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P=Ready Reserve Training-Those members of the Ready Re

serve in a Ready Reserve training program, including those in
officer training programs; those on education delay; those in
an Army Early Commissioning Program; Coast Guard direct
commission Candidates; Marine Corps Platoon Leader Class
(PLC); those on ROTC assignment delay; and those in Health
Professional Scholarship Programs (HPSP). These members
have a Ready Reserve agreement, are not in the Selected
Reserve, and principally are targeted for Active component

assignments on completion of their training or delay status
Ready Reserve (Inactive National Guard (ING))
I=ING—Those members of the ING, including those members of

the Army or Air National Guard (ARNG and ANG) who are
unable to continue participating with their National Guard

units, but are authorized to remain affiliated with those units
Standby Reserve
Y=Standby Reserve includes members of the Standby Re-

serve on both the Active Status List and Inactive Status List Retired Reserve

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V=Retired Reserve
In accordance with DOD Directive 1215.6 (reference )) and

other policy, each Service member must be placed in one of
the following RCTRCD:

b. Reserve Component Training/

Retirement Category Designator (RCTRCD).

Ready Reserve (Selected Reserve).
Trained in Units-ACC (S)
A=Individuals required to perform at least 48 training periods an-

nually, are trained and assigned to a unit.
G=Active Guard/Reserve (AGR), includes Navy Training and

Administration of the Reserves (TARS) and Temporary Active
Duty (TEMAC), paid from Reserve personnel appropriation,
Marine Corps Full-Time Support (FTS), and all other Reserve
or National Guard personnel serving on AD, including statury
tours and full-time National Guard duty in AC and RC organi-

Trained Individuals-RCC(T)
B=Individual Mobilization Augmentees (IMA's)—Trained IMAS

who drill between 0 and 48 times per year and are assigned

to Active component organizations on mobilization.
Training Pipeline_ACC (U)
F=Personnel currently on initial active duty for training (IADT).

Enlisted personnel on the second part of split training and

those in Army One Station Unit Training (OSUT). L=Personnel awaiting IADT and not authorized to perform IDT.



submitted to RCCPDS 2=Service members who have completed 20 qualifying years

Only retirement category to be submitted to RCCPDS
3=Service members retired for physical disability under Sections

1201, 1202, 1204, or 1205 of reference (h). Members must
have 20 years of active Federal service creditable for retire-
ment pay or be 30 percent, or more, disabled (includes Re-
servists serving with Active or Reserve components). Re-
quired to be tracked at component level. Should not to be

submitted to RCCPDS
4-Reserve members who have completed 20, or more, years of

AD service and retired under Sections 3911, 3914, 6323,
6330, 8911, or 8914 of reference (h). Includes Regular and
Reserve Army and Air Force enlisted personnel with between
20 and 30 years of Military Service, and Regular and Reserve
Navy and Marine Corps enlisted personnel in the Fleet Re-
serve (Navy), and Fleet Marine Corps Reserve with between
20 and 30 years of service. Required to be tracked at compo-

nent level. Should not to be submitted to RCCPDS
5=Reserve personnel drawing retired pay based on retirement

for reasons other than age, service requirements or physical
disability. That category is restricted to those who are retired
under special conditions as authorized by the Assistant Sec-
retary of Defense for Reserve Affairs (ASD(RA)), under Legis-

lation. Not required to be submitted to RCCPDS
6=Service members who are not eligible for retirement pay, but

have requested placement on the "Honorary Retired List"
under 10 U.S.C. 274 and DOD Directive 1200.15 (references

(h) and (k)). Not required to be submitted to RCCPDS
3. Social Security Number (SSN Enter nine numeric digits omitting hyphens for the Service mem-

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Enter nine numeric digits omitting hyphens for the SSN of the

individual's lawful wite or husband who is a member of the
Armed Forces. If not applicable, set =WWWWWWWWW. If
unknown, set (=ZZZZZZZZZ. (Use "not applicable" for PJ and

Indicates the status of an individual's SSN verification by the

Social Security Administration (SSA); I.e., the extent that the
standard data elements: SSN, name, individual, date of birth
(DoB), and sex agree with the SSA's data. If not applicable,
set I=W. If unknown, set 1=Z.

1=Service members who have completed at least 20 qualifying

years creditable for retirement pay under Section 1331, of ref-
erence (h) who are 60, or more, years of age, and are now
drawing retirement pay under Section 1331 of reference (h).
Required to be tracked at component level. Should not to be

creditable for retired pay but are not yet entitled to retired pay.

ber's SSN

4. SSN Military Spouse of a

Service Member.

5. Verification Status of SSN

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Applicable to a member from a segment population that pos-
Sesses common characteristics and/or cultural heritage.

(Leave blank for PJ and PK.)
1=Other Hispanic descent
2=U.S. and/or Canadian Tribes (formerly American-Indian)
3=Other Asian Descent
4=Puerto Rican
6=Mexican (formerly Mexican-American)
9-Cuban (formerly Cuban-American)
S=Latin American with Hispanic Descent
Q=Other Pacific Island Descent
Y=None (Indicates no specific ethnicity)
Legal status of an individual as it relates to marriage. If un-

known, set 1=Z. (Leave blank for PJ and PK.).
L=Legally Separated.
The number of persons for whom the Service member provides

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10. Ethnic Group

support. (Report only those eligible to be included on the DD
Form 1172, "Application for Unitormed Services Identification
and Privilege Card". If not applicable, set 1=66, if unknown,

set I=99. (Use "not applicable" for PJ and PK.).
The educational status or level attained by an individual. Those

codes are to be reported, effective 1 October 1987. If not ap

plicable, set l=Y. If unknown, set I=Z.
9-Currently in high school-status of an individual who is cur-

rently attending high school and is not yet a high school sen

ior. S=High school senior-status of individual who is currently at

tending high school and is a high school senior.

11. Marital Status

12. Dependents, Number of


13. Educational Designator

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