To Mr, JOHN SCOT at Oxname.

solitary fasts. To his grace, who wretched I; but when weakness of can direct, quicken, and strengthen body, and the Lord by it, did foryou, I recommend you, and am bid to undertake a lesser journey to Your loving brother,

Edinburgh, I am forbidden far more

to journey thither: and, believe it, St. Andrews.

S. R.

nothing besides this doth hinder. I am unable to overtake what the

Lord hath laid upon me here; and LETTER LIX.

therefore I desire to submit to Sovereignty, and must be silent: if

my prayers and best desires to the Reverend and dear brother,

Lord could contribute any thing for Your letter that came unto me of promoving of his work, my soul's August 2d, to be at Edinburgh up- desire is, That the wilderness, and on August 2d, was unknown to me that place, to which I owe my first by the subscription ; but since it breathing, in which I fear Christ was written for so honourable and was scarce named, as touching any warrantable a truth of Christ, as a reality or power of godliness, may testimony against toleration, if my blossom as a rose. So desiring and health would have permitted, and praying that his name may be great my daily menacing gravel, I should among you, and entreating that you have come to Edinburgh ; what eith- may believe that the names of the er counsel, countenance, or clear-Lord's adversaries shall be written ing, you could have hade from the in the earth, and that whoso will not like of me, I cannot say, nor dare I come up of all the families of the speak much.

But with a reserv earth unto Jerusalem, to worship of the help of his grace, I desire the King, the Lord of hosts, even to desire, and purpose by strength upon them shall be no rain; and from above, to own that cause, and that the Lord will create glory upon to join with you and some in this every assembly in mount Zion; I church, besides your presbytery, rest who will own that cause. Be strong

Your own brother in the Lord, in the Lord, and in the

St. Andrews, June. 15th, 1655. S. R. his might. This cloud will over : could we live by faith, and wait on a speaking and a seeming-delaying vision, the Lord will not tarry.

LETTER LXI. Grace be with you. Many are with you, but there is One who is above For Mr.JAMES DURHAM, minister of the gospel

at Glasgow, some few days before his death. millions.

Your own brother in the Lord,
I WOULD ere now have written

you, St. Andrews, June 15, 1658. S. R. had I not known your health, weak

er and weaker, could scarce permit

you to hear or read. I need not LETTER LX.

speak much; the way you know, and have preached to others the

skill of the Guide, and the glory of Reverend and dear brother,

the home beyond death. And when No man oweth more to the church he says, Come and see, it will be of God with you, than poor and your gain to obey, and go out and



power of

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To Mr. JOHN SCOT at Oxname.

meet the Bridegroom; what acces- jesty to congratulate that providence, sion is made to the higher house of and the reason of our being so slow his kingdom should not be our loss, in sending would be rendered 1. though it be real loss to the church We would write, not in the name of God: but we count one way, and of the kırk of Scotland, but in the the Lord counts another way. He name of the most considerable numis infallible, and the only wise God, ber of godly ministers, elders and and needs none of us. Had he professors, who both pray for the needed Moses and the prophets their king, are obedient to his laws, and staying in the body, he could have are under the oath of God for the taken another way. Who dare bid sworn reformation. 2 It is better you cast your thoughts back on now, than after sentences and trou. wife or children, when he hath said, ble, to have recourse to him, who is Leave them to me, and come up by place Pater Patriæ. 3. We hither? Or who can persuade you would supplicate in ali bumility for to die or live as if that were arbi- protection, countenance, far more trary to us, and not his alone, who for lawful liberty to fear the bond of hath determined the number of your the oath of the dreadful and most months ? If so it seem good to him, high Lord, arouching to his majesfollow your Forerunner and Guide: ty, that the Lord his holy name it is an unknown land to you, who being interposed, will own that cowas never there before ; but the land venant, and bless his majesty with a is good, and the company before the happy and successful reign, in the throne desirable, and he who sits on owning thereof and kissing of the the throne is his alone a sufficient Son of God. And when the Lord heaven. Grace, grace be with you. shall be pleased to grant that to us, Your's in the Lord,

which concerns religion, the beauty

of his house, the propagating of the St. Andrews, June 15, 1658. S. R.

gospel, the government of the Lord's kingdom, without popery, preiacy,

unwritten traditions ard ceremonies ; LETTER LXII. let his majesty try our loyalty with

what commands he shall be pleased Mr. RUTHERFORD's judgment, sent to some to lay on us, and see if we be found brethren, about petitioning his Majesty rebellious. 4. We would disclaim after his return, and for owning such who such as have sinfully complied with were censured while about that so ne. cessary a duty.

the late usurpers ; produce cur writ.

ten testimonies against them; our Reverend and dear brethren,

not accepting of offices and places It is a matter of difficulty to me to of trust from them; our testimonies write at this distance, not having against their usurpation, covenantheard your debates. It seems the breaking, toleration of all religions, Lord calls us to give information to corrupt Sectarian ways, for which the king's majesty of affairs. The the Lord hath broken them. 5. We Lord's admirable providence, in are represented to his Majesty as bringing him to his throne, and lay- such who would not coneent that the ing aside others who were enemies remonstrance of the western forces to the cause and sworn covenant of should be condemned by the com. God, (so that now the government mission of the General Assembly : is in a right line) is to be adored; whereas, (1.) We did humbly deand I judge (without prescribing) sire, that the judicature would not that some should be sent to his ma- condemn por censure that remon

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strance, till the gentlemen were condescended upon among these brethheard, and their reasons discussed. ren, whose love to truth made them in

all things, so tender, that they were ever (2.) Whatever demur was as to the

fond to abstain from all appearance of banding or combining part of it, we

evil ; but it was more like the suggeswere, and are obliged to believe, tion of some other men (wherein was they had no sectarian design there laid before them what kind of address in, nor levelling intention. (3.)

would most probably please, waving the

just measures of what was simply duty They are gentlemen most loyal, and

in their circumstances) than any thing never were enemies to bis majesty's flowing from themselves, as the pro. royal power ; but only desired that

duct of a mature deliberation. And security might be had for religion Secondly, Know (which confirmeth and the people of God, persons dis

what was said) that whatever it was, or

whoever gave the rise to it, yet it was affected to religion and the sworn

never made use of, nor presented to the covenant abandoned; otherwise they

Committee of Estates, by any of these were and still are willing to hazard faithful men, whose praise, for their fidelives and estates, for the just great lity fixedness, real and untainted integri. ness and safety of his majesty, in the

ty is in the churches of Christ. maintenance of the true religion,

Dear brother, covenant and cause of God. The I AM, as ye know, straitened as anonly difficulty will be where to have other suffering man ; but dare not fit men to send. But as it will be petition this Committee. 1. Be. both sin and shame for us, to desert cause it draws us to capitulate with our undeservedly now censured bre- such as have the advantage of the thren ; so it will be our sin and re. mount, the Lord so disposing for the proach, sinfully to comply with such present: and to bring the matters things and courses, as we testified of Christ to yea and no (you being against, and confessed to God. ! prisoners, and they the powers) is a can say no more at present, but I hazard. 2. A speaking to them in

writ, and passing in silence the sworn Your loving brother,

covenant, and the cause of God,

which is the very present controverSt. Andrews, 1660.

S. R.

sy is contrary to the practice of Christ and the apostles, who being

accused, or not accused, avouched LETTER LXIII. Christ to be the Son of God, and the

Messias, and that the dead must rise MR. RUTHERFORD'S judgment of again, even when the adversary mis

a draught or minute of a petition, tated the question. Yea, silence of to have been presented to the the cause of God which adversaries Committee of estates, by those persecute, seems a tacit deserting of ministers who were then prisoners the cause, when the state of the in the castle of Edinburgh, for question is known to beholders; and that other well-known petition to I know the brethren intend not to his majesty, about which they leave the cause. 3. I know no of. were, when seized upon and made fence you have given (I will not say prisoners.

what offence may be taken) either

as to the matter or manner of your But that no man may mistake or judge a petition : for if what you have done miss of persons, so fixed in the cause, be a necessary duty, laid aside by that this draught was not sent to Mr. others, a duty can never give an of. Rutherford, as a paper concluded and fence to Christ, and so none to men.


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But Christians will look upon a pi-point in hand; and that sure is not ous, harmless and innocent petition your meaning. (3.) Who ever proto the prince, in the matters of the mised so much of peaceable living Lord's honour and good of his under his majesty's authority, leaving church, though proffered by one or out the exposition of the fifth com. two, when they are silent whose it is mandment, as your petition doth, to speak and act, as a seasonable du may upon the

very same ground subty. 4. The draught of that petition, scribe the bond refused by the godwhich you sent me, speaks not one ly; and so you pass from the cove. word of the covenant of God; for nant, and make all these by-past the adhering to which you now suf- actings of this kirk and state, those fer, and which is the object of men's years by-past, to be horrid rebellion; hatred ; and the destruction where and how deep that guiltiness draws, of is the great work of the times : consider. 6. A condemning of the and your silence, in this nick of remonstrance, simply and without time, appears to be a non-confession any limitation and distinction, is a of Christ before men; and you want condemning of many precious ones nothing to beget an uncleanly deli- in the land, and passing from the verance, but the profession of silence. causes of God's wrath, which is the 5. There is a promise and real pur-chief matter of the Remonstrance. pose (as the petition saith) to live 7. That nothing is before your eyes peaceably under the king's authori- but the exoneration of your conty. But, (1:) You do not answer science, is indeed believed by the 80 candidly and ingenuously the godly, who know you ; but a pass. mind of the rulers, who to your ing in silence of the honest materi. knowledge mean a far other thing, als in your former petition to his by authority, than you do: for you majesty, seems to be a deserting. mean his just authority, his authori- thereof, since, in all your petition, ty in the Lord, and his just great- you do not once say, you cannot ness, in the maintenance of true re- but adhere to that pious petition, as ligion, as the Covenant, Confession your necessary duty; and that you of Faith, and Catechisms, is express-intend in the petition the happiness ed, from the word of God. They of his majesty, is also believed. mean his supreme authority, and ab- Dear brother, shew to our brethren, solute prerogative above laws, as the Lord Christ in your persons, their acts clear, and as their prac- hath stated a question betwixt him

for they refused to such as and the powers on earth; the only were unwilling to subscribe their wige God lead you now, when he bond, to add authority in the Lord, hath brought you forth in public, so or just and lawful anthority, or au- to act as if ye did see Jesus Christ thority as it is expressed in the co- by you, and beholding you. It is venant. But this draught of a peti- easy for such as are on the shore, to tion, under your own hand, yields throw a counsel to those that are the sense and meaning to them, tossed in the sea; but only living which they crave. (2.) That au- by faith, and by fetching strength thority, for which they contend, is and comfort from Christ, can you exclusive of the sworn covenant ; so be victorious, and have right to the that except ye had said, You shall precious promises of the tree of be subject to the king's authority in life, of the hidden Manna, of the the Lord, or according to the sworn gifted Morning-Star, and the like, covenant, you say nothing to the made to those who overcome ; to

tice is ;

I am,


in France.

whose strength and grace, brethren, vain and foolish things for thee; who desire with me to remember they have not discovered thine ini. you, do recommend you.

quity to turn away thy captivity,

but have seen for thee false burdens. Dear brother, Your's in the Lord,

and causes of banishment. The St. Andrews, 1660.

S. R. time of Jacob's suffering is but

short, and the vision will speak : 00004 could we be from under deadness,

and watch unto wrestling and prayLETTER LXIV.

er with the Lord, and live more by

faith, we should be more than conFor the right honourable, my Lady Viscountess of



upon the Lord, Madam,

faint not; the Lord Jesus þe with It is not my part to be unmindful your spirit

. of you; be not afflicted for your Your's at all respective observance in the brother, the Marquis of Argyle; as

Lord, to the main, in my weak apprehen- St. Andrews, July 24, 1660. S. R. sion, the seed of God being in him, and love to the people of God and

s00000000 his cause, it will be well: the mak. ing particular reckoning with the LETTER LXV. Lord, and peace with God, and

For Mrs. CRAIG, upon the death of her hopeful owning his cause when too many Son, who was drowned washing himself in a river disown it, will make his peace with

Mistress, the king the surer. The Lord is beginning to reckon with such as You have so learned Christ, as now did forsake his cause and covenant ; in the furnace, what dross, what and until we return to him, our shining of faith may appear, must peace

shall not be like a river and as come forth. I heard of the remov. the waves' of the sea. However, al of your son Mr. Thomas: though the opening of the bosom, to take I be dull enough in discerning, yet in all the malignants, can produce I was witness to some spiritual sav. no better fruits. The Lord calleth ouriness of the new birth and hope us to flee into our chambers, and of the resurrection, which I saw in shut the doors, till the indignation the hopeful youth, when he was, as be over, Isa. xxvi. 20.' The lily a- was feared, a.dying in this city. mong the thorns is so served; he And since it was written and advis. hideth himself, and our mountain is edly appointed, in the spotless and removed, and we are troubled: but holy decree of the Lord, where, the Lord reigns, let the earth trem- and before what witnesses, and in ble, and let the earth rejoice. The what manner, whether by a fever, Lord without blood broke the yoke the mother being at the bed-side or of usurping oppressors, and laid some other way in a far country, them aside; the same Lord can (dear patriarchs died in Egypt, presettle throne and kingdom on the cious to the Lord have wanted bupillars of heaven; but the con- rials, Psal. Ixix. 3.) your safest troversy the Lord hath with Edom, will be, to be silent, and command and those who covenanted with us, the heart to utter no repining and and then sold us; and with those of fretting thoughts of the holy diswhom the Holy Ghost speaks, Lam. pensation of God. 1. The man is ii. 14. • Thy prophets have seen beyond the hazard of dispute, the

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