Activities of the Department of Agriculture: Hearings Before the Committee on Agriculture, House of Representatives, Eighty-second Congress, First Session

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1951
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Page 62 - Corporation to: ( 1 ) support the prices of agricultural commodities through loans, purchases, payments, and other operations; (2) make available materials and facilities required in connection with the production and marketing of agricultural commodities; (3) procure agricultural commodities for sale to other government agencies, foreign governments, and domestic, foreign, or international relief or rehabilitation agencies, and to meet domestic requirements...
Page 62 - Commodity Credit Corporation Charter Act, 15 USC 714, as an agency and instrumentality of the United States within the Department of Agriculture for the purpose of stabilizing, supporting and protecting farm income and prices, assisting in the maintenance of balanced and adequate supplies of agricultural commodities and facilitating the orderly distribution thereof.
Page 55 - ... commodities, the Corporation should give consideration to the establishing of such policies with respect to prices, terms, and conditions as it determines will not discourage or deter manufacturers, processors, and dealers from acquiring and carrying normal inventories of the commodity of the current crop. The Corporation shall not sell any basic agricultural commodity or storable nonbasic commodity at less than 5 per centum above the current support price for such commodity, plus reasonable...
Page 62 - Remove and dispose of or aid in the removal or disposition of surplus agricultural commodities. (e) Increase the domestic consumption of agricultural commodities by expanding or aiding in the expansion of domestic markets or by developing or aiding in the development of new and additional markets, marketing facilities, and uses for such commodities.
Page 127 - No loan shall be made in any State which now has or may hereafter have a State regulatory body having authority to regulate telephone service and to require certificates of convenience and necessity to the applicant unless such certificate from such agency is first obtained. In a State in which there is no such agency or regulatory body legally authorized to issue such certificates to the applicant, no loan shall be made under this section unless the Governor of the telephone bank shall determine...
Page 63 - And provided further, That to encourage the storage of grain on farms, where it can be stored at the lowest cost, the Corporation shall make loans to grain growers needing storage facilities when such growers shall apply to the Corporation for financing the construction or purchase of suitable storage, and these loans shall be deducted from the proceeds of price support loans or purchase agreements made between the Corporation and the growers.
Page 57 - Corporation will be subject to terms and conditions prescribed by the Corporation. These terms include, among others, payment by cash or irrevocable letter of credit before delivery of the commodity, removal of the commodity from Commodity Credit Corporation storage within a reasonable period of time, and, in sales for export, proof of exportation.
Page 18 - Among the countries covered, the purchasing power of hourly earnings was lowest in the USSR, where workers had to work four to seven times as long as United States workers to buy a given quantity of food.

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