Ergonomic Workplace Design for Health, Wellness, and Productivity

Alan Hedge
CRC Press, 5 aug 2016 - 463 pagina's
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Even with today’s mobile technology, most work is still undertaken in a physical workplace. Today’s workplaces need to be healthy environments that minimize the risks of illnesses or injuries to occupants to compete in the marketplace. This necessitates the application of good ergonomics design principles to the creation of effective workplaces, and this is the focus of this book.

This book will:
∑ Focus on ergonomic design for better health and ergonomic design for better productivity
∑ Presents environments that support new ways of working and alternative workplace strategies, as well as the impacts of new technologies
∑ Covers the role of ergonomics design in creating sustainable workplaces
∑ Includes ergonomics design for a wide variety of workplaces, from offices to hospitals, to hotels to vehicles, etc...
∑ Shows the design principles on how to design and create a healthy and productive workplace

The market lacks an ergonomics design book that covers the topics that this book will cover. This book summarizes design principles for practitioners, and applies them to the variety of workplace settings described in the book. No other book currently on the market does that.

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