going dool-like in sackcloth, are up fat world, Oh poor and hungry is their in heaven before our Lord; and paradise ! Therefore let me intreat there is no question, but our King your Lordship, by your compearance and Lord shall be master of the before Christ, now while this piece fields at length; and we would all of the afternoon of your day is bebe glad to divide the spoil with fore you (for ye know not when your Christ, and to ride in triumph with sun will turn, and eternity shall be. him: but oh, how few will take a night you) let your worldly glory, cold bed of straw in the camp with honour, and might, be for our Lord him! How fain would men have a Jesus; and to his rich grace and well-thatched house above their tender mercy, and to the neverheads, all the way to heaven! and dying comforts of his gracious Spirit, many now would go to heaven the I recommend your Lordship and land way, for they love not to be noble house, sea-sick, riding up to Christ upon

Your Lordship's at all obedience, foot-mantles, and rattling coaches, Aberdeen, Sep. 9, 1637.

S. R. and rubbing their velvet with the princes of the land in the highest seats. If this be the way Christ called strait and narrow, I quit all

LETTER LXIV, skill of the way to salvation. Are

To the Lady LARGIRIE. they not now rouping Christ and the Mistress, gospel? Have they not put our Lord GRAC, mercy and peace be to you. Jesus to the market, and he who I hope ye know what conditions out-biddeth his fellow, shall get him? past betwixt Christ and you, at your 0

my dear and noble Lord, go on, first meeting ; ye remember, he said, howbeit the wind be in your face, your summer days would have to back our princely Captain; be clouds, and your rose a prickly courageous for him; fear not these thorn beside it; Christ is unmixt in who have no subscribed lease of heaven, all sweetness and honey; days; the worms shall eat kings ; let here we have him with his thorny the Lord Jehovah be your fear; and and rough cross; yet I know no tree then, as the Lord liveth, the victory beareth sweeter fruit than Christ's is yours. It is true many are strik- cross, except I would raise a lying ing up a new way to heaven; but my report on it. It is your part to take soul for theirs, if they find it; and Christ, as he is to be had in this if this be not the only way, whose life; sufferings are like a wood plantend is Christ's Father's house: and ed'round about his house, over door my weak experience, since the day and window; if we could hold fast I was first in bonds, hath confirmed our grips of him, the field were won. me in the truth and assurance of Yet a little while and Christ shall this: let doctors and learned men triumph: give Christ his own short cry the contrair, I am persuaded this time, to spin out these two long is the way. The bottom hath fallen threads of heaven and hell to all out of both their wit and conscience mankind, for certainly the thread at once; their book hath beguiled will not break; and when he hath them, for we have fallen upon the accomplished his work in mount true Christ. I dare hazard, if I alone Zion, and hath refined his silver, he had ten souls,


upon this will bring new vessels out of the, stone, that many now break their furnace, and plenish his house, and bones upon.

Let them take this take up his house again. I counse

s, my

you to free yourself of clogging holding and drawing, and much seatemptations, by overcomiug some way to heaven, and we are often seaand contemning others, and watch sick; but the voyage is so needful, ing over all; abide true and loyal that we must on any terms take to Christ, for few now are fast to shipping with Christ. I believe it him; they give Christ blank paper, is a good country we are going to, for a bond of service and attend- and there is ill lodging in this ance, now when Christ hath most smoky house of the world, in which ado; to waste a little blood with we are yet living; Oh that we Christ, and to put our part of this should love smoke so well, and clay drossy world in pawn over in his that holdeth our feet fast! It were hand, as willing to quit it for him, our happiness to follow on after is the safest cabinet to keep the Christ, and to anchor ourselves upon world in; but these who would take the rock, in the upper side of the the world and all their flitting on vail. Christ and Satan are now their back, and run away from drawing two parties ; and they are Christ, they will fall by the way, blind who see not Scotland divided and leave their burden behind them, in iwo camps, and Christ coming and be taken captive themselves. out with his white banner of love, Well were ny soul, to have put all and he hangeth that over the heads I have, life and soul, over in Christ's of his soldiers; and the other hands; let him be forthcoming for captain, the dragon, is coming out all. If any ask how I do? I an with a great black flag, and crieth, swer, None can be but well that are The world, the world, ease, honour, in Christ: and if I were not so, my and a whole skin, and a soft couch; sufferings had melted me away in and there lye they, and leave Christ ashes and smoke; I thank my Lord, to fend for hiniself. My counsel is, that he hath something in me that that ye come out and leave the this fire cannot consume. Remem. multitude, and let Christ have your ber my love to your husband, and company; let them take clay and shew him from me, I desire that he this present world, who love it; may set aside all things, and make Christ is a more worthy and noble sure work of salvation, that it be portion : blessed are those who get not a-seeking, when the sund-glass him. It is good, ere the storm rise, is run out, and time and eternity to make ready all, and to be preshall tryst together:. there is no pared to go to the camp with Christ, errand so weighty as this; 0 that seeing he will not keep the house, he would take it to heart. Grace nor sit at the fire-side with couchers. .

A shower for Christ is little enough. Your's in Christ Jesus his Lord, Oh, I find all too little for him! Aberdeen

S. R. Wo, wo, wo's me, that I have no deosesseecast

propine for my Lord Jesus; my love is so feckless, that it is a shame to

offer it to him. Oh if it were as LETTER LXV.

broad as heaven, as deep as the sea, To the Lady DUNGU EIGH, I would gladly bestow it upon him! Mistress,

I persuade you, God is wringing I LONG to hear from you, and how grapes of red wine for Scotland, and you go on with Christ: I am sure this land shall drink, and spue, and that Christ and you once met: I fall. His enemies shall drink the pray you fasten your grips; there is thick of it, and the grounds of it;

be with you.

but Scotland's withered tree shall speak to him: help your mother's blossom again, and Christ shall soul, and desire her, from me, to make a second marriage with her, seek the Lord and his salvation; it and take home his wife out of the is not soon found; many miss it. furnace; but if our eyes shall see it. Grace be with you. he knoweth who hath created time,

Your loving Pastor, Grace be with you.

Aberdeen, 1637.

S. R. Your's in his sweet Lord Jesus, Aberdeen, 1637.

S, R.



My Lord,
TO JANET MACKULLOCH. I CANNOT expound your Lordship's
Loving Sister,

contrary tides, and these tentations Grace, mercy and peace be to you. wherewith ye are assaulted to be Hold on your course, for, it may be, any other thing but Christ trying I will not soon see you: venture you, and saying unto you. And through the thick of all things after will ye also leave me! I am sure Christ, and lose not your master, Christ hath a great advantage against Christ, in the throng of this great you if ye play foul play to him, in market. Let Christ know how that the Holy Spirit hath done his heavy, and how inany a stone part, in evidencing to your conweight you and your cares, burdens, science, that this is the way of crosses, and sins are; let him bear Christ wherein

shall have

peace; all; make the heritage sure to your and the other, as sure as God liveth, self: get charters and writs passed the Antichrist's way; therefore, as and through, and put on arms for ye fear God fear your light, and the battle, and keep you fast by stand in awe of a convincing conChrist, and then let the wind blow science; it is far better for your out of what airth it will, your soul Lordship to keep your conscience, will not be blown into the sea. I find and to hazard in such an honourable Christ the most steady friend and cause, your place, than wilfully, and companion in the world to me now: against your light, to come under the need and usefulness of Christ is guiltiness. Kings cannot heal broken seen best in trials. Oh if he be not consciences; and when death and well worthy of his room! Lodge him judgment shall comprise your soul, in house and heart, and stir up your your counsellors and others cannot husband to seek the Lord; I wonder be cautioners to justice for you. he hath never written to me; I do Ere it be long, our Lord will put not forget him. I taught you the a final determination to acts of par. whole counsel of God, and delivered liament, and mens' laws, and will it to you; it will be enquired for at clear you before men and angels, of your hands; have it in readiness mens' unjust sentences. Ye received against the time that the Lord ask honour, and place, and authority, for it: make you ready to meet the and riches, and reputation from Lord, and rest and sleep in the love your Lord, to set forward and adof that fairest among the sons of vance the liberties and freedom of men: desire Christ's beauty; give Christ's kingdom. Men, whose conout all your love to him, and let sciences are made of stoutness, none fall by; learn in prayer to think little of such matters, which

notwithstanding, encroach directly there, where there is no more death, upon Christ's prerogative royal. So neither sorrow, nor crying, neither would men think it a light matter any more pain;' and therefore we for Uzzah to put out his hand to shall leave them behind us. Oh if hold the Lord's falling ark: but it I could get as good a gait of sin, cost him his life. And who doubt. even this woful and wretched body eth but a carnal friend will advise of sin, as I get of Christ's cross! you to shut your window, and pray Nay, indeed, I think the cross bearbeneath your breath; Ye make too eth both me and itself rather than I great a din with your prayers ; so it, in comparison of the tyranny would a head-of-wit speak if ye of the lawless flesh and wicked were in Daniel's place; but mens' neighbour, that dwelleth beside overgilded reasons will not help you Christ's new creature. But, Oh, when your conscience is like to split this is that which presseth me down with a double charge. Alas alas! and paineth me; Jesus Christ in his when will this world learn to submit saints sitteth neighbour with an ill their wisdom to the wisdom of God ? second, corruption, deadness, coldI am sure, your Lordship hath ness, pride, lust, worldliness selffound the truth; go pot then to love, security, falsehood, and a search it over again, for it is ordi- world of more the like, which I find pary for men to make doubts, when in me, that are daily doing violence they have a mind to desert the to the new man. O but we have truth, Kings are not their own cause to carry low sails, and to men, their ways are in God's hand. cleave fast to free grace, free, free I rejoice and am glad, that ye re. grace! Blessed be our Lord that solve to walk with Christ, howbeit ever tbat way was found out; if my his court be thin. Grace be with one foot were in heaven, and my your Lordship.

soul half in, if free-will and corrupt. Your Lordship's in his sweet Master ion were absolute lords of me, I and Lord Jesus,

should never win wholly in. O but Aberdeen Sept. 7, 1637.

$. R. the sweet and living way, that

Christ hath struck up to our home, seek

be a safe


! I find now presence LETTER LXVIII. and access a greater dainty than

before; but yet the Bridegroom To WILLIAM RIGG of Athernie. Worthy and much Honoured Sir,

looketh through the lattice, and GRACE, mercy and

through the hole of the door. O if be to

peace you. How sad a prisoner would I be, if he and I were on fair dry land toI knew not that my Lord Jesus had gether, on the other side of the

water. Grace be with yoų. the keys of the prison himself, and that his death and blood hath bought

Tour's in his sweet Lord Jesus,

S. R. a blessing to our crosses, as well as Aberdeen, Sept. 30, 1637. to ourselves ? I am sure troubles have no prevailing rights over us, if they be but our Lord's serjeants, to

LETTER LXIX. keep us in ward while we are in this side of heaven; I am persuaded also,

To the Lady KILCONQUHAIR. that they should not go over the

Mistress, bound road, nor enter into heaven GRACE, mercy and peace be to you. with us; for they find no welcome I received your letter. I am heart.

ye a seek

a way

ily content, ye love and own this cheated the simple heir of his para oppressed and wronged cause of dise, and by enticing us to taste of Christ; and that now, when so many the forbidden fruit, hath, as it were, are miscarried, ye are in any mea- brought us out of our kindly heri. sure taken with the love of Jesus

tage; but our Lord, Christ Jesus, Weary not, but come in, and see if hath done more than bought the de. there be not more in Christ than the vil by, for he hath redeemed the tongue of men and angels can ex- wadset, and made the poor heir free press: if

to heaven, to the inheritance. If we knew the the

way is in him, or, he is it: what glory of our elder brother in heaven, ye want is treasured up in Jesus, we would long to be there to see and he saith, all his are yours, even him, and to get our fill of heaven; his kingdom, he is content to divide we children think the earth a fair it betwixt him and you: yea, his garden, but it is but God's out-field, throne and his glory, Luke xxi. 30. and wild, cold, barren ground; all John xvii. 24 Rev. iii. 21. and things are fading that are here; it is therefore take pains to climb up that our happiness to make sure Christ to besieged house to Christ: for devils, ourselves. Thus remembering my men, and armies of temptations, are love to your husband, and wishing lying about the house, to hold out to him what I write to you, I comall that are out, and it is taken with mit you to God's tender mercy. violence: it is not a smooth and easy

Your's in his sweet Lord Jesus, S. R. way, neither will your weather be fair and pleasant: but whosoever saw

Aberdeen, Sept. 13, 1637. the invisible God, and the fair city,

sezonsocoase make no reckoning of losses or crosses. In ye must be, cost you what it

LETTER LXX, will; stand not for a price, and for

To the Lady CRAIGHALL. all that ye bave, to win the castle; the rights to it are won to you, and

Honourable and Christian Lady, , it is disponed to you, in your Lord Grace, mercy, and peace be to you. Jesus's testament; and see what a I cannot but write to your Ladyship fair legacy your dying friend Christ of the sweet and glorious terms I am hath left you ; and there wanteth in with the most joyful King that nothing but possession. Then get ever was, under this well-thriving · up in the strength of the Lord; get and prosperous cross; it is my Lord's over the water to possess that good salvation wrought by his own right land: it is better than a land of olives hand, that the water doth not suffoand wine-trees; for the tree of life, cate the breath of hope and joyful that beareth twelve manner of fruits courage in the Lord Jesus; for his every month, is there before you; own person is still in the camp with and a pure river of life, clear as his poor soldier. I see the cross is crystal, proceeding out of the throne tied with Christ's hand to the end of God and of the Lamb, is there. of an honest profession ; we are but Your time is short, therefore lose no fools to endeavour to loose Christ's time; gracious and faithful is he who knot. When I consider the comforts hath called you to his kingdom and of God, I durst not consent to sell glory. The city is yours by free or wadset my short life-rent of the conquest and by promise, and there. cross of the Lord Jesus. I know fore let no uncouth lord-idol put you that Christ bought with his own from your own. The devil hath blood a right to sanctified and bles

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