Mephibosheth: Transformation by a Covenant Love

Tate Publishing, 2007 - 181 pagina's
Author Elias Yemane uses the biblical story of the astonishing relationship, propelled by a covenant love, between King David and Mephibosheth to unveil the personal transformation of the lame ex-prince from a downtrodden fugitive into an adopted prince. By describing the theological, psychological, and emotional elements underlying the historical context, the author narrates Mephibosheth's epic journey: from despair to hope, from poverty to prosperity, from neglect to love, from rejection to acceptance, from fear to assurance, and from death to life. Reflecting on Mephibosheth of Lo Debar as the embodiment of fallen humanity, and Mephibosheth of Jerusalem as the personification of restored humanity, the author also intertwines Mephibosheth's experience with detailed biblical expositions. "Mephibosheth: Transformation by a Covenant Love's" illuminating message is about mercy, grace, hope, second chance, and the never-changing mercy of the Lord. It rekindles the hopeless person in each one of us and transforms us into a person of hope and destiny. This book guides the reader to the abundant mercy of the Lord, who is never short of saving those who feel lost, alienated, forgotten, marginalized, and neglected.

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