putation for godliness and learning: To Mrs. GILLESPIE.

for he knoweth the weight of these Dear Sister,

mercies would crush you and break I having heard how the Lord hath you; and as there is no searching visited you, in removing the child out of his understanding, so he hath Archibald; I hope ye see the sett- skill to know what providence will ing down of the weight of your con- make Christ dearest to you; and let fidence and affection upon any cre- not your heart say, It is an ill wailed ated thing, whether husband or dispensation. Sure Christ, who hath child, is a deceiving thing; and that seven eyes, had before him the good the creature is not able to bear the of a living husband and children for weight, but sinketh down to very Margaret Murray, and the good of nothing under your confidence: and a removed husband and children therefore ye are Christ's debtor for translated to glory; now he hath all providences of this kind, even in opened his decree to you, say, Christ that he buildeth an hedge of thorns hath made me for a wise and graciin your way: for so ye see his gra- ous choice, and I have not one word cious intention is to save you (if I to say to the contrary. Let not may say so) whether ye will or not. your heart charge any thing, nor It is a rich mercy, that the Lord unbelief libel injuries upon Christ; Christ will be Master of your will because he will not let you alone, and of your delights, and that his nor give you leave to play the idolaway is so fair, for landing of hus- tress with such as have not that band and children before hand in right to your love that Christ hath. the country whitherto ye are jour- 1 should wish at the reading of this neying. No matter how little ye be that ye may fall down and make a engaged to the world, since ye have surrender of those that are gone, such experience of cross dealing in and those that are yet alive, to him: it; had ye been a child of the house, and for you, let him have all; and the world would have dealt more wait for himself, for he will come warmly with its own : there is less and will not tarry: live by faith, and of you out of heaven, that the the peace of God guard your heart; child is there, and the husband is he cannot die whose ye are. My there, but much more that your wife suffers with you, and rememHead Kinsman and Redeemer doth bereth her love to you. fetch home such as are in danger to

Your brother in Christ, be lost : and from this time forward fetch not your comforts from such

St. Andrews, Aug. 1659. broken cisterns and dry wells ; if the

ces Lord pull at the rest, ye must not be the creature that shall hold when

LETTER LVI. he drawetli. Truly, to me your case To the worthy and much honoured Colonel is more comfortable, than if the fireside were well plenished with ten

Much honoured and truly worthy, children: the Lord saw ye was able, I hope I shall not need to shex by his grace to bear the loss of hus- you, that ye are in greater hazard band and child; and that ye are that from yourself and your own spirit, weak and tender as not to be able which would be watched over, (that to stand under the mercy of a gra- your actings for God may be clean, cious husband living and flourishing spiritual, purely for God, for the in esteein with authority, and in re- Prince of the kings of the earth)

S. R.


than ye can be in danger from your ful of trees of righteousness, and eneinies O how hard is it, to get payeth and shall pay more thouthe intentions so cut off from, ani sands to the Lord of the vineyard, raise i above the creature, as to be han is paid in thrice the bounds of without mixture of creature and Great Britain upon earth) and then carnal interest, and to have the sou! here can be neither Papist, Prelate, in heavenly actings, only eyeing Malignant, nor Sectary, who dare himself, and acting from love to raw a sword against him that sitGod, revealed to us in Jesus Christ ! reth upon the throne. Sir, I shall Ye will find yourself. your delights, wish a clean army, so tar as may your solid glory (far above the air be, that the shout of a King, who and breathings of inouths and the hath many crowns, may be a noug. thin, short poor applauses of men) you; and that ye may fight in faith, before


in God. All the crea- and prevail with God first. Think tures, all the swords, all the host: it your glory, to have a sword to in Britain, and in this poor globe of act, and suffer and die (if it please the habitable world, are but under him) so being ye may add any thing hiin single cyphers making no num-o the declarative giory of Christ, ber, the product being nothing but the Plant of renown Immanuel, painted inen, and painted swords in God with us: happy and thrice a brod, without influence from him : blessed are they by whose actings, and, O what a God is in Gideon's or blood, or pain, or loss, the diasword, when it is the sword of the lems and rubies of his highest and Lord! I wish a sword from heaven glorious crown (whose ye are) shall to you, and orders from heaven to glister and shine in this quarter of you to go out, and as much peremp- the habitable world: though he toriness of a heavenly will, as to need not Gilbert Ker his say and abide by it, • I will not. I sword; yet this honour bave ye shall not go out unless thou goest with his redeemed soldiers, to call with me.'

I desire not to be rash in Christ high Lord-general, of whom judging; but I am a stranger to the ye hope for pay, and all arrears mind of Christ, if our adversaries, well told. Go on, worthy Sir, in who have unjustly invaded us, be the courage of faith, following the not now in the camp of those that Lamb: make not haste unbelievingmake war with the Lamb: but the ly; but in hope and silence keep Lamb shall overcome them at length; the watch-tower and look out; he for he is the Lord of lords, and will come in his own time, his salKing of kings, and they who are vation shall not tarry, he shall place with him are called, and chosen, and salvation in Britain's Zion for Isfaithful, and though ye and I see rael's glory. His gool-will who but the dark side of God's dispen-welt in the bush and it burnt not, sations this day towards Britain, yet be your's, and with you. I am the fair, beautiful and desirable close

Your's, in his sweet Lord Jesus. of it must be the confederacy of the nations of the world with Britain's

St. Andrews, Aug. 10. 1650, S. R. Lord of armies. And let me die in the comforts of the faith of this, that a throne shall be set


for Christ in this island of B itain (which is and shall be a garden more fruit

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LETTER LVII. len; and dare say, it is a better To the worthy and much honoured Colonel and a more comfortable dispensation, GILBERT KER.

than if the Lord had given us the vicMuch honoured and worthy Sir,

tory, and the necks of the reproach. What I wrote to you before, I

ers of the


of God, because he spake not upon any private war- hath done it': for, 1. More blood, rant: I am where I was ; Crom. blasphemies, cruelty, treachery, must well and his army (I shall not be upon the accounts of the men, say, but there may be and are seve. whose land the Lord forbid us to ral sober and godly among them, invade. 2. Victory is such a burwho have either joined through mis- dening and weighty mercy, that information, or have gone alongst we have not strength to bear it with the rest in the simplicity of

as yet. 3. That was not the ar. their hearts, not knowing any thing) my, nor Gideon's three hundred, fight in an unjust cause, against the by whom he is to save us : we must Lord's secret ones; and now, to have one of our Lord's carving. the trampling of the worship of God Our enemies on both sides are not and persecuting the people of God enough hardened, nor we enough in England and Ireland, he hath mortified to multitude, valour and brought upon his score the blood of

creatures. Grace, grace be with the people of God in Scotland. I

you. entreat you, dear Sir, as ye desire

Your friend and servant in his to be serviceable to Jesus Christ,

sweet Lord Jesus, whose free grace prevented you, St. Andrews, Sept. 5th. 1650.

S. Re when ye were his enemy, without fainting, equally eschewing all mixtures with Sectaries and Malignants; neither of the two shall

LETTER LVIII. ever be instruinental to save the Lord's people, or build his house; and without prophesying, or speak

Much honoured and worthy Sir, ing further than he, whose I am, and It is considerable, that the Lord whom I desire to serve in the gos- may, and often doth call to a work, pel of his Son, shall warrant, I de- and yet hide himself and try the sire to hope, and to believe, there is faith of bis own; jf I conceive aright, a glory and a majesty of the Prince the Lord hath called you to act of the kings of the earth, that against that enemy; and the withshall shine and appear in Great Bri- drawers of their sword, in my weak tain, which shall darken all the glo- apprehension, add their zeal unto, ry of men, confound Sectaries and and take upon them the guilt of that Malignants; and rejoice the spirits unjust invasion of this land made by of the followers of the Lamb, and Cromwell's army, and of the blood dazzle the eyes of the beholders. of the Lord's people in this kingSir, I suppose

that God is to gather dom; since the sword, put into the malignants and Sectaries, ere all be hand of his children, is to execute done, as sheaves in a barn.floor ; and wrath and vengeance upon evilto bid the daughter of Zion arise doers: the Lord's time of appear. and thresh: I hope ye will mix with ing for his broken land is reserved none of them: I am abundantly sa to the breathings of the Spirit of tisfied, that our army through the the Lord, such as came upon Gi. sinful miscarriage of men, hath fal- I beon and Samson, and that is an act

To the worthy and much honoured Colonel


our cause.

of princely and royal sovereignty in remove the cloud that is over you) God. Ye are, Sir, to lay hold on if authority would concur, were to opportunities of providence, and to be desired; but it can hardly be exwait for him; as for your particular pected: however, in the way of duty, treating by yourselves with the in- and in the silence of faith go od ; if vaders of our land, I have no mind ye perish, ye are the first of the to it, and do look upon their way as creation with whom the Lord hath a carrying on of the mystery of ini- taken that dispensation. I should quity (for Babylon is a seat of many humbly desire you, Sir, to look to names) Sir, let this controversy stand that, • Dying, and behold we live; undecided till the second appearance killed all the day long, and yet more of Jesus Christ, and our appeal lye than conquerors. There shall be before the throne updiscussed till the heat and warmness of life in that day ; I hope to lye down in the your graves, and buried bones : but grave in the faith of the justness of look not for the Lord's coming the

I speak nothing of the higher way only, for he may come maintaining the greatness of men, the lower way. O how little of God not subordinate to the Prince of the do we see and how mysterious is he! kings of the earth. I judge that Christ known is amongst the greatthe blood of the witnesses of Jesus est secrets of God. Keep yourself is found upon the skirts of this so- in the love of God, and in order to ciety, as well as in Babylon's skirts: that as far in obedience and subI believe the way of the Lord is jection to the king (whose salvation Colonel Gilbert Ker's strength and and true happiness my soul desireth) glory; and I should be content to and to every ordinance of man for want my part of him, (which is I the Lord's sake, and to the fundaconfess, precious and dear in Christ) mental laws of this kingdom, as 80 he be spent in the service of him, your Lord requireth. Sir, ye are who will anon make inquisition for in the hearts and prayers of the the blood of the truly godly, which Lord's people in this kingdom, and these men bave shed, after fair in the other two; the Lord hath warning that they were the godly of said, There is a blessing in the clusScotland. Worthy Sir, believe, ter of grapes, destroy it not. Grace, faint not, set your shoulder under grace be upon the head of him that the glory of Jesus, that is misprised is separated from his brethren; and in Scotland, and give a testimony the good-will of him that dwelt in for him; he hath many names in the bush be with

you. Scotland, who shall walk with him

Your servant in his sweet Lord Jesus, in white. This despised covenant Perth Nov. 23. 1750.

S. R. shall ruin Malignants, Sectaries, and Atheists : yet a little while, and behold he cometh, and walketh in the

LETTER LIX. greatness of his strength, and his garments dyed with blood. Oh for

To the worthy,

and much honoured Colonel the sad and terrible day of the Lord upon England, their ships of

Much honoured and worthy Sir, Tarshish, their fenced cities, &c. I KNOW not why the people of God because of a broken covenant! A should not take notice of the bonds conference with the enemy, not to of any who have blood in readiness hinder acting, (o that the Lord to be let out for his cause: and I would thereby, or some other way judge it was not of you,


that ye


died not in the undecided contro. hath raised the riches of the glory versy which the Lord of the whole of so much grace above the circle earth hath with the men whom he of the heaven of heavens, out of hath sent against us Dear and vry nothing; and contrived his much honoured in the Lord, let me thoughts of love, so that lumps of entreat you to be far from thi gl rified clay should stand before thoughts of leaving this land: I see him, for all ages, the burdens and it, and find it that the lord hath loaden debtors of free, eternally free covered the whole land with a clour grace. Sir, ye cannot cast the in his anger ; but though I have count of the rents of your so great been tempted to the like, I had ra inheritance of glory. Grace be ther be in Scotland, beside angry with you. Jesus Christ, knowing he mindeth Your servant in his own Lord Jesus. no evil to us, than in any Eden or Edin. May 18. 1651.

S. R. garden in the earth. If we can re main united with the Lord's rem nant in the land, he layeth up wrath

LETTER LX. for all sorts of adversaries in Britain.

To the much honoured and truly worthy Colonel Though I never see the glory of his glistering sword in Britain, I would

Hab. ii verses 3, 4, be solaced in the innocent thoughts Much honoured and worthy Sir, (far from revenge) that the saints Your chains now shine as much for shall dip their feet in the blood of Christ, the cause being his, as your the slain of the Lord. And truly, sword was made famous in acting Sir, I suppose, ye cannot but come for that cause ; and blessed are such 10 these thoughts and weak desires as can willingly tender to Christ before the Hearer of prayers, for both action and blood, doing and as little as ye think of and value suffering Resisting unto blood is yourself: for me, if I could mind little for that precious and neveryou in your bonds, I purpose not enough exalted Redeemer, who, to stand to the account ye give, or when ye were a-buying gave blood thoughts ye have of yourself; though somewhat dearer than ye gave for I knew ye are not a whit more or him, even the blood of God, Acis less before him (who weigheth his xx 28. I know a man, who, upon own according to the weight of im- the receipt of a letter, that ye were puted righteousness) for my appre-killed, and the people of God dehensions. Christ cannot mistake stroyed, wished, that he might be you, men may; and the calculation quickly under the wall of the higher and esteem of free grace maketh palace, from under the dint of the you to be what you are I hope to storm, and who longed to have the see you an everlastingly obliged weather-beaten and crazy bark safedebtor to him, whom ye shall praise, ly landed in that harbour of eternal but rever pay: and truly ye have quietness. What further service no riches but that debt; and I know Christ hath for

you, ye love to be engaged to Jesus is enough, that in your captivity ye Christ, the most excellent of credi- offer your service to Christ : but, if tors. Much joy and sweetness may I see any thing, it looks like a mere ye have in standing written in his ciful defeat I see the nobles and book: I desire to do it myself, and the state falling off from Christ, and I would have you also highly to the night coming upon the prophets, esteem the design of Christ, who which we would pray to prevent :

I know not; it

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