Nuclear Waste Management and the Use of the Sea: A Special Report to the President and the Congress

National Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmosphere, 1984 - 113 pages

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Page 51 - For the purposes of this section — (1) continuity of session is broken only by an adjournment of Congress sine die; and (2) the days on which either House is not in session because of an adjournment of more than three days to a day certain are excluded in the computation of any period of time in which Congress is in continuous session.
Page 51 - Administrator shall submit a copy of the assessment prepared under paragraph (1) with respect to any permit to the Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Environment and Public Works of the Senate.
Page 44 - ... dumping" does not include: (i) the disposal of wastes or other matter incidental to, or derived from the normal operations of vessels, aircraft, platforms or other man-made structures at sea...
Page 24 - Dredged material" means any material excavated or dredged from the navigable waters of the United States. (j) "High-level radioactive waste" means the aqueous waste resulting from the operation of the first cycle solvent extraction system, or equivalent, and the concentrated waste from subsequent extraction cycles, or equivalent, in a facility for reprocessing irradiated reactor fuels, or irradiated fuel from nuclear power reactors.
Page 41 - Administrator determines that such dumping will not unreasonably degrade or endanger human health, welfare, or amenities, or the marine environment, ecological systems, or economic potentialities.
Page 75 - byproduct material' means (1) any radioactive material (except special nuclear material) yielded in or made radioactive by exposure to the radiation incident to the process of producing or utilizing special nuclear material, and (2) the tailings or wastes produced by the extraction or concentration of uranium or thorium from any ore processed primarily for its source material content.
Page 46 - Meeting arrived at a consensus on the following: . 1 the Consultative Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the London Dumping Convention is the appropriate international forum to address the question of the disposal of highlevel radioactive wastes and matter into the sea-bed, including the question of the compatibility of this type of disposal with the provisions of the London Dumping Convention...
Page 75 - Decay Product: A nuclide resulting from the radioactive disintegration of a radionuclide, formed either directly or as the result of successive transformations in a radioactive series. A decay product may be either radioactive or stable.
Page 43 - State and public participation in the planning and development of repositories is essential in order to promote public confidence in the safety of disposal of such waste and spent fuel...
Page 24 - Secretary" means the Secretary of the Army. (i) "Dredged material" means any material excavated or dredged from the navigable waters of the United States. (j) "High-level radioactive waste...

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