Samuel and William ; shew them the ministers are raging;-but I love that I will them to seek God in their a rumbling and roaring devil best. youth. Grace is yours.

I beseech you in the Lord, my dear Your's in his sweet Lord Jesus, sister, wait for the salvation of God. Aberdeen, July 8, 1637.

S. R. Slack not your hands in meeting to

pray, fear not flesh and blood, we @ooos

have been all over-feared, and that

gave lowns the confidence to shut me LETTER XXXIX.

out of Galloway. Remember my For MARION MACNAUGHT.

love to John Carsen, and Mr. John

Brown; I never could get my love Much honoured and dearest in our sweet off that man, I think Christ hath Lord Jesus,

something to do with him. Desire Grace, mercy and peace from God your husband from me, not to think our Father and from our Lord Je- ill of Christ for his cross ; many missus, I know the Lord will do for ken Christ, because he hath the cross your town.

I hear the Bishop is on his back ; but he will cause us afraid to come amongst you ; for so all laugh yet.

I beseech you as ye it is spoken in this town, and inany would do any thing for me, rememnow rejoice here to pen a supplica- ber my Lady Marshall to God, and tion to the council for bringing me her son the Earl of Marshall, espehome to my place, and for repairing cially her Christian daughter, my other wrongs done in the country; Lady Pitsligo. I shall go to death and see if you can procure that three with it, that Christ will return again or four hundred in the country, no- to Scotland, with salvation in his blemen, gentlemen, countrymen, and wings, and to Galloway. Grace be citizens subscribe it ; the more the with you. better. It may be it will affright the

Your's in his sweet Lord Jesus, bishop, and by law no advantage can Aberdeen,

S. R. be taken against you for it. I have not time to write to Carletoun and Knockbrex; but I would you did

LETTER XL, speak them in it, and let them ad. vise with Carletoun. Mr. A. think. For MARION MACNAUGHT. eth well of it, and I think others Zech. xii. 3. And in that day I will make shall approve it., I am still in good Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all case with Christ, my court is no less the people; all that burden themselves than it was, the door of the Bride

with it shall be cut in pieces, though all

the people of the earth be gathered togroom's house of wine is open, when

gether against it. such a poor stranger as I came athort. I change, but Christ abideth Well-beloved Sister, still the same. They have put out I have been sparing to write to you my one poor eye, my only joy, to because I was heavy at the proceedpreach Christ, and to go errands ings of our late parliament, where betwixt him and his bride. What law should have been; they would my

Lord will do with me, I know not give our Lord Jesus fair law and not; it is like I shall not winter in justice, nor the benefit of the house, Aberdeen, but where it shall be else, to bear either the just grievances, or I know not. There are some blos- the humble supplications of the sersomings of Christ's kingdom in this vants of God: nothing rests, but town, and the smoke is rising, and that we lay our grievances before

our crowned King Jesus, who reigns | be removed ; it hath grieved me ex. in Zion. And howbeit it be true, ceedingly. I have dealt with Carthat the acts of Perth assembly for letoun, and shall deal ; put it off conformity are established, and the yourself upon the Lord, that it bur. king's power to impose the surplice, den you not. I have heard of your and other mass-apparel, upon mini- daughter's marriage; I pray the sters, be confirmed ; yet what men Lord Jesus to subscribe the con. conclude, is not scripture : kings tract, and be at the banquet, as he have short arms to overturn Christ's was at the marriage in Cana of Gal. throne, and our Lord hath been ilee : shew her from me that though walking and standing upon his feet it be true that God's children have at this parliament, when fifteen prayed for her, yet the promise of Earls and Lords, and forty-four com- God is made to her prayers and faith missioners and burrows, with some especially: and therefore I would Barons, have voted for our kirk, in entreat her to seek the Lord, to be face of a king, who, with much awe at the wedding : let her give Christ and terror, with his own hand wrote the love of her virginity and espouup the voters for or against himself. sals, and choose him first as her Long before this kirk, in the second Husband, and that match shall bless Psalm, the ends of the earth, Scot. the other. It is a new world she land and England, were gifted of entereth into, and therefore hath the Father to his Son Christ; and need of new acquaintance with the this is an old act of parliament de Son of God, and of a renewing of creed by our Lord, and printed four her love to him, whose love is better thousand years ago; their acts are than wine. I Cor. vii. 29. The time but yet printing The first act shall is short, let the married be as though stand, let all the potentates of the they were not married ;' ver. 30. world, who love Christ's room bet-. They that weep, as though they ter than himself, rage as they please. weeped not ; they that rejoice, as Though the mountains be carried though they rejoiced not : they that into the midst of the sea, yet there buy as though they possessed not ;' is a river that cometh out of the ver. 31. • They that use this world, sanctuary, and the streams of it re- as though they used it not: for the fresh the city of God: that Well is fashion of this world passeth away. not yet cried down in Scotland, nor Grace, grace be her portion from the can it dry up; therefore still believe Lord. I know you have a care on and trust in God's salvation. If you you of it, that all be right; but let knew the whole proceedings, it is Christ bear all, you need not pity the Lord's mercy that matters have him, (if I may say so) put him to it, gone at our parliament as they have he is strong enough. The Spirit of gone.

The Lord Jesus in our the Lord Jesus be with you. king's ears, to his great provocation

Your friend in his dearest friend Christ and grief, hath gotten many wit

Jesus, nesses; and we saw in all, the Son Aberdeen,

S. R. of God overturning their policy, and making the world know how well he

@aase@asco loveth his poor sun-burnt bride in

LETTER XLI. Scotland : the Lord liveth, and blessed be the God of our salvation. For the matter betwixt your hus My dear and well-beloved Sister, band and C. I trust in God it shall Grace, mercy and peace be to you.


I am well, honour to God. I have

LETTER XLII. been before a court set up within me For MARION MACNAUGHT. of terrors and challenges ; but my Well-beloved and dear Sister, sweet Lord Jesus hath taken the GRACE, mercy and peace be to you. mask off his face, and said, Kiss thy I complain that Galloway is not fill; and I will not smother nor con- kind to me on paper ; I have receivceal my king Jesus his kindness; he ed no letters these sixteen weeks, hath broken in upon the poor pri- but two. I am well; my prison is a soner's soul, like the swelling of palace to me, and Christ's banquetJordan: I am bank and brimful, a ing house. My Lord Jesus is as great high spring-tide of the conso- kind as they call him ; oh that all lations of Christ hath overflowed me. Scotland knew my case, and had I would not give my weeping for the part of my feast ! I charge you in fourteen prelates' laughter : they the name of God, I charge you to have sent me here to feast with my believe ; fear not the sons of men, king: his spikenard casteth a sweet the worms shall eat them. To pray smell. The Bridegroom's love hath and believe now, when Christ seems run away with my heart: O love, to give you a nay-say, is more than love, love ! O sweet are my royal it was before; die believing, die and King's chains ! I care not for fire nor Christ's promise in your hand. I torture: how sweet were it to me to desire, I request, I charge your swim the salt sea for my new Lover, husband, and that town to stand for my second Husband, my first Lord! the truth of the gospel ; contend I charge you in the name of God, with Christ's enemies ; and I pray not to fear the wild beasts that en you shew all professors you know tered into the vineyard of the Lord my case ; help me to praise. The of hosts : the false prophet is the ministers here envy me; they will tail; God shall cut the tail from have my prison changed. My mothScotland. Take your comfort, and er hath born me a man of contention, droop not, despond not: pray for and one that striveth with the whole my poor flock: I would take a pen earth. Remember my love to your ance on my soul for their salvation. husband. Grace be with you. I fear the entering of a hireling

Your's in the Lord, upon my labours there, cut off my Aberdeen, Jan. 3d, 1687.

S. R. lite with sorrow; there I wrestled with the angel, and prevailed; wood, trees, meadows and hills are my wit. I drew on a fair meeting be

LETTER XLIII. nesses, twixt Chrisi and Anwoth. My love

For MARION MACNAUGHT. to your husband, to dear Careltoun,

Well-beloved sister, to my beloved brother Knockbrex ; GRAÇe, mercy and peace forget not Christ's prisoner ; I long Your letter hath refreshed my soul; for a letter under

you shall not have

my advice to make Your friend and Christ's prisoner, haste to go out of that town; for if Aberdeen, Nov. 22.

S. R. you remove out of Kircudbright,

they will easily undo all; you are at God's work, and in his way there; be strong in the Lord; the devil is weaker than you are; because stronger is be that is in you, than he that is in the world, Your care of, and

be to you.

your own hand.


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love shewed towards me, now a pri- follow, is the way


And soner of Christ, is laid up for you in for the present powers, I suffer heaven, and you shall know, that it from them, and look for more : is come up in remembrance before God hath a controversy with them: God. Pray, pray


my desolate and, my soul enter not into their flock, and give them your counsel, secrets. Only I should beseech, when you meet with any of them. request, and obtest you in the It shall be my grief to hear, that a Lord, and by your appearance bewolf enter in upon my labours: but fore Christ, follow the way of the if the Lord permit it

, I must be Lord, and the steps trode by the silent: my sky will clear; for Christ gracious in that place, which the layeth my head in his bosom, and Lord followed with life and power. admitteth me to lean there. I never My heart is filled with sorrow, conknew before what his. love was in sidering what communion with God such a measure; if he leave me he some of that country had, and how leaves me in pain, and sick of love; much they were in edifying and and yet my sickness is my life and helping one another in his way, and health: I have a fire within me, I how little of that there is now in that defy all the devils in hell, and all country. Your mother kept in life the prelates in Scotland to cast in that place, and quickened many water on it, I rejoice at your about her to the seeking of God. courage and faith: pray still, as if My desire to you is, that ye would I were on my journey, to come succeed her in that way, and be letand be your pastor. What iron- ting a word fall to your brethren and gates, or bars are able to stand it ethers, that may encourage them to out against Christ? for when he look toward he way of God; you bloweth they open to him. I re- will have need of it ere it be long, member your husband. Grace, See how you may have a gracious grace be with you.

minister, and no neutral there, to Your's in his sweet Lord Jesus,

succeed and follow the servant of Aberdeen, March 11, 1637. S, R.

God, now asleep in the Lord. There

is a great and wide difference be. @@@@@@

tween a name of godliness, and the

power of godliness; that is hottest LETTER XLIV.

when there are fewest witnesses. For GRISSEL FULLERTON.

The deadness upon many, and the Mistress,

defection of the land, is great: bles. REMEMBERING well what rela. sed are they who scek the Lord and

his face. I shall entreat you to retion I had to your (now blessed and perfected with glory) dear member me to your husband, and all mother, and being confident your

friends : I desire to forget none who self looks that way, which (except

are in Christ. I be eternally lost) is the way of

Your brother in the Lord, peace and of life ; I should be un. Edinburgh, March 14, 1653. S. R. grateful to forget those, whom by the covenant of the Lord, I cannot but remember to God. I will speak

LETTER XLV. nothing to you of the present sad differences; but if I have, or ever Mistress, had any nearness to God, that other I BESEECH you, have me excused, way, which I trust I shall never if the daily employments my


To a Gentlewoman.



be to your

ing shall hinder me to see you ac- for us in Christ, shall not be lost. cording as would wish; for I dare Thus recommending you to the tennot go abroad, since many of my der mercy and loving kindness of people are sick, and the time of our God, I rest. communion draws near: but frequent

Your very loving and affectionate brother, the company of your worthy and Aberdeen, Sept. 21, 1636. S. R honest-hearted pastor Mr. Robert, to whom the Lord hath given the tongue of the learned, to minister a word in

LETTER XLVII. due season to the weary. Remember me to him, and to your husband. For the right honourable, my Lady Viscountess of The Lord Jesus be with your spirit. Madam, Your affectionate friend,

S. R. GRACE, mercy


peace Ladyship. I long to hear from you, and that dear child; and for that

cause I trouble you with letters. I LETTER XLVI.

am for the present thinking the For WILLIAM FULLERTON, Provost of sparrows and the swallows, that build Kirkcudbright.

their nests in Anwoth, blessed birds. Much honoured and very dear friend, The Lord hath made alļ my congre. Grace, mercy and peace be to you. gation desolate. Alas, I am oft at I am in good case, blessed be the this, Shew me wherefore thou conLord, remaining here in this upcouth tendest with me, O earth, earth, town, a prisoner for Christ and his cover not the violence done to me. truth; and I am not ashamed of his I know it is my faithless jealousy in cross, my soul is comforted with the this my dark night, to take a friend consolations of his sweet presence for a foe; yet hath not my Lord for whom I suffer. I earnestly en- made any plea with me.

I chide treat you, to give honour and autho-with him, but he giveth me fair rity to Christ, and for Christ; and words: seeing my sins and the sins be not dismayed for flesh and blood, of my youth deserved strokes, how while you are for the Lord, and for am I obliged to my Lord, who his truth and cause. And howbeit amongst many crosses hath given we see truth put to the worse for the me a wailed and chosen cross, to time; yet Christ will be a friend to suffer for the name of my Lord truth, and will do for those who dare Jesus? Since I must have chains, hazard all that they have for him, he would put golden chains on me, and for his glory. Sir, our fair day wateredover with many consolations: is coming, and the court will change, seeing I must have sorrow (for I and wicked men will weep afternoon, sinned, O Preserver of mankind) lie and screr than the sons of God, who hath wailed out for me joyful sorweep in the morning. Let us be-row, honest, spiritual and glorious lieve and hope for God's salvation. sorrow. My crosses come through Sir, I hope I need not write to you, mercy and love's fingers, from the for your kindness and love to my kind heart of a Brother, Christ my brother, who is now to be distressed Lord; and therefore they must be for the truth of God, as well as I am. sweet and sugared. O what am 1! I think myself obliged to pray for such a lump, such a rotten mass of you and your worthy and kind bed- sin, to be counted a child worthy to fellow and children, for your love to be nurtured and stricken with the him and me also. I hope your pains best and most honurabę rod in

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