romanische Philologie. LTS = Literary Supplement to the London Times.

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This is an annual compilation and renders available a large amount of bibliographical material otherwise hard to locate.

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To be completed in two volumes. The first volume deals with "bokhistoria" in an extended fashion.

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A study of a popular theme of some significance to the student of comparative literature. (B)

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