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This part applies to: (a) The Office Of the Secretary of Defense (OSD); the Military Departments (including their National Guard and Reserve components); the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff and Joint Staff; the Defense Agencies; and the U.S. Coast Guard, by agreement with the Department of TranSportation (DOT), when it is not Operating as a military Service in the Navy.

(b) All Officers, warrant Officers, and enlisted perSOnnel assigned to the Ready Reserve, the Standby Reserve, and the Retired Reserve. ReservistS On Active Duty for Training (ADT) who Continue their assignment with a Reserve component are included. Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) members, who are not members Of the Simultaneous Membership Program

(SMP), are excluded. Also excluded are individuals who have elected discharge after 20 Creditable years instead Of transfer to the Retired Reserve. The Defense Manpower Data, Center (DMDC) Shall maintain an historical file On those individuals.

(c) Enlisted members of an active COmpOnent, who also hold a Reserve COmmission, Shall not be reported in the RCCPDS.

(d) Service members On Extended ACtive Duty (EAD) who are part of the active Component or assigned to the Selective Service System (SSS) shall not be reported. (That does not include Service members identified in § 114.5(a)(1)).

§ 114.3 Policy.

(a) The RCCPDS is the computerized COmmon data, base established to meet the policy requirement.S and to provide Statistical tabulations Of Reserve COmponents’ Strengths and related data for use throughout the Department of Defense, other Government Agencies, the CongreSS, and for appropriate public release by the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs) (ASD(PA)) (DoD Directive 1205.17 1).

(b) The requirements and procedures prescribed by 32 CFR part 286a must be followed to Safeguard the personnel data maintained in that reporting System. Individuals having access to identifiable personnel information may be held perSOnally responsible and punishable under the law for making unauthorized disclosures.

$114.4 Responsibilities.

(a) The Assistant Secretary of Defense (Reserve Affairs) (ASD(RA)) shall:

(1) Establish policy and provide guidance for Reserve Component Categories (RCCS), perSonnel transaction accounting, perSonnel data items, definitions, and accuracy Standards.

(2) PrOvide policy guidance to the DMDC On the Content, and use Of the RCCPDS including data fields, definitions, frequency, format, and the Content of periodic and Special RCCPDS

1 Copies may be obtained, at cost, from the National Technical Information Service, 5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, VA 22161.

reports, in accordance with responsibilities detailed in DOD Directives 1205.17 and 32 CFR part 379. (3) Revise and maintain this part, as necessary, to update data requirements and provide accurate and effective guidance on perSonnel data management to the Military Departments and their Reserve COmponent.S. (b) The Assistant Secretary of Defense (Force Management and Personnel) (ASD(FM&P)) shall: (1) Ensure that Reserve component military perSOnnel information requirements for acturial valuations and for effective Total Force military perSOnnel management are identified to the ASD(RA). (2) Exercise Such policy guidance and management Supervision for the DMDC, consistent with ASD(FM&P) reSponsibilities in 32 CFR part 384, as required, to ensure that adequate reSources are available and used by the DMDC to fulfill its responsibilities. (c) The Director, DMDC shall: (1) Operate and maintain the RCCPDS, to include Computer support, Software development, quality Control, inquiry Capabilities, and administrative Support. (2) Develop, produce, and distribute all periodic and special RCCPDS report.S. (3) PrOvide programming and analytical Support to the ASD(R.A) for Special studies requiring use of the RCCPDS. (4) Modify the RCCPDS to reflect the changing nature of the Reserve component.S. (5) Inform the ASD(RA) of data produced from the RCCPDS for other users and Of the State and quality Of the information submitted by the Reserve COmpOnent.S. (d) The Secretaries of the Military Departments and the Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) shall: (1) Provide their respective Reserve component S With the Support necessary to maintain a perSonnel data System. (2) Prepare at the end of each month, and Submit within 20 calendar days, a “Master Officer File” and “Master Enlisted File” reflecting the status of each member of the Reserve component as of the last day of each month, as Stated in Appendix A to this part.

(3) Prepare at the end of each month, and Submit wthin 20 calendar days, an “Officer Transaction File” and an “Enlisted Transaction File” reflecting the gains, losses, reenlistments, extenSiOnS, and transferS Of Reserve COmponent personnel that OCCurred during the reporting month, as Stated in Appendix C to this part. Transactions processed within 45 days of effective day shall not be considered late, due to data lag.

(4) Edit monthly Submissions according to the editing concept defined in appendix B to this part.

(5) Perform a quality control validation of the data before submission to the OSD.

§ 114.5 Procedures.

(a) The following categories of FullTime Support (FTS) personnel shall be reported in the RCCPDS: (1) Active Guard and/or Reserve (AGR). Guardsmen and Reservists on active duty to provide full time support to the Ready Reserve and who are paid from the Reserve personnel appropriations Of the Military Department concerned. (2) Military Technicians. Federal civilian personnel of a Military Department, who occupy military technician positions and are members Of the ReServe Component that they support. (b) AS the Official DOD vehicle for reporting Reserve component manpower strengths, records reported in RCCPDS (as prescribed in § 114.4(d) (2) and (3)) may not be duplicated in other DoDWide Strength reporting Systems. Additionally, to Support the accuracy of Strength data in the System, the DoD Component.S Shall ensure that: (1) All Strength-effecting changes are processed and repored without delay. (2) All master and transaction files are edited before submission following the procedures in appendix C to this part. (c) Requests to provide Specifically tailored reportS and inquiries to System uSerS Shall be directed to the address in paragraph (g) of this Section. A Reserve component may not be provided data relative to another Reserve component without prior approval of that Reserve COmponent. (d) Any information available to the RCCPDS required by the SSS and the

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Standard data elements from DoD 5000.12–M22 are being used in these reporting requirements where applicable.

2See footnote 1 to $114.3(a).

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