The Search for the Christian Doctrine of God: The Arian Controversy, 318-381

Baker Publishing Group, 1 mrt. 2006 - 954 pagina's
This work examines the extant primary sources of the Christian doctrine of God from the First Ecumenical Council at Nicea to the Second Ecumenical Council at Constantinople.

"A great work. . . . As a resource book, this study of Arianism could not be bettered. It is thorough and comprehensive, a lasting work of scholarship and as such a fitting memorial to its author."--Expository Times

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Over de auteur (2006)

R. P. C. Hanson (1916-88) was Lightfoot Professor of Divinity, University of Durham; professor of theology, University of Nottingham; and professor of historical and contemporary theology, University of Manchester. His numerous scholarly publications include Allegory and Event: A Study of the Sources and Significance of Origen's Interpretation of Scripture.

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