Systems in Timber Engineering: Loadbearing Structures and Component Layers

Walter de Gruyter, 23 apr. 2008 - 320 pagina's

Timber construction has become completely modernized. It has gained considerably in market share with respect to competing building materials and is dominated by systems such as frame and solid timber construction.

Every timber construction is determined by its structure. Hence it is essential to know the connections and relationships from the design stage right through to the construction phase. Systems in Timber Engineering takes a whole new approach to this subject. It is a comprehensive, analytical, and visually organized treatment, from the simple single-family house to the large-scale multistore structure. It includes the building envelope, which is so important for saving energy, and systems for ceilings and interior dividing walls, which are so essential from the vantage point of construction.

This work uses plans, schematic drawings, and pictures to show the current and forward-looking state of the technology as applied in Switzerland, a leading country in the field of timber construction.


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a Principles Materialrelated
b Construction systems Loadbearing structure building structure design
c Building envelope walls suspended floors Functions layers construction
dBoundary conditions Moisture content protecting timber fire protection
e Appendix Disclaimer notes references

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Over de auteur (2008)

Josef Kolb was Director of Technology for Lignum in Zurich and has been active in many areas for a number of years as an outstanding expert with his own engineering firm specializing in timber construction.

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