slept a little in my chair. Sent on a wagon with our baggage before day.

May 6, Thursday. At daylight set out in three stages. Traveled 18 miles to New Castle, on the Delaware, where we breakfasted. Went on board the packet for Philadelphia. Left General Shepard and Jr. Upham. Wind directly ahead. fresh breeze. Very pleasant prospects on both sides of the river, Arrived at Philadelphia at 4 P. M. Put up at Hardy's, in Market, between Third and Fourth streets, south. Good house, but very dear. Called on Mr. Mandeville.

May 7, Friday. Judge Tenney and I went to Peale's Vuseum. Viewed the skeleton of the mammoth. Much larger than I expected ; 11 feet high; from the ends of the horns to the end of the tail, 29. feet; from end of the nose to the tail, 16 feet; 5 claws on the hind, and 4 on the fore feet (or 5 fore and 4 hind). Teeth appear carnivorous. Dined at Hardy's. Set out in the Stage with Messrs. Judge Foster, Tenney, Tillinghast, Stanton, Ellery, Hastings, and Thomas, for New York. Arrived at Trenton, about sunset, and lodged.

May 8, Saturday. Breakfasted at Princeton. Dined at Elizabethtown, and arrived at New York at six. Put up at Mrs. Anthony's. Spent the evening with Captain Wm. Dodge. We put our baggage on board the packet for Providence.

May 9, Lord's Day. Went on board the Captain Currier, for Providence. Sailed about 11 o'clock. Colonel Hitchborn, General Hull, Dr. Eustis, a Miss Morton, Mrs. Benny, and Miss Lull, daughter of General Hull, and several gentlemen, passengers; also Mr. Ellery, Mr. Tillinghast, Judge Foster, and Judge Tenney. Passed Hell Gate at 12, high water. Becalmed in the Sound, and made little headway. Slept in the cabin, without taking off my clothes.

May 10, Monday. Made our course along the shore of Long Island. Wind rather ahead. Got abreast of New London at daybreak. Slept in my clothes.

May 11, Tuesday. Small wind, nearly ahead. Arrived at the wharf in Newport at 11 o'clock P. M. Went on board a, packet for Providence. Slept in my clothes. Small wind, and not fair—N.E.

May 12, Wednesday. Arrived at Providence at 8 in the

morning. Judge Foster, Tenney, Read, and myself, took passage in a stage for Boston. Dined at Wrentham. Called on Mr. Chickering. Arrived in Boston at sunset. Very severe N.E. storm. Extremely wet. Lodged at Mr. Williams'.

May 13, Thursday. Mr. Read and I came on in the Salem stage. Arrived at Dr. Torrey.'s at 11 o'clock. Got Mr. Poole's horse, arrived at home at 5 o'clock P. M., and had the satisfaction to find all well. Visited the near neighbors.

May 14, Friday. Several people here. Visited the sick.

May 18, Tuesday. Attended Quarterly Fast at Mr. Webster's. ... The people in Chebacco and Town very complaisant.

May 24, Monday. About home, very busy. Much company from morning till night.

May 25, Tuesday. Went to Boston with Colonel Dodge. Attended the meeting of American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Thin Meeting. Paid assessment. Presented to the Academy Mr. Paykull's work, and Mr. Swartz' Obs. Bot. Occident., and the Census of the United States for 1801. Nominated Mr. Paykull to be a member of the Academy. Dined with Dr. Dexter-very agreeable company. Slept at Mr. Willians'.

May 26, Wednesday. Election day. Breakfasted at Dr. Morse's. Attended at State House. Met with General Wadsworth, we walked in the procession with the Representatives to the Meeting House. I dined at Mr. Darby's. At Convention was appointed Chairman of the Committee to meet with the Committee of the Congregational Charitable Society. Drank tea with Judge Sullivan. Supped at Mr. Hitchborn's.

May 27, Thursday. Attended Convention and made report. Attended service, gave 1 dol’r, etc. Dined at Dr. Thatcher's with the Governor, Lt. Governor, Pres’t Senate, Speaker of the House, etc. After dinner came to Dr. Torrey's.

June 5, Saturday. Things came from Washington by Captain Cheever. Fair. Set out trees from Washington-mostly alive. Flowers in pots mostly destroyed. Tube-roses in a good state, and some of the hyacinths.

June 7, Monday. About home. Mr. Blanchard and Colonel Pickering spent the afternoon here.

June 10, Thursday. Betscy Cutler married Fitch Poole.* Dr. Torrey and wife, Major Osborn and wife, Mr. Poole's mother, and his brother, Ward Poole, all the company we had, came to dine. Marriage in the afternoon. Tarried to tea. Colonel Brown and wife, in the evening supped with us.

June 19, Saturday. Dr. Morse and lady here. Mr. Hitchborn and lady from Boston. Unable to prepare for to-morrow as I intended.

July 12, Monday. Patrick De Wise and Nicholas Ellison, from Salem, came to school. Captain Silsbee and mother drank tea with us.

July 22, Thursday. Went to Salem. At Mr. Dow's lecture. Drank tea at Captain Gardner’s.

July 23, Friday. Dined at Mr. Blanchard's in company with Colonel Pickering, Colonel Thorndike and lady, Mr. Putnam and lady, and several others.

July 24, Saturday. Thunder storm, much hay out, greatly injured. Went to Squam. Very late and dark before I arrived. Got lost in the woods, and left my sulky. Lodged at Major Kimball's.

July 25, Lord's Day. Preached at Squam, full meeting, 16 children baptized. Mr. Noyes preached for Mr. Forbes, who preached at old parish, Beverly. A Mr. Bates, a young candidate, preached for me. Drank tea and lodged at Mr. Baker's, very kind.

July 26, Monday. Mr. Baker, Major Kimball, Captain Denison, Mr. Day and others, with Mr. Noyes, made a fishing party. Went to the Light-house, caught plenty of fish from the rocks and in a boat. Cooked the fish, and dined under a large oak tree, near the shore. Excellent dinner. Spent

* Fitch Poole, born Feb, 13, 1772, died Jan. 23, 1838. He was a pupil of Dr. Cutler, and married his youngest daughter, Elizabeth, and was many years deacon in the South Church, Danvers. Naturally amiable, and giving evidence of early piety, his life was one of great beauty and usefulness, full of faith and benevolence. Mrs. Poole died, April 22,

the time very agreeably. Set out home at 3 P. M. Called at Mr. Forbes' and Captain Ellwell's at the harbor.

August 3, Tuesday. Quarterly fast at Mr. Frisbie's. Mr. Frisbie began with prayer and I preached A. M. Mr. Dana prayed and Mr. Webster preached P. M.

August 5, Thursday. Mr. Perkins, of Connecticut, member of Congress, and one of our family at Washington, called on me on his way to the eastward.

Aug. 19, Thursılay. Major Swasey, Mr. Burnham, Mr. Andrews, and Mr. Jos. Dana, jun., came in the afternoon for the purpose of making me a visit. Spent the afternoon very agreeably.

Sept. 23, Thursúay. Went to Salem on account of the Att'y-General's attacks on me and Mr. Hastings. Consulted with Mr. Cushing. Attended Mr. Dow's lecture. · Sept. 27, Monday. Attacked last night about midnight with the spasmodic asthma. The spasms so severe as to compel me to walk the floor. Could neither lie down nor sit in a chair nor bed. A very distressing night.

Oct. 10, Lord's Day. Preached and administered the sacrament. Very feeble and faint, much fatigued. Pretty full meeting.

Oct. 28, Thursday. Captain Brown and wife, Mrs. Cutler, and myself, went to Salem and Danvers on a visit. At Mr. Berry's, dined at Dr. Torrey's, drank tea at Mr. Poole's. Came home in the evening with my chaise-lantern.

Nov. 1, Monday. Representatives for the 8th Congress elected in Massachusetts. Many of our people declined voting on account of my being the Federal candidate, and tho' unwilling to be active in my leaving them, would not give their votes for any other person. Votes, 5+ for me ; 1 for Dr. Kittredge.

Nov. 11, Thursday. Dr. Torrey and wife, Mr. Poole and wife, Mr. Berry and wife, and Charles Cutler, spent the day, and dined by special invitation.

Nov. 12, Friday. Mr. Berry and wife went home, and Charles went with them. He proposes to sail for Norfolk with Captain Whitridge, on his way to the western country.

Nov. 16, Tuesday. Very busy in putting up a box of specimens for Mr. Paykull and Dr. Swartz.

Nov. 20, Saturday. Much company. Putting up specimens. Studied hard.

Nov. 22, Lord's Day. Preached. A remarkably full meeting. Sacrament. Many strangers. The people supposed this would be the last day before I set out for Congress, but not being able to get a supply on Thanksgiving day, I was obliged to postpone my journey.

Nov. 25. Thanksgiving day in Massachusetts; also in Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Preached to a very full meeting. Took my leave of the people. Exercises began at 10, out before 12 o'clock. Dined and set out for Boston with Temple. [The account of his journey to Washington is omitted.]

Dec. 6, Monday. Left Baltimore at three in the morning. Breakfasted at Woodward's. Arrived at the city of Washington, half-past one. Went to the Hall with Mr. Bishop. Congress had met, and not being a quorum, had just adjourned. We left our baggage and dined at Turncliff's, with a large number of members of Congress. General Shepard, Mr. Upham, and myself, finding it very difficult to get lodgings, went to the point to Speak’s, and sent for our baggage. Agreed to tarry with him for the present (until we could find other lodgings), at $6. per week.

Dec. 7, Tuesday. Tlouse met, and being a sufficient number, formed a Hlouse. The Senate did not make a quorum, and we adjourned.

Dec. 8, Wednesday. Hlouse met, and not being a quorum in the Senate, immediately adjourned. I went to Georgetown, called on Mr. Dalton, Jr. Dodge, Mr. Balch, and Mr. King.

Dec. 9, Thursılay. House convened, appointed several Committees. I was put on the Committee of Claims (to my sorrow, as this Committee has more to do than any one Committee of Congress). Not being able to get lodgings to our minds, we have pretty much concluded to remain here. The house is small. Mr. Upham and I can take a room, but it

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