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the raising of Rain to these Agents ; Jer.
xiv. 3, They came to the Pits, and found
no Water-for there was no Rain in the
Earth. Ver. 22, Are there any among the
Vanities of theGentiles that can cause Řain,
or can the Names give mowers ? Art not
thou he, O Jehovah our Aleim? There-
fore we will wait upon thee, for thou hast
made all these Things. This Power was
contrould by Miracles ; Gen. vii, by Rain
at the Flood. Exod. ix, by the Hail, &c.
in Egypt. So Psal. cv, 32, He gave them
Hail for Rain, and flaming Fire in their
Land. i Sam. xii. 17, Is it not Wheat
Harvest to Day, I will call unto Jehovah,
and he mall

send Thunder and Rain-And
Jehovah sent Thunder and Rain that Day.
1 Kings xvii. 1, There shall be no Dew nor
Rain these Years. Ib. xviii. 1, Goshew thy
self unto Abab, and I will send Rain. Ver.
45, And there was a great Rain. So by
Promises, hearing Prayers, &c. Levit.
xxvi. 4, I will give you Rain in due Sea-
fon. Deut. xi. II, A Land of Hiils and
Valleys, and drinketh Water of the Rain
of Heaven. ver. 14. I will give

you the Rain -in his due Season, the first Rain, and the latter Rain. Deut. xxviii. 12, Jehovah shall open unto thee his good Treasure, the Heaven to give thee Rain unto thy


If my

Land in his Season. Ib. xxxiii. 28, Also his Heavens shall drop down Dew. If they followed these Powers. Ib. xi. 17, Hesball Shut up the Heavens, that there shall be no Rain. Deut. xxviii. 23, And thy Heaven that is over thy Head Mall be Brass, and the Earth that is under thee fall be Iron. Jehovah shall make the Rain of thy Land Powder and Duft ; from Heaven fall it come down upon thee, until thou be des stroyed. 1 Kings viii. 35. 2 Chron. vi. 26, When the Heaven is shut up, and there is no Rain-then hear. and give Rain. 2 Chron. vii. 13, If I shut up Heaven, that there be no Rain People mall humble themselves, - and pray then I will hear. So in

, v. 10, Who giveth Rain upon the Earth, and fendeth Water upon the Fields. Ib. xxviii. 26, When he made a Decree for the Rain, and a Way for the Lightning of the Thunder. Ib. xxxvi. 27, For he maketh small the Drops of Water, they pour down Rain according to the Vapour thereof, which the Clouds do drop and distil upon Man abundantly. Ib. xxxvii. 6, For he saith to the Snow, be thou on the Earth; likewise to the small Rain, and to the great Rain of his Strength. ver. 10.By the Breath of God Frost is given, and the Water is en

larged larged into a Concrete or Cake. Ib. xxxviii. 22. Hast thou enter'd into the Treasures of Snow? or hast thou seen the Treasures of the Hail? Ver. 25, Who hath divided a Watercourse for the Overflowing of Waters, or a Way for the Lightning of Thunder, to cause it to rain on the Earth?

Hath the Rain a Father, or who hath begotten the Drops of the Dew? &c. Ver. 34, Canst thou lift up thy Voice to the Clouds, so that Abundance of Waters may cover thee? Ver. 37, Who can Number the Clouds in Wisdom, or who can stay the Bottles of Heaven? Psal Ixv. 9, Thou visitest the Earth and waterest it; thou greatly enrichest it with the River of God, which is full of Water. Ib. cxlvii. 8, Who covereth the Heavens with Clouds, who prepareth Rain for the Earth. ver. 16, He giveth Snow like Wool, he scattereth the hoar Frost like Apes. Ib. cxlviii. 8, Fire and Hail, Snow and Vapour

fulfilling his Word. Ifai. ver. 6, I will also command the Clouds that they rain no Rain upon it. lb. xxx. 23, Then shall be give the Rain of thy Seed. Jer. v. 24, Neither say they in their Heart, Let us now fear Jehovah our Aleim that giveth Rain, both the former and the latter, in his Season. Ibid. X. 13. li. 16, When he uttereth his voice there is a


Multitude of Waters in the Heavens; and he causeth the Vapours

to ascend from the Ends of the Earth. He maketh Lightnings with (for) Rain, and bringeth forth the Wind out of his Treasuries. joel ii. 23, For he hath given for you the former Rain moderately, and he will cause to come down for you the Rain, the former Rain and the latter Rain, in the first Month.

So in this Expoftulation, Amos iv. 4, Come to Bethel, and transgress at Gilgal, multiply Transgressions, &c. Ver. 7, And also I have withholden the Rain from you, when there were yet three Months to the Harvest. And I caused it to rain upon one City, and callsed it not to rain upon another City. One Piece was rain'd upon, and the Piece whereupon it rain'd not, wither'd. So two or three Cities wander'd unto one City to drink Water, but they were not satisfied, yet have ye not return'd unto me, faith Jehovah. Part of the second Commandment was, that they should make no Representation of these Agents or their Powers which act in the Water under the Earth.

As Blood is to each Microcosm, so Water is to this Orb, and to the Vegetables in it. Nay it is a constituent Part


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of the Blood in each of the Microcosms, and has considerable separate Uses in cach of those Microcosms. The Uses which have been made of it emblematically, are too many and too considerable to be explain'd in a short Compass. That fingle Precedent mention'd in the Old Testament, when the People made a solemn Repentance, . I Sam. vii. 6, of drawing Water, and pouring it out in the Presence of Jehovah, was that they acknowledged that they deserv'd to have their Blood pour’d out, which every one must do before he repent. This was the Act of the People, and what they could lawfully do after that Samuel exhibited the Blood which was to be pour’d out for them, and it was accepted.

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Oshew how these Agents act under

each of the Attributes, upon the Orbs, upon the several Parts of Matter, of Vegetables, of Animals, &c. would extend this Piece beyond the Bounds of the Patience of Readers, and may be done apart, or each refer'd to, as Occasion shall offer, and may be better thew'd by the Actions to Sense than by Words.

Since Religion and Philosophy are so near a-kin ; and since 'tis plain the Hea


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