46. These must have appertained to fome hes then worship, which had escaped the search of Afa.

48. By ships of Tarshish may be meant such fhips as were fitted up for long voyages, like that to Tarteffus in Spain. But Mr. Bruce with great probability, places this Tarshish, as well as Ophir, in Africa.

49. And Fehosaphat consented. Conj, Ho.

There is probably some error in the text of this place. For it appears from 2 Ch. xx, 35, that Jeho. saphat did join with Ahaziah in building a fleet atEzi. ongeber. But he might have done this before this destruction of the fhips. For according to the ac. count in the book of Chronicles, he was previouly threatened with this for joining with the king of Israel ; so that afterwards he might decline any farther connection with him, and carry on the commerce on his own account.

51. It was only a part of two years. Many other chronological difficulties are solved by suppofing that any part of a year, at the beginning or end of it, in the account of the reigns of kings, is called a whole year, when mention is made of the length of their reigna.

The end of the first volume.

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