waves of persecution are so lofty and know, and whom you desire most proud. Let sweet Jesus take us by earnestly yourself, He would most the hand; neither must we think gladly have the Lord's call for that it will be otherwise, for it is told transplantation ; for he knows, all to the souls under the altar, Rev. God's plants, set by his own hand, vi. • That their fellow servants must thrive well; and if the work be be killed, as they were. Surely it of God, he can make a steppingcannot be long till day. Nay, hear stone of the devil himself, for him say, Behold, I come, my dear setting forward the work. For bride ; think not long, I shall be at yourself, I would advise you to ask you at once; I hear you, and am of God a submissive heart. Your coming. Amen, Even so come reward shall be with the Lord. Al. Lord Jesus, come quickly; for the though the people bė not gathered, prisoners of hope are looking out al as the prophet speaks, and suppose the prison windows, to see if they the word do not prosper, God shall can behold the king's ambassador account you a repairer of the coming with the king's warrant, and breaches. And take Christ caution, the keys

I write not to you by ye shall not lose your reward. Hold guess now, because I have a warrant your grip fast. If ye knew the to say unto you, the garments of nind of the glorified in heaven, they Christ's spouse must be once again think heaven come to their hand at dyed in blood, as long ago her hus. an easy market, when they have got band's was

but our Father sees his it for threescore or fourscore years' bleeding Son. What I write unto wrestling with God. When ye are you, shew it to I. G.

Grace, grace,

come thither, ye shall think, all I grace and mercy be with you, your did in respect of my rich reward now husband and children.

enjoyed of free grace, was too little.

Now then, for the love of the Prince Your's in the Lord,

of your salvation, who is standing at Anwoth,

S. R.

the end of your way, bolding up in his hand the prize and the garland to

the race-runners ; forward, forward, LETTER XIX.

faint not; take as many to heaven with you, as ye are able to draw

; the more ye draw with you, ye shall Well-beloved and dear Sister, in Christ, be the welcomer yourself. Be no I could not get an answer written niggard or sparing churl of the grace to your letter till now, in respect of of God; and employ all your enmy wife's disease, and she is yet leavours for establishing an honest mightily pained; I hope all shall ninistry in your town, now when ye end in God's mercy : I know that have so few to speak a good word an af cted life looks very like the for you, I have many a grieved way that leads to the kingdom ; heart daily in my calling : I would for the apostle, Acts xiv. 22. hath be undone, if I had not access to the drawn the line, and king's market- King's chamber of presence, to shew way, through much tribulation to him all the business. The devil the kingdom. The Lord grant u rages and is mad, to see the water the whole armour of God. Y drawn from his own mill; but would write to me concerning your peo to God, we could be the Lord's in. ple’s disposition, how their heart: struments to build the Son of God's are inclined toward the man you nouse. Pray for me. If the Lord




furnish not new timber from Leba-I his poor children. Therefore bid non, to build the house, the work my Well-beloved come to his garwill cease I look to him, who hath den, and feed among the lilies. And begun well with me; I have his as concerning Zion, I hope our hand-writ, he will not change. You Lord, who, Zech. ii. sent bis angel daughter is well, and longs for a with a measuring-line in his hand, to Bible. The Lord establish you in measure the length and breadth of peace. The Lord Jesus be with Jerusalem, in token he would not your spirit.

want a foot length or inch of his Your's at all power in Christ, own free heritage, shall take order Anwoth,

S. R.

with those who have taken away
many acres of his own land from

him; and God will build Jerusalem

in the old stead and place, where it

was before ; in this hope, rejoice and Mistress,

be glad Christ's garment was not My love in Christ remembered. Our dipt in blood for nothing, but for his communion is on sabbath come eight bride, whom he bought with strokes. days, I will intreat you to recom

I will desire you to remember my mend it to God, and to pray

for old suits to God, God's glory and in that work. I have more sins

increase of light, that I dry not up.

upon me now than the last time ; there. For your town, hope and believe, fore I will beseech you in Christ, that the Lord will eather in his loose seek this petition to me from God, sheaves among you to his barn, and that the Lord would give me grace

send one with a well-toothed sharp to and perform new obe-hook, and strong gardies, to reap his dience. I have cause to suit this harvest. And the Lord Jesus be of you, and shew it to Thomas Husbandman, and oversee the grow. Carsen, Fergus and Jane Brown, for ing. Remember my love to your I have been and am exceedingly husband and to Samuel : grace upon cast down, and am fighting against you and your children ; Lord make a malicious devil, of whom I can

them corner-stones in Jerusalem, win little ground, and I would think and give them grace in their youth, a spoil plucked from him and his to take band with the fair chief trușty servant sin, a lawful and just Corner-stone, who was hewed out conquest; and it were no sin to take of the mountain without hands, and from him. In the name of the got many a knock with his Father's Goodman of our house, King Jesus forehammer, and endured them all, I invite you to the banquet : he saith and the stone did neither cleave nor ye shall be dearly welcome to him. break ; upon that stone your soul And I desire to believe (howbeit not doth well to lie. King Jesus be without great fear) he shall be as with your spirit. hearty in his own house, as he has

Your friend in his well-beloved been before. For me it is but small

Lord Jesus,

S. R. reckoning; but I would fain bave Anwoth, our Father and Lord to break the

@a@ce*** fair Loaf, Christ, and to distribute

LETTER XXI. his slain Son amongst the children of his house; and that, if any were a step-child, in respect of comfort Much honoured and dear Mistress, and

sense, it were rather myself than My love in Christ remembered. I



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am grieved at the heart to write any comfort your soul ; but have pathing to you, to breed heaviness to tience and stand still; he that beyou; and what I have written, I lieveth maketh not haste. This matwrote it with much heaviness. But ter of Crammond, cast in at this I intreat you in Christ's name, when time, is either a temptation, having my soul is under wrestlings, and fallen out at this time, or then it will seeking direction from our Lord (to clear all my doubts, and let you see whom his vineyard belongeth) whi- the Lord's will. But I never knew ther I shall go, give me liberty to my own part in the business till now; advise, and try all airths and paths, I thought I was more willing to have to see whether he .goeth before me embraced the charge in your town and leadeth me; for if I were assu-than I am, or am able to win to. I red of God's call to your town, let know ye pray that God would remy arm fall from my shoulder blade solve me what to do; and will interand lose power, and my right eye be pret me, as love biddeth you, which dryed up, which is the judgment of thinketh not ill, and believeth all the idol shepherd, Zech xi. 17. if things, and hopeth all things. Would I would not swim through the water ye have more than the Son of God ? without a boat, ere I sat his bidding. and ye have him already, and ye But if ye knew my doubtings and shall be fed by the Carver of the fears in that, ye would suffer with meat, be who he will, and these

Whether they be temptations, who are hungry, look more to the or impediments cast in by God, I meat than to the Carver.

I cannot know not ; but you have now cause see you the next week. If my lady to thank God : for, seeing the Bi- come home, I must visit her. The shop hath given you such a promise, week thereafter will be a presbytery he will give you an honest man. at Girtoun; God will dispose of the more willingly than he will permit meeting. Grace upon you, and me to come to you. And, as I ever your seed and husband : the Lord intreated you, put the business out Jesus be with your spirit. of your hand in the Lord's rever

Your's in Christ, ence; and try of him if ye have Anwoth,

S. R, warrant of him to seek no man in the world, but one only, when there are choice of good men to be had ;

LETTER XXII. howbeit they be too scarce yet they are.

And what God saith to me in the business, I resolve by his grace Worthy and well-beloved Mistress, to do: for I know not what he will My love in Christ remembered. I do with me, but God shall fill you have sent you a letter from Mr. with joy ere the business be ended : David Dickson, concerning the plafor 1 persuade myself, our Lord Je-cing of Mr. Hugh MacKail with sus hath stirred you up already to themselves ; therefore I write to you do good in the business, and ye now, only to intreat you in Christ shall not loose your reward. I have not to be discouraged thereat : be heard your husband and Samuel submissive to the will of your dear have been sick. The man who is Lord, who knoweth best what is called the Branch and God's Fel- good for your soul and your town low, who standeth before his Father, both; for God can come over greatwill be your stay and help, Zech. er mountains than these, we believe xiii. 7. I would I were able to for he worketh his greatest works


LETTER XXIII. contrary to carnal reason and means. My ways are not (saith our Lord)

For MARION MACNAUGHT. as your ways neither are my

Well-beloved Sister, thoughts as your thoughts Isa. Iv. 1

My love in Jesus Christ remembered, am no whit put from

belief for

Your daughter well, thanks be to all that ; believe, pray, and use

God; I trust in him ye shall have means. We shall cause Mr. John

I Ker, who convoyed myself to Loch- joy of her; the Lord bless her. invar, to use means to seek a man, chising. The bearer is in haste; for

am now presently going about cateif Mr. Hugh fail us. Our Lord has a little bride among you, and get not poor Zion, and the Lord re


you. for we shall be shortI trust he will send one to woo her to our sweet Lord Jesus. He will that our faith fail not. I would wish

ly winnowed; Jesus, pray for us, not want his wite for the suiting; to see you a sabbath with us, and we and he has means abundance in his shall stir up one another, God willhand, to open all the slots and bars ing to seek the Lord; for it may be, that Satan draws over the door: he he hide himself from us ere it be long: cometh to his bride leaping over the

keep that which you have, ye will mountains, and skipping over the

get more in heaven. The Lord send hills His way to his spouse is full

us to the shore out of all the storms, of stones, mountains, and waters ; with our silly souls whole and sound yet he putteth in his foot and wad- with us : for if liber:y of conscience eth through; he will not want her :

come as is rumoured, the best of us and therefore refresh me with two all will be put to our wits, to seek words, concerning your corfidence how to be freed. But we shall be and cou age in our Lord, both about with those, who have their chamber that and about his own Zion; for he to go uno, spoken of, Isa xxvi 20. wooeth his wife in the burning Read the place yourself, and keep bush : and for the good will of him that dwelleth in the bush, the bush storm be past

. If you can learn a your

house while the is not consumed. It is better to dittay aganst C. try, and cause try, weep with Jerusalem in the forenoon, that we may see the Lord's righteous than to weep with Babel afternoon,

judgment upon the devil's instru. in the end of the day. Our day of

We are not much obliged to laughter and rejoicing is coming : his kindness; I wish all such wickyet a little while and ye shall see the ed doers were cut off. These in salvation of God. I long to see you, haste : I bless you in God's name and to hear how your children are, and all yours. Your daughter deespecially Samuel. Grace be their

sires a Bible and a gown; I hope heritage and portion from the Lord, she shall use the Bible well, which and the Lord be their lot, and then if she do, the gown is the better betheir inheritance shall please them

stowed. The Lord Jesus be with well. Remember my love to your

your spirit. husband : the Lord Jesus be with

Your's for ever in Christ, your spirit


S. R. Your's in his sweet Lord Jesus, Anwoth,

S. R.

you within






Worthy and well beloved mistress,
My love in Jesus Christ remember: My love in Christ remembered. I

know ed. I am in good tealth, honour to ye

have heard of the purpose my Lord;


wife's disease in- of my adversaries, to try what they creaseth daily, to her great torment can do against me at this synod, for

the work of God in your town when and pain night and day; she has not been in God's house since our com.

I was at your communion. They munion, neither out of her bed. I

intend to call me in question at have hired a man to Edinburgh, to

the synod, for treasonable doctrine; Dr. Jeally and to John Hamilton: I therefore help me with your prayers, can hardly believe her disease is or

and desire your acquaintance to help

me also. Your ears heard how Christ dinary; for her life is bitter to her ;

was there; if he suffer his servant she sleeps none, but cries, as a wo. man travailing in birth ; what will to get a broken head, in his own be the event he that hath the keys kingly service, and not either help

or revenge

the of the grave knows; I have been


I never saw

the like of it. There is not a nightmany times, since I saw you, that I have besought the Lord to loose her drunkard, time-serving, idle idol-shepout of the body, and to take her to

herd to be spoken against, I am the her rest.

I believe the Lord's tide only man; and because it is so, and of afflictions will ebb again ; but at

I know God will not help them, lest present I am exercised with the they be proud, I am confident their wrestlings of God, being afraid of process shall fall asunder. Only be nothing more than this, that God ye earnest with God for hearing, for has let loose the tempter upon my that he may in heaven hear both

an open ear, and reading of the bill, house. God rebuke him and his instruments. Because Satan is not parties, and judge accordingly: and cast out but by fasting and prayer. who now ride highest, put Christ

doubt not, fear not, they shall not, I entreat you remember our estate to our Lord, and intreat all good land. The pride of man, and his

out of his kingly possession in ScotChristians, whom ye know, but especially your pastor, to do the same. rage, shall turn to the praise of our

Lord. It becomes us still to knock, and to

It is an old feud, that the lie at the Lord's door, while we die

rulers of the earth, the dragon and knocking; If he will not open, it is his angels, have carried to the Lamb

and his followers : but the followers more than he has said in his word; but he is faithful. I look not to win

of the Lamb shall overcome by the

word of God: and believe this, and away to my home without wounds and blood. Welcome, welcome cross

wait on a little, till they have got of Christ, if Christ be with it.

their womb full of clay and gravel, have not a calm spirit in the work and they shall know, howbeit stolen of my calling here, being daily chas water's be sweet, Esau's portion is tised. yet God hath not put out my

not worth his hunting. Commend candle, as he does to the wicked

me to your husband, and send me

word how Grissel is. The Son of Grace, grace be with you and all

God lead her through the water, yours.

The Lord Jesus be with your spirit. Your's in his Lord,

Your's in his only, only Lord Jesus, Anwoth,

S. R.

S. R.

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