borgians, which upon being shewn to vessel, and the vessel rocked incessantly, the audience was found to be the but it did not rock me to sleep. I did T. C. R., so secretly disposed that nearly not suffer much from sickness, but I felt sixty copies have been sold in Bright giddy all the time, and for two days after lingsea during the past few months. landing on the shores of Jersey, where I After this dramatic display, Mr. Col- 'received a hospitable welcome, that to clough proceeded to contrast the Bible some extent compensated for the roughand the T. C. R., confining his attention ness and undue length of the passage. to the Memorable Relations. His charges At Jersey I preached on the 9th and against the T. C. R. were that it taught 16th November, and gave three lectures (1) that angels and devils can visit each on “Shall we work in Heaven?” “The other; (2) that the English and the Nature and Duration of Hell," and "If Dutch dwell separately in heaven ; (3) God is just can He always follow the that Swedenborg's devil (T. C. R. 661) dictates of His love?" In addition I is as ugly and as bad as a devil with a took part in a social meeting of the tail; (4) that angels are clothed in Society, and delivered two addresses at various colours (T. C. R. 743); (5) Good Templar meetings. On the 17th, that there are prisons in heaven, and as I could not get home by land, I again that in heaven those who will not work embarked on board the mail-steamer are starved (T. C. R. 281); (6) there is homeward bound. The passage was penitence in heaven (281) ; (7) Sweden- longer and rougher than usual, but I borg allows men to have more than one felt no disagreeable effects from it. wife in heaven, &c. &c. &c. During I arrived at Bolton on the evening of his reading of these extracts he begged the 18th, and on the following Sunday the audience to excuse him if he should preached to a large congregation at read anything that was not fit to be Besses o'th' barn. On Tuesday I left Bolread, as he had not read the passages ton for Sheffield, en route for Brightaccurately through.

lingsea. On Sunday, November 30th, The following Sunday the church was I preached twice to the friends at again very full. On the Tuesday even. Sheffield. ing when I lectured on “Swedenborg On Tuesday, December 2nd, I arrived not an Impostor,” in reply to the Rev. at Brightlingsea to commence my duties J. G. Hopkins, the church was not near as minister of the Society, and of course large enough to accommodate all who the first public step I had to take was assembled. My task was an easy one, to deliver the promised reply to the giving Mr. Hopkins credit for the best Rev. J. Colclough. This I did on the intentions. I endeavoured to shew the evening of the 9th December to a large audience that not having studied Sweden- audience, the subject being the Memorborg Mr. Hopkins was not qualified to able Relations of Swedenborg. . Our own criticise him, pointing out several mat- friends were satisfied with the reply, but ters wherein Mr. Hopkins had totally as yet we have heard but little of the mistaken the views of Emanuel Sweden- opinion of outsiders. We had not many borg. I more particularly dwelt upon of Mr. Colclough’s congregation present; Swedenborg's veneration for the Word. a tea-meeting was held for their benefit Our friends here say that even Mr. Hop- that night. It is rumoured that Mr. C. kin's friends admit that he was com- is preparing a pamphlet which is thopletely refuted. The effect of the lec- roughly to expose and crush us.

The ture was good, and though an opportu. controversy has been useful; it has nity was given, no questions were asked. stimulated our own friends to renewed At the close 1 announced that having to diligence; it has caused many strangers leave for Jersey the next morning I should to our views to come to our services be obliged to postpone my reply to the and judge for themselves; it has caused a Rev. J. Colclough until ‘my return to good deal of enquiry for New Church Brightlingsea in December.


and it has been a good introducOn the 5th I left the shores of my tion of the new minister to Brightlingsea. native land for the first time—and for _Yours truly, JOSEPH DEANS. eighteen hours had the felicity of experiencing the pleasures of sea-travelling. BACUP.-A correspondent informs us I cannot say that I liked it. The wind that Mr. Boyle, the leader of this Society, blew fearfully, the waves came over the is at present engaged

in the delivery of a

course of Sunday evening lectures, which IPSWICH.—On the 26th November have hitherto been well attended, from 1873, the members and friends of the 50 to 130 strangers being present at each Ipswich New Church Society bad a tea lecture. During the past few weeks party, to welcome Mr. S. Jepson, it several have announced themselves having been previously arranged between receivers of the doctrines of the New the committee of the National Missionary Church.

Society and the friends at Ipswich that On the 2nd and 4th of December two Mr. J. should minister to the Society for lectures were delivered in the Co-operative three months. The neat little church Hall by Mr. Gunton. The attendances in High Street was tastefully decorated were very good, and the lectures were with banners, mottoes, etc. Behind the well received. At the close of the one pulpit was placed the word Welcome. on the second evening some questions About fifty-one sat down to tea, after were asked, and a considerable number of which a meeting was held, Mr. G. Fisk books sold. The Society has just opened in the chair, who made a very appropriate a subscription for the erection of a chapel, speech. The meeting was also addressed and, by the aid of the members of the by Messrs. Baldwin, Harrison, Hinds, Church elsewhere, hopes soon to be in Rev. S. Jepson, Messrs. Wright, Frost, possession of a place of worship. From and Jack. Several musical pieces were a local paper which has come into our sung by the choir, and some of the hands we learn that the Church has friends gave readings and recitations, been assailed through its columns. which greatly added to the delight of all Several letters have appeared on both present. Indeed, the writer of this sides in the controversy, and the dis- notice has been informed that it was one cussion has doubtless attracted increased of the pleasantest meetings the Ipswich attention to the Church, and led to the friends ever held.

J. increased attendances named by our correspondent.


Members' Society.--The seventeenth an. BARNSLEY.—Mr. Gunton has visited nual festival of this Society was held on this place, where he gave three lectures Wednesday, 19th November, and was and two Sunday services, all of which attended by a numerous and appreciawere eminently successful. These ser- tive audience. After tea, the subject vices were given in the Temperance Hall, for consideration-" The different eleand extended from the 12th to the 16th ments of use to which the energies of of November. The subjects discussed the Society may be applied”

-was introrelated to the descent of the New Jeru- duced by the President, the Rev. J. salem, the divinity and spirituality of Presland, and spoken to by the followthe Bible, the holiness of the Sabbath, ing gentlemen, under the various headand the uses of Prayer. The subjects ings of, The general advantages affordwere discussed with Mr. Gunton's usual ed by the Society," the Secretary, Mr. clearness of exposition, and were all well H. Rowe ; "The Religious Element," attended by an appreciative audience. Mr. E. C. Clarke ; “The Social EleSeveral questions were asked and an- ment,” Mr. A. H. Caistor ; “ The Poliswered in Mr. Gunton's usual lucid style. tical Element," Mr. C. Tarelli ; and At the close of the second lecture a “The Business Capacity,” by Mr. A. gentleman (a member of the Society of Faraday. The speeches of the younger Friends) expressed his great satisfaction, gentlemen proved that there is considerand stated that there were signs in the able ability, which only needs cultivareligious world indicating coming change tion to make it of considerable advanfrom the present to a more rational and tage to the Society. The committee scriptural theology; even amongst his were fortunate in obtaining the services own denomination the old dogmas were of well-known musical artistes, whose dying out. The Sunday services ex services were warmly appreciated. The ceeded the most sanguine expectations of meeting did not close till late, but with the friends at Barnsley. All expressed the exception of one or two all remained themselves highly delighted, and hoped until the end, which is a sufficient proof soon to see Mr. Gunton again. Upon of the excellence of the ménu, and the the whole, the prospects in Barnsley are enjoyment of the audience. The num; encouraging.

ber present was about 230. At a special

general meeting of this Society, on Fri- reading of pious books at home on the day, 21st November, the title was Lord's Day. Rev. Dr. Bayley dwelt altered from “ Junior Members' Society chiefly on the institution of the ministry, and Literary Institute" to “Mutual and especially that of the New Church, Improvement and Junior Members' So. remarking that if the duties were per. ciety,” by which title it will now be formed in a right spirit, the delights known.

arising therefrom more than compen

sated for the trials and unpleasantness LONDON-BUTTESLAND STREET, Hox- which had to be encountereit. He urged TOS.-Since the departure to Kersley the members to support Mr. Dick by of Mr. Ramage, the Society has been in their presence and sympathy, and to a somewhat depressed condition. Con- strengthen his hands in every possible vinced of the necessity of having a per- way. Dr. Bayley concluded by sug. manent minister, it recently invited Mr. gesting some aims for the Society to S. B. Dicks of the South London So- strive for, the foremost being an increase ciety to undertake that office, and that in the existing list of members. Mr. S. gentleman, after due consideration, de B. Dicks, in a forcible style, responded cided to accept the invitation. On the to the many kind and evidently heart18th November, a meeting was held at felt wishes which had been expressed. Buttesland Street to welcome Mr. Dicks, He dilated upon the wide and densely. at which many members of his late So- populated field of action occupied by ciety, as well as New Church friends this young Society, and bespoke for it from other parts of London, attended. and its inexperienced minister the kindly After tea, the chair was taken at seven feeling of the whole Church. He was liso'clock by Mr. R. Jobson. Rev. Dr. tened to with great pleasure, and it was Bayley opened the proceedings with felt by all present that he gave every proprayer, after which the chairman ex. mise of becoming eventually a very plained the cause of the gathering, as in powerful exponent of New Church truth. some sort a marriage, pleasantly claim. Messrs. E. H. Bayley, Noel, Waddinging for himself the role of one who had ton, and Dr. Bateman subsequently adarranged the necessary settlements, and dressed the meeting, and a very delightFishing the newly united pair every ful sphere pervaded the gathering from happiness and prosperity. Mr. Austin, first to last. The building is certainly as minister of the Society in which Mr. not all that could be desired in the way Dicks had been introduced to the doc. of comfort and convenience, and it is to trines of the New Church, and which he be hoped that while the foundations of was now leaving, was able to speak in the New Jerusalem are being lail in most favourable terms both of the the hearts of the members, means will earnestness and ability of Mr. Dicks, ere long be found for erecting a more and of the aptitude for teaching which commodious edifice for the Society's he had displayed in connection with the worship. Sunday School. Mr. Austin's good advice and encouragement, as coming from LONDON, EAST.-In the number of the one who, like its immediate recipient, is Intellectual Repository for March last, a layman devoting his leisure hours to we inserted a notice from Mr. W. H. Iles, ministerial work, was peculiarly forcible advocating the formation of a New and cheering, and he concluded by Church Society for the East of London. urging any present who possessed the A correspondent now writes us that a requisite capacity for the work to go "small Society has been formed, and a and do likewise." Rev. R. L. Tafel room has been secured for the worship of said that he had noticed how almost the Lord Jesus Christ. The first meetinvariably a man who had been an active ing for worship was held on the evening Sunday-school teacher became a good of Sunday, November 30th, when there minister, and from this fact he argued were sixteen persons present. This was favourably for Mr. Dick's future suc- encouraging, as six was the most we had cess. He urged the members of the So- hoped for. The only means by which ciety to support the Sunday services, we have made ourselves known at prequoting Swedenborg in proof that doc- sent, is communications among friends, trinal teaching from the Word pro- but the Missionary and Tract Society duces higher intellectual states than the have agreed to defray the expenses of four lectures in the Beaumont Institution next was held in the schoolroom, for the purJanuary, and then we shall advertise it pose of presenting a testimonial to Mr. in every possible manner. We are very James Burton, who has recently been sanguine that the least flourishing of the obliged to relinquish his post of superNew Church Societies will not be the intendent of the Sunday school, with one in East London. We had great which he has been connected for updifficulty in obtaining a suitable room; wards of thirty years. The testimonial the one we have is not at all comfortable took the shape of a handsome time. or suitable, but such as it is we should piece, bearing the following inscription:be glad to see any of our New Church “Presented to Mr. James Burton by the friends residing in the East of London teachers, scholars, and friends of the to worship with us. The meeting for New Jerusalem Church Sunday School, worship is at No. 53 Stepney Green, Stand Lane, Pilkington, as an affectionMile End, every Sunday evening at half- ate token of their esteem for his earnest past six o'еlock; there is also a meeting zeal, unwearied patience, and long.con. every Wednesday evening, at eight tinued labours as successively teacher o'clock, at the same place for business and conductor of the Sunday School in and conversation.

the above school for upwards of thirty

years. November 22, 1873.” The time. LONDON SWEDENBORG READING So- piece was supplemented by a pair of CIETY, 36 BLOOMSBURY STREET.-The handsome flower vases. At 5 o'clock second meeting of the present session was about 150 persons sat down to tea in held on Thursday, the 20th November, the schoolroom, and after tea the party the Rev. John Presland in the chair. was increased by the addition of about The paper for the evening was in con- 100 more friends. The Rev. James tinuation of the subject of the previous Boys, the minister of the church, then meeting, “The sin against the Holy took the chair, and explained the object Ghost,” and was contributed by the Rev. of the meeting, bearing strong testimony W. Bruce, but as he was unable to at. to the value of the services which Mr. tend it was read for him by Mr. J. Speirs. Burton had rendered, not to that Society It was a most admirable paper, and and school only, but to all good works placed this difficult subject in a very which had been carried on in his neighclear light. Every point necessary for bourhood, giving to every worthy effort, its comprehension was opened in Mr. no matter by whom set on foot, his sym. Bruce's usual simple and perspicuous pathy and substantial support. Mr. style. It was unanimously voted that Burton, he said, had more particularly Mr. Bruce should be requested to have been one of the few men who gave themthe paper inserted in the Intellectual Re- selves publicly to works of usefulness, pository, and in the hope that he will coming to the front rank and prominently accede to this request, no attempt is carrying the banner of whatever good made here to give an idea of his mode of cause they are advocating. Mr. Burtreatment. An animated and interest- ton's labours in the cause of temperance ing discussion followed the paper, elicit- were also commended. Mr. Boys then ing and developing much valuable disclosed the time-piece, amidst the apinformation. The next paper for Decem- plause of the audience, and read the ber 18th, is on the “Science of Corres- inscription thereon, and explained that pondences in relation to Manufactures it had been purchased by a large nunand the Fine Arts," by Mr. Teed. The ber of subscribers, the subscriptions not circumstance that the meetings of the having been allowed to exceed half-aSociety take place on the third Thursday crown each. Mr. James Burton, who in each month prevents any notice being was much affected, and who was most in time for the succeeding number of heartily received by the audience, the Intellectual Repository. -J. B. thanked in warm terms the donors of KEENE, Secretary, 38 Hartham Road, the testimonial for the feelings of kindHillmaston Road, Camden Road, N. ness and respect towards him which had

prompted it. He acknowledged with RADCLIFFE,NEW JERUSALEM CHURCH gratitude the kindness he had invariably Schools.-On Saturday evening, 22nd received from the teachers of the school; November, a meeting of the teachers, and, in reference to his own career in scholars, and friends of the above schools life, acknowledged also the incalculable


benefits he had derived from his connec- lections. The committee, who had tion with it. He concluded by com- during their term of office held twentymending to them his successor in the five meetings, had now £2,052 in hand, office of superintendent, Mr. Francis leaving a balance of over £300 due to Hill, in whose hands he felt sure the the treasurer for payment to the builders school would continue to prosper. Short and sub-contractors. Mr. J. Johnson speeches were then delivered by a num- said the New Church in Wigan had been ber of friends, nearly all of whom had very like the city of Roine—it was not been teachers in the school under Mr. built in a day, and he would, therefore, Burton's leadership, and who bore testi- give them a few facts about the progress mony to the varied uses performed there. of the Society. In 1795 a few earnest in by him, and expressed the great men first met in a house in this town. regret that was felt that through increas- In 1808 their friends met to the number ing years and failing health he was ob- of half-a-dozen in a room in Chapel liged to give up his office. The remainder Lane, whence they afterwards removed to of the evening was spent in conversation, a room or house in Mesnes Lane. There alternated with musical performances by were a dozen other places where they the choir, and public readings.

had assembled during the present cen:

tury. When the old school was erected WIGAN.-We give the following ac. it was considered a miracle, and little count of the public services connected did they think that the time would come with the opening of the school-rooms when they would part with that builderected at this town, from the_Wigan ing, which it was at one time feared Examiner of December 5th. “The new would never be built, and which some schools connected with the New Jeru- thought would never be paid for, to go salem Church, Warrington Lane, Wigan, into a place of such beauty as that which were opened on Sunday last, sermons they had, under Divine Providence, being preached, morning and evening, raised for the inhabitants of Wigan in to large congregations, by the Rev. this year 1873. They had provided in Dr. Bayley of London. In the after- the very centre and heart of the building noon a children's service was held, at a church which they hoped to worship which addresses were delivered to the and praise God, and they hoped that the young people by the Revs. Howell room intended for that purpose might Davies and R. Lambert. On Monday develope itself like a beautiful child into evening the Rev. Dr. Bayley delivered a goodly and elegant church, either to a lecture on “The uses of knowledge in the right or across the way to supplant this world and in the next." There was the buildings there situate. In addition a very good attendance, and the lecturer's to the Church they had the day-school. remarks were much appreciated. On They had 500 children on the books of Tuesday evening a tea party was held that school, and they had accommodation in the new schools, at which 160 persons for 600, a number which they hoped evenpartook of tea, and a well-attended tually to reach. The opening services were public meeting was afterwards held. continued over the following Sunday, the Mr. Francis Smith presided, and there officiating ministers being the resident were on the platform the Rev. Dr. ministers of other Christian communities. Bayley, Messrs. Peter Ramage, G. Meek, All the services were well attended and J. Johnson, and Edwin Rudd. The very successful, the collections reaching proceedings having been opened with the sum of £106. singing and prayer, Mr. E. Rudd read the financial report. He said that on WIDOW OF THE LATE PROFESSOR the 5th of February of the present year Busii.-Mr. Editor,-- Permit the first meeting of the committee was follow up the appeal you kindly inserted held for the purpose of devising means in your last number, in behalf of the to carry out the scheme of erecting new widow of the late Professor Bush, hy schools, and they then called in the reminding friends intending to con. assistance of Mr. R. T. Johnson, architect. tribute that-as in cases like the present, The cost of the schools was £2,353 ; "he gives twice who gives quickly” subscriptions to the amount of £473, we shall be additionally favoured if they 19s. were added on Saturday last, and will forward their subscriptions at since then £80 had been raised by col- their earliest convenience. The amount



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