will not sit with the wrong: ye LETTER XXXIII.

koow, it is not our cause; for if we

would quit our Lord, we might Well-beloved Mistress.

sleep for the present in a sound skin, I CHARGE you, in the name of the and keep our place, means and honSon of God, to rest upon your Rock, our, and be dear to them also. But that is higher than yourself; be not let us once put all we have over in afraid of a man who is a worm, nor Christ's hand : fear not for my pa. for the son of man who shall die ; pers, I shall dispatch them; but ye let God be your fear. Encourage will be examined for them: the Spiyour husband. I would counsel you rit of Jesus give you inward peace. to write to Edinburgh to some ad. Desire your husband from me to vised lawyers, to understand what prove honest to Christ; he shall your husband, as the head magis- not be a loser ai Christ's hand. trate may do, in opposing any in

Your's ever in his sweet Lord Jesus, truded minister, and his carriage Anwoth July 8, 1635.

S. R. toward the new prelate, if he command him to imprison or lay hands upon any; and in a word, how far

LETTER XXXIV. he may in his office disobey a prelate, without danger of law: for if the Bishop come to your town, and Well-beloved Sister, find not obedience to his heart, it is My love in Christ remembered. I like he will command the provost to hear of good news apent our kirk; assist him against God and the truth. but I fear that our king will not be Ye will have more courage under resisted, and therefore let us not be the persecution ; fear not, take secure and careless. I do wonder Christ caution, who said, Luke xxi. if this kirk come not through our 18. There shall not one hair of Lord's fan, since there is so much your head perish.' Christ will not chaff in it ; howbeit I persuade mybe in your common, to have you self the Son of God's wheat will not giving out any thing for him, and be blown away. Let us be putting not give you all incomes with ad- on God's armour, and be strong in vantage: it is his honour, his servants the Lord ; if the devil and Zion's should not be herried and undone enemies strike a hole in that armour, in his service; you were never hon- let our Lord see to that; let us put oured till now: and if your husband it on and stand: we have Jesus on be the first magistrate who shall our side, and they are not worthy suffer for Christ's name in this per- of such a Captain, who would not secution, he may rejoice that Christ take a blow at his back. We are in hath put the first garland upon his sight of his colours ; his banner over his head, and upon yours. Truth us is love: look up to that white will yet keep the crown of the cause- banner and stand; I persuade you way in Scotland; Christ and truth in the Lord of victory. My broare strong enough. They judge us ther writeth to me of your heavinow, we shall one day judge them, ness, and of temptations that press and sit on twelve thrones, and judge you sore. I am content it be so ; the twelve tribes: believe, believe; you bear about with you the marks for they dare not pray, they dare of the Lord Jesus : so was it with not look Christ in the face; they our Lord's apostle, when he was to have been false to Christ, and he come with the gospel to Macedo

nia, 2 Cor. vii. 5. His flesh had noa grip of them; if you let that grip res, he was troubled on every side, go, you will go to the ground. Are and knew not what side to turn him ye troubled with the case of God's unto; without were fightings, and kirk, our Lord will evermore have within were fears. In the great her betwixt the sinking and the work of our redemption, your love swimming; he will have her going ly, beautiful, and glorious Friend through a thousand deaths, and and Well-beloved, Jesus, was brought through hell, as a cripple woman, to tears and strong cries, so as his halting and wanting the power of face was wet with tears and blood, her own side, Micah iv. 6, 7. that arising from a holy fear and the God may be her staff: that broken weight of the curse. Take a drink ship will come to land, because Jeof the Son of God's cup, and love sus is the pilot; faint pot, you shall it the better that he drank of it be- see the salvation of God; else say, fore

you; there is no poison in it. that God never spake his word by I wonder many times that ever a my mouth: and I had rather never child of God should have a sad been born, ore it were so with me : heart, considering what their Lord but my Lord hath sealed me. I is preparing for them. Is your mind dare not deny, I have also been in troubled anent that business that we heaviness since I came from you, have in hand in Edinburgh? I trust fearing for my unthankfulness that in my Lord, the Lord shall in the I am deserted; but the Lord will be end give to your heart's desire, even | kind to me, whether I will or not; howbeit the business frame not; the I repose that much in his rich grace, Lord shall feed your soul, and all that he will be loth to change upon the hungry souls in that town: there. me. As you love me, pray for sore, I request you in the Lord, me in this particular. After advispray for a submissive will: and pray, ing with Carletoun, I have written as your Lord Jesus bids you. Thy to Mr. David Dickson, anent Mr. will be done in earth, as it is in Hugh Mackail, and desired him to heaven. And let it be that your write his mind to Carletoun, and faith be brangled with temptations : Carletoun to Edinburgh, that they believe ye that there is a tree in our may particularly remember Mr. Lord's garden that is not often Hugh to the Lord; and I happenshaken with the wind from all the ed upon a convenient trusty bearer, four airths ? surely there is none. by God's wonderful providence. No Rebuke your soul, as the Lord's further. I recommend you to the prophet doth, Psal. xlii. Why art Lord's grace, and your husband and ihou cast down, O my soul ! why children; the Lord Jesus be with art thou disquieted within me?' your spirit. That was the word of man, who

Your's in the Lord, was at the very overgoing of the brae


S. R. and mountain; but God held a grip of him. Swim through your temp.

A Postscript. tations and troubles, to be at that

Mistress, lovely amiable Person, Jesus, to whom your soul is dear: in your I had not time to give my advice temptations, run to the promises ; to your daughter Grissel, you shall they be our Lord's branches hang- carry my words therefore to her : ing over the water, that our Lord's shew her now, that in respect of silly half-drowned children may take her tender age, she is in a manner

write upon

as clean paper, ready to receive ei- proaches and lies of me a hundred ther good or ill; and that it were a miles off, and have made me odious sweet and glorious thing for her to to the Bishop of St. Andrews, who give herself up to Christ, that he said to Mr. W. D. that ministers in nay her his Father's Galloway were his informers;

wherename, and his own new name. And upon no letters of favour could be prodesire her to acquaint herself with cured from him" for effectuating of the book of God; the promises that our business : only I am brought in our Lord writes upon his own, and the mouths of men, who otherwise performeth in them and for them, knew me not, and have power (if are contained there. I persuade God shall permit) to harm me ; yet you, when I think that she is in the I intreat you in the bowels of Christ company of such parents, and hath Jesus, be not cast down. I fear occasion to learn Christ, I think your sorrow exceed because of this; Christ is wooing her soul; and I and I am not so careful of myself pray God she may not refuse such a in the matter, as for you: take Husband; and therefore I charge courage, your dearest Lord shall her, and beseech her by the mercies light your candle, which the wickof God, by the wounds and blooded would fain blow out; and as sure of him who died for her, by the as our Lord liveth, your soul shall word of truth, which she heareth find joy and comfori in this busi. and can read, by the coming of the ness; howbeit ye see all the hounds Son of God to judge the world, that in hell let loose to mar it; their iron she would fulfil your joy, and learn chains to our dear mighty Lord are Christ, and walk in Christ: she but straws which he can easily shall think this the truth of God break. Let not this temptation stick many years after this ; and I wili in your throat, swallow it, and let promise to myself, in respect of the it go down; our Lord give you a beginnings that I have seen, that drink of the consolations of his Spishe shall give herself to him that rit, that it may digest; you never gave himself for her. Let her be- knew one in God's book, who put gin at prayer; for if she remember their hand to the Lord's work for her Creator in the days of her youth, his kirk, but the world and Satan he will claim kindness to her in her did bark against them, and bite also old

age. It shall be a part of my where they had power. You will prayers, that this may be effectuate not lay one stone on Zion's wall, in her, by him who is able to do but they will labour to cast it down exceedingly abundantly; to whose again. And for myself, the Lord grace again I recommend you and letteth me see now greater evidenher, and all yours.

ces of a calling to K. than ever he

did before ; and therefore pray, and icccccccccceC©/+

possess your soul in patience. These

that were doers in the business have LETTER XXXV.

good hopes that it will yet go for

ward and prosper. As for the death Well-beloved Sister,

of the king of Sweden (which is I know ye have heard of the suc- thought to be too true) we can do cess of our business in Edinburgh: nothing else but reverence our Lord, I do every presbytery day see the who doth not ordinarily hold Zion faces of my brethren smiling upon on her rock by the sword and arm me, but their tongues convey re- of flesh and blood, but by his own


might and out-stretched arm: her everlasting covenant that shall not King, that reigneth in Zion, yet be forgotten.' This is spoken to us, liveth; and they are plucking him and for us, who with wo hearts ask, round about to pull him off his What is the way to Zion? It is our throne; but his Father hath crown part, who know how to go to our ed him, and who dare say, It is ill Lord's door, and to knock by pray, done the Lord's bride will be up er and how to lift Christ's slot, and and down, above the water swimming, shut the bar of bis chamber door, to and under the water sinking, until complain, and tell him how the her lovely and mighty Redeemer world handleth us, and how our and Husband set his head through King's business goeth, that he may these skies, and come with his fair get up and lend them a blow, who court to rid all their pleas, and give are tigging and playing with Christ them the hoped-for inheritance, and his spouse. Ye have also, dear and then we shall lay down our mistress, house-troubles, in sickness swords and triumph, and fight no of your husband and children, and more. But do not think for all this, in spoiling of your house by thieves; that our Lord and Chief Shepherd take these rods in patience from your will want one weak sheep, or the Lord: he must still move you from silliest dying lamb that he hath re- vessel to vessel, and grind you as deemed; he will tell his flock, and our Lord's wheat, to be bread in his gather them all together, and make a house ; but when all these strokes faithful account of them to his Fa- are over your head, what will you ther, who gave them him: let us say to see your Well-beloved Christ's now learn to turn our eyes off men, white and ruddy face, even his face, that our whorish hearts doat not on who is worthy to hear the colours them, and woo our old husband, amongst ten thousand, Cant. v. and make him our darling; for Jer. Hope and believe to the end. Grace xxv. 27. • Thus saith the Lord to for evermore be multiplied upon the enemies of Zion, drink ye and you, your husband and children. be drunk, and spew, and fall, and

Your own, in his dearest Lord Jesus, rise no more, because of the sword


S. R. that I send amongst you.' Ver 28. . And it shall be, if they refuse to take the cup in thy hand to drink, then shalt thou say to them, Thus

LETTER XXXVI. saith the Lord of hosts. Ye sball

For MARION MACNAUGHT. certainly drink. You see the Lord brewing a cup of poison for his ene My dear and well-beloved in Christ, mies, which they must drink, and I am yet under trial, and have apbecause of this have sore bowels and peared before Christ's forbidden sick stomachs, yea, burst; but Jer. lords, for a testimony against them. 1. 4. when Zion's captivity is at an The Chancellor and the rest temptend, • The children of Israel shall ed me with questions nothing become, they, and the children of Ju- longing to my summons, which I dah together, going and weeping; wholly declined, notwithstanding of they shall go and seek the Lord his threats. My newly printed book their God.' Ver. 5. They shall ask against the Arminians was one chalthe way to Zion, with their faces lenge, not lording the prelates anothitherward, saying, Come and let ther: the most part of the Bishops, us join ourselves to the Lord, in an 'when I came in, looked more asto




be with you.

nished than I, and heard me with

A Postcript. silence. Some spoke for me; but my Lord ruled it so, as I am filled rejoice, sing and triumph ; Christ

My charge is to you to believe, with joy in my sufferings, and I find has said to me, Mercy, mercy, grace Christ's cross sweet. What they and peace, for Marion Macnaught. intend against the next day, I know not. Be not secure, but pray. Our bishop of Gallow said, if the commission should not give him his will

LETTER XXXVIII. of me, with an oath, (he said) he would write to the king. The Chancellor summoned me in judgment,

Worthy and dearest in the Lord, to appear that day eight days. My Lord has brought me a friend from

I REJOICE, you are a partaker of the Highlands of Argyle, my Lord the sufferings of Christ : faint not, of Lorn, who hath done as much as

keep breath, believe, howbeit men,

and husband, and friends prove was within the compass of his

power. me

weak, yet your strength faileth not. Mr Robert Glendoning is silenced, It is not pride for a drowning man till he accept a colleague. We hope to grip to the rock. It is your glory to deal yet for him. Christ is

to lay hold on your Rock. Owothy to be entrusted ; your husband man greatly beloved ! I testify and will get an easy and good way of his avouch it in my Lord, the prayers business. You and I both shall

you sent to heaven these many years the salvation of God upon Joseph, Lord, and shall not be forgotten.

bygone are come up before the separate from his brethren. Grace

What it is that will come, I cannot Your's in Christ,

tell; but I know, as the Lord liveth, Edinburgh,

S. R. these cries shall bring down mercy.

I charge you, and these people with you, to go on without fainting or

fear, and still believe, and take no LETTER XXXVII.

nay-say. If ye leave off, the field is lost;

if ye continue, our enemies Honoured and dearest in the Lord, shall be a tottering wall and a bowGrace, mercy and peace be to you. ing fence. I write it, (and keep this I am well, and my soul prospereth : leiter) utter, utter desolation shall be I find Christ with me, I burden no to your adversaries, and to the haters man, I want nothing, no face look of the virgin-daughter of Scotland. eth on me, but it laugheth on me. The bride shall yet sing, as in the Sweet, sweet is the Lord's cross. I days of her youth'; salvation shall be overcame my heaviness. My Bride her walls and bulwarks. The dry groom's love-blinks fatten my weary olive-tree shall bud again, and dry soul. I

go to my king's palace at dead bones shall live, for the Lord Aberdeen ; tongue, and pen, and shall prophesy to the dry bones, and wit cannot express my joy. Re- the Spirit shall come upon them, member


love to Jean Gordon, to and we shall live. I rejoice to hear my sister Jean Brown, to Grissel, to of Joho Carsen ; I shall not forget your husband.

Thus in haste, him. Remember me to Grissel, and Grace be with you.

Jane Brown. Your husband ha h Your's in his only, only Lord Jesus, made me heavy ; but be courageous Edinburgh, April 5, 1636. S. K. in the Lord. I send blessings to


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