Miscellaneous. LONDON Mission.- London is again, clusion of the service their regret that while we write, the scene of religious anything should have occurred to introservices of an exciting and intensely duce a spirit of discord on a day when emotional kind. The effort takes place every word had been spoken with an under the sanction of the Bishops of evident desire to avoid points of differ. London, Winchester, and Rochester, ence, and to unite all hearts and minds whose dioceses embrace portions of the in support of the one great end in view.” metropolis. The preliminary arrange. To preserve, therefore, even the appear. ments were completed, and the work ance of unity it is necessary for the initiated by a solemn service, or rather preachers of the several schools, which series of services, at St. Paul's Cathe. are so oddly combined in the work, to dral. At this service addresses were exercise great restraint, and to hold back delivered by a number of the clergy who much they would wish to say. It is have been selected to take part in the manifest, however, that the clergy who * Mission."

In the divided condition approach towards Rome are in the ascenof religious thought which prevails dant, and exercise the greatest liberty among the clergy, it must be a difficult and boldness. The open recommendation matter to induce the several schools to and earnest use of the confessional has act in harmony. At this preliminary led to a memorial to the bishops on the meeting the preachers were selected subject, but they are powerless in the from the different schools--an arrange- matter.

The “Mission” is in progress, ment which in one part of the proceed- and they can only leave it to the disings led to an unpleasant scene. Mr. cretion and prudence of the clergy. But Haslam, who spoke on the subject of apart from these doctrinal diversities Faith, after a brief exposition, is re- grave doubts are expressed by leading ported in the Guardian to have “ pro. churchmen who take part in these sereeded, with questionable taste, to touch vices of the danger from excess of merely on controversial points which had been emotional excitement. Canon How, in carefully avoided in all the previous the first discourse delivered at this addresses. After insisting that the meeting, discoursing on the words, sinner needs no Mediator between Christ “the spirit of power, and of love, and and himself, Mr. Haslam reminded his of a sound mind,” is reported to have hearers of the testimony borne by the said, “Is there no danger, my brethren, doctors of the Reformation to the doc. lest at such a time there be encouraged trine of justification by faith ; and an amount of excitement which is mani. lastly, he said, there was more festly excessive and unwholesome, which testimony which he must bear, and deranges the balance of sound reason, which the martyrs bore when they laid and entails a perilous reaction ?" He down their lives to show their belief cites the words of Keble, “Next to a that Christ is not present on our altars. sound rule of faith there is nothing of This, said Mr. Haslam, is the one dis- so much consequence as a sober standard tinguishing mark which separates our of feeling in matters of practical reliChurch from the Church of Rome—that gion ;” and he goes on to say, "My it denies that Christ is on our altars, experience of ‘mission' work is far less and declares that He is only present in than that of some, but such as it is, it our hearts. At this point a considerable has brought to me the conviction that number of the clergy, who had been a tone of intense yet calm solemnity is listening with patience and attention, more helpful and fruitful of good than rose and left their seats, to which they the tone of somewhat unguarded and did not return until the speaker had unchastened excitement which has not concluded by declaring that he felt been unknown in mission work.” The bound in common faithfulness to testify Canon goes on to express his fear of thus much.' This episode in the day's the “keen and watchful critics” who services caused no slight sensation, and may regard a “ zeal which outstrips even those who did not openly show their discretion” “self-willed, fanciful, disapprobation of Mr. Haslam's remarks and un-English, and so our good be were not slow to express at the con- evil spoken of, and the cause of Christ


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suffer loss.” Services of this soberer earthly authority, and determine the kind, “ on some of the more permanent character of all earthly government. and practical aspects of religion, are And they admit no question to be raised announced for Westminster Abbey ; and, respecting their power. The authority among other objections, a protest ap- of the Pontiff is supreme, his will ab. pears, says the Guardian, “in a quarter solute. Before his fiat reason and where we should have expected there judgment fall prostrate. He is in could have been no doubt of its need." fallible; his decisions are the absolute The Rev. Harry Jones, Rector of St. truth ; and the only duty of all baptized George's-in-the-East, has sent a long persons is unquestioning, obedience. letter to the newspapers, addressed to Nothing short of this will satisfy his the worshippers in his church. In the imperious demands, and against those course of his letter Mr. Jones says, who refuse this obedience he launches “But there is a 'hot-house' air about the thunderbolts of his anathemas. the projected modes of this ‘mission, And this insane assumption is said to which, as I believe, is likely to force be in the cause of liberty. It is the the emotions of those who breathe it liberty to bow the knee to the idol of into a state unfavourable to the whole- priestly assumption, intolerance, and some apprehension of truth. The con- crime. It is a liberty which in its tagious strain of reiterated addresses, exercise first extinguishes the reason night after night, in the same church, and conscience, and then subjects its the stress of fervid hymns, accompanied victims to the slavery of unresisting by the persuasion that they form part submission to her usurped dominion. of an impassioned chorus, praying for How strangely do these insane presupernatural influences, seems to me tensions contrast with the teaching of ill.calculated to kindle or to promote our Blessed Lord—“Ye know that the the growth of healthy godliness." princes of the Gentiles exercise do

minion over them, and they that are CÆSARISM AND ULTRAMONTANISM. great exercise authority upon them. The Roman Catholic Archbishop of But it shall not be so among you ; but Westminster has read a paper bearing whosoever will be great among you, let this title before the members of an him be your minister; and whosoever Association, of which he is president, will be chief among you, let him be called “ Academia of the Catholic Re. your servant" (Matt. xx. 25-27). ligion." This paper occupied four columns of the Times, and it has been AGRICULTURAL LABOURERS UNION.extensively published in other papers. One of the signs of the times is the A single sentence will give an idea of agitation in the rural districts on the its character and pretensions. “In subject of the wages and social position order that spiritual things may be dis- of the agricultural labourers. "Unions tinct from earthly things, the authority have been formed, fresh fields of labour of His (Christ's) kingdom is committed sought in other countries, and various not to earthly kings, but to priests, and means adopted to promote this object. especially to the chief of priests—the Connected with this movement the successor of Peter, the vicar of Christ, clergy have been exposed to severe rethe Roman Pontiff, to whom all kings flections. Socially connected with the of Christendom ought to be subject, as upper and middle classes, they have to our Lord Jesus Christ Himself." failed to see the strength of the move.

It is surprising that a man of Dr. ment and rightly to read the signs of Manning's sagacity does not see that the times. Some unwise sayings have the office which he claims for the Church added to the difficulties of their position. is this very Cæsarism which he con. The subject has been brought before the demns. It is the claim to exercise “Church Congress” and also the authority, and in its worst form, over “Lincoln Diocesan Conference.” It the souls and bodies of men. Before was introduced at this latter meeting by this authority every other exercise of the Earl of Carnarvon, who spoke with power is dwarfed into insignificance. the caution of a Conservative statesman; Kings and emperors, the governors and while the speakers who followed, with the governed, are to be ruled by the one exception, looked on the subject priesthood. Under the title of the from a purely political point of view. Church, they set the bounds of all General Marriott expressed the con

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viction that “all means for bettering discouraging thought hinder individual the condition of the poorer labouring effort. I believe myself that by this class resolve themselves into means of time to-morrow scarcely a word which I education and co-operation. In the have said will remain consciously in the term “education,' I include everything memory of any here." which will enable men not only to acquire wealth and leisure, but to use GRATUITOUS CIRCULATION OF them so as to embellish and dignify “TRUE CHRISTIAN RELIGION" AND THE their life. By co-operation I mean a “ HEAVEN AND HELL," The Messenger principle of conduct and administration has for some time announced that these founded on the conviction that any works are offered gratuitously through action which proceeds on the assumption the publishing house of Messrs. J. B. Lipof the interests of labour and capital, of pincott & Co. to the Protestant clergy of employed and employers, being an America, on their application and pay. tagonistic, is alike false in economic as ment of postage. Numerous applicain Christian principle. The present tions for these works have been made, physical condition of a large part of the and interesting letters received from the labouring class in England is such as recipients. "The following,” says Mr. offers great hindrance to their moral Keyes in a recent letter to the Messenand spiritual improvement; and the ger, from a coloured minister, will be purpose of the unions is so to raise the read with special interest : material condition of the labourer as to “Mr. J. B. Lippincott-Dear Sir and make life as possibly enjoyable and Friend,- It is with much pleasure that lovely to him as to the rest of us, Re. I write this day to let you know that I pressive measures proceed, on the whole, have received the “True Christian Re. from a preference that the labourer re- ligion,' by Swedenborg, and I have read main unbettered, rather than that we a good part of it, and was glad, very glad be troubled by the ferment and other indeed, that God had blessed me, though temporary inconveniences which attend a poor slave all the days of my life in the aspirations and efforts of the labour- Georgia, and have lived to be even thirtying class.

We owe, moreover, patience six years of age, and never had the with, and toleration of, the errors into chance of spending a day or a night in which these unions are led. The errors school all my life. But I hope to see are many and grave ; speculative errors the time that I can go to some school. about an unpracticable communism; But dear sir, I can read some parts of notions about rights disconnected from the “True Christian Religion,' and will duties, and practical errors of oppression continue trying, with the hope that the and intolerance of their own class- true God will increase my knowledge, errors which are begotten by ignorance and help me to read this noble book, and and selfishness, but are we guilty of live the great truths that are written in none such toward them? False notions it. So please, dear brother, pray with on matters of such passionate interest me that God will still continue His blesscan be effectively combated only by ing with me, that I may read and unpositive guidance in the right path, derstand the Gospel, and preach it in its which is certainly not to be found in purity. I have been preaching for nearly mere contentment with the existing eight years, and I expect from what I state of things.”

have learned from this great work, that The principles thus enunciated are I, by the help of God, will be able to such as should guide the action and explain the Gospel plainer than I did direct the teaching of the Church, and before. My chances are and have been such as, in the judgment of the speaker, few, but it is all for the best, and God would "modify the selfish, unloving knows what is best for His people. So spirit which these questions of the dis- I am glad things are just as they are, tribution of wealth beget, and impart to Dear friend, I am more than a thousand the Church an energy of Christian life times obliged to you for this present. and a fruitful vitality of which the May God bless the work wherever it spiritual consequences are incalculable. goes, and may it be the means of saving But," continues the General, “it will not many souls for Christ and God's sake, be ; it cannot be ; the sense of Chris. Amen. I am your afflicted and obedient tian brotherhood is still so weak, and servant, a Baptist minister, ELDER ALLEY selfishness so strong.

Only let not this NICKERSON.


DEDICATION OF A NEW CHURCH pronounced Calvinistic communities in TEMPLE IN PITTSBURG, WESTERN PENN. America ; and the headway that the SYLVANIA.—“Without any ado about New Church has made there, is a most it," writes a correspondent of the Mes- decided indication that the labours of senger, “in a most quiet way, our Pitts. New Churchmen and the preaching of burg brethren have gone along in their Pastor Benade were efforts earnest and work, until now their handsome and well directed." commodious temple is completed and dedicated. And even this accomplished SCANDINAVIAN MISSION.- The followfact had transpired so unobtrusively ing earnest letter from Mrs. Brynjulfson that it was in a fair way to escape the of Copenhagen, which appeared in the notice of our New Church journalists." New Jerusołem Messenger of the 12th The dedication, which took place on November last, was in type in our last the 19th day of October last, is not number, but was pressed out by the reported in the Messenger until January communication from Mr. Boyesen :28th. From this report we give the “Two years ago, we here in Copenfollowing extract :-" The temple is hagen were favoured by the Lord with a Gothic structure of wood, and is having an external worship established substantial and massive. Over the among us, and Mr. A. Boyesen, the vestibule is a gallery for the organ and translator of Swedenborg's works into the choir. The audience-room is ex. Norwegian (Danish), was induced to ceedingly pleasant in appearance, and quit his residence in Norway, in order will seat about two hundred people. At to direct the little community here. the eastern end of the temple is an It was the Scandinavian New Church open tabernacle, so arranged that it Society, who, happy in the possession of forms the usual chancel recess, with the the heavenly doctrines, wished generously minister's room on one side of it, and a to share with their brethren in the sinall library-room on the other side. remote North those riches with which In the centre of the chancel recess and God had so mercifully blessed them. against the wall on the east, is the Re. We in Denmark, of course, pository of the Word, which is a massive delighted in our good fortune, and did structure of sold mahogany, in the form our best, poor as we are (most of the of an ark, and this rests on another community are mechanics), to provide structure larger than the ark, also made for the necessary expenses as to place of of mahogany, square and massive, in worship, seats, organ, printing of tracts, the form of an altar, and which is made and the like. Lastly, we had even a to contain the sacred vessels and the little bazaar, for which we had worked archives of the Church. Near the centre very diligently, and that also brought of the platform, which is elevated about in a sum large enough to pay our debts one foot above the floor of the audience. for the printing of a little book of room, stands the Communion table; and Psalms. We dreamt of going on ; but, there is a reading-desk on one side near alas, we now learn, to our deep sorrow the front of the platform, and on the and bitter disappointment, that proother side is the pulpit. The dedication bably it will be necessary for our dear service was conducted according to the and beloved minister to go and seek his forms of the liturgy in use in the Church, bread elsewhere, the contributions from the Rev. W. H. Benade, pastor of the America having almost entirely ceased, Society, leading the service, and making so that his present position is not only the dedicatory declaration and prayer. endangered, but totally impossible to The Rev. J. R. Hibbard preached the maintain. This year the mission has sermon on the occasion, which was a principally been supported by Messrs. masterly analysis of the nature of the Scammon and Niles, of which the first, Lord's Second Advent, and of the Church for his own part, has liberally sent £50. as it exists in the New Dispensation. Though this is really a great sum for one The Pittsburg Society of the New Church man to give, everybody can see that it is the only one in Western Pennsylvania, will not keep up the mission ; it is not and, as I learned, it has struggled for the fourth part of what a man with a many years against fearful odds in pro- family must have, even to lead the most pagation of the new doctrines. economical life, especially in this period Pittsburg is one of the most decidedly of dearth ; and the mission now lives by


making debts, in hope of better times fore I was called from here. In states of enabling us to pay them off again. I deep contrition, I have prayed to the therefore beseech my American New Lord that He would condescend to inChurch brethren to help us to keep up struct me of the best means by which I the good work begun. What to them, might be able to serve the Church and if they unite, is comparatively little, my land ; and I have been strongly conwill be of unaccountable value to us. vinced, that the impulse to a better We see truth in the way of being over. order of things with us must go out come and cast out, ourselves desolate, from our University, or rather from its and we can but pray to the Lord that young students, in whom a new spirit of He will touch the hearts of His New independent inquiry is awakened, that Church people, that they may not give bears great promises for the future.” up their friends in need. Think of a In connection with this pressing subcommunity, be it ever so small, that ject, Dr. Bayley has issued the following feels the earth gliding away under their circular : feet; they have given up the Old 25 Elgin Road, Kensington Park Church, and the New Church gives them

Road, London, W. up! No, it cannot, must not be!" “My Beloved Friend, -You will pro

The difficulty of the work in which bably have seen from the Intellectual our brother is engaged, and the devotion of the present month the pressing with which he applies himself to it, may necessities of our dear brother the Rev. be concluded from the following extracts A. Boyesen, the very earnest and infrom a letter written by him a short defatigable New Church Missionary in time since. “As to the known number Copenhagen. Will you kindly favour of receivers of the heavenly doctrines, me with a subscription for his help, but few are added to our little flock, but which will be dispensed under the direcI have rcasons to believe, that there are tion of the Foreign Missions Committee a good deal more than we know of, appointed by the Conference. There is especially amongst the more enlightened almost equal need for assistance to classes, as I sometimes quite unexpect- Signor Scoccia, in his labours in Italy. edly meet with some; but in this class Please to assist this also : your prompt there is a strong aversion to all kind of help will be greatly esteemed. This religious meetings and ritualism. As charitable aid for the Church abroad to the public spirit, the general influence would be another golden link for the of the New Church is perceived in a whole Church.

J. BAYLEY." more independent search for truth, and Accompanying this circular is a sub. especially in the growing generation in scription list amounting to £38; and a a greater consideration for the welfare of note stating that, " The remains of the the neighbour and in a greater tolerance.” sum contributed for the Lancashire In this letter Mr. Boyesen says, that in distress £11, 8s. 100., held by the Treaorder to reach the hearts of the people surer, Mr. Watson, and also £4 held by and thence obtain a favourable oppor. Dr. Tafel from the Chicago contribution tunity of gaining their ears, he has --have been sent to Copenhagen, and practised homeopathy among them. the acknowledgment has just arrived.” Respecting these efforts he says : "When by the sickbed I speak of the NATIONAL MISSIONARY INSTITUbeauties in heaven, of the laws ruling TioN-Doncaster.-A course of three there, and of that life which makes lectures has been given, and four Sunus fit for heavenly blessedness, the day services held, in the large room of whole family gathers around me and the Guildhall, Doncaster. This course with eagerness listens to my words. To was well advertised, and a good deal of the practical bearing of the New Church interest aroused — Mr. Marshall

, our they have no objection at all ; so long resident friend, having been indefatig. as I confine myself to that, I have their able in the circulation of the bills and full confidence and heartfelt gratitude. tracts. The average atttendance at the But where the corner-stones, the doc- Sunday services was about 100 ; the triues, are wanting, the house cannot attendance on the second Sunday being stand long. This conviction has niade me larger than on the first. Mr. Cameron, dissatisfied and deeply sorry. I had hoped the Yorkshire Colporteur, was present at to be able to lay down a foundation be. two of the week evening lectures, and

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