The New Hand-Book of Elocution

Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 1 mei 2012 - 340 pagina's
Purchase of this book includes free trial access to where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: Than he, who swollen with big, impetuous rage, Bullies the bulky phantom off the stage. BCe, who in earnest studies o'er his part, Will find true nature cling about his heart. The modes of grief are not included all In the white handkerchief and mournful drawl; A single look more marks th' internal woe, Than all the windings of the lengthened oh! Up to the face the quick sensation flies, And darts its meaning from the speaking eyes: Love, transport, madness, anger, scorn, despair, And all the passions, all the soul is there. ?Lloyd. THE PRAIRIE ON FIRE. The sleep of the fugitives lasted for several hours. The trapper was the first to shake off its influence, as he had been the last to court its refreshment. Rising, just as the gray light of day began to brighten that portion of the studded vault which rested on the eastern margin of the plain, he sum - moned his companions from their warm lairs, and ppinted out the necessity of their being once more on the alert. See, Middleton! exclaimed Inez, in a sudden burst of youthful pleasure, that caused her for a nloment to forget her situation, how lovely is that sky! surely it contains a promise of happier times! It is glorious! returned her husband. Glorious and heavenly is that streak of vivid red; and here is a still brighter crimson. Rarely have I seen a richer rising of the sun. Rising of the sun! slowly repeated the old man, lifting his tall person from its seat with a deliberate and abstracted air, while he kept his eye riveted on the changing and certainly beautiful tints that were garnishing the vault of heaven. Rising of the sun!?I like not such risings of the sun.?Ah's me! the Indians have circumvented us. The Prairie is On Fire! Oh, dreadful! cried Middleton, catching Inez to his...

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