Monon Behavior

Diego Manna, 15 jun. 2014
A scientific best-seller that will make you laugh every time you will read it.
A funny pseudo-scientific journal in which humour and science are mixed, in the same way in which also english and italian languages are mixed. The result is a very comic sort of "new esperanto".

The book is focused on the life of Triest, an italian city near the border with Slovenia, full of particularity like crazy dives, crazy bikers, crazy pissing challenges and crazy "sniffing cats".
After this book the scientific method and the academic world will never be the same...

What's the impact factor of Monon Behavior?
The answer inside the book: "As your request is very interesting, we are developing a study to evaluate our Impact Factor under different conditions. For now we made a rapid test with one copy of Monon Behavior thrown from an altitude of 2 meters. To test the Impact Factor, we put a population of 50 formeegoles on the ground. Under these conditions, our Impact Factor is 20 formeegoles killed and 10 incokalides."

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