10 grip your soul. Madam, for the a broken head, Gen. iii. 15. cannot Son of God's sake, let him not miss be ill to his friends, who get far his grip, but stay and abide in the less of death than himself. There. love of God, as Jude saith, ver. 21. fore, Madam, seeing ye know not Now, Madam, I hope your Lady. but the journey is ended, and ye ship will take these lines in good are come to the water-side, in God's part; and wherein I have fallen wisdom, look all your papers and short and failed to your ladyship, your counts, and whether ye be in not evidencing what I was obliged ready to receive the kingdom of to your wore than undeserved love heaven as a little child, in whom and respect, I request for a full there is little haughtiness and much pardon for it. Again, my dear and humility. I would be far from dis. noble Lady, let me beseech you to couraging your Ladyship; but there lift up your head, for the day of is an absolute necessity, that, near your redemption draweth pear; and eternity, we look ere ve leap, seeremember that star that shined in ing no man winneth back again to Galloway is now sbining in another mend his leap. I am confident world. Now I pray that God may your Ladyship thinketh often upon answer his own stile to your soul; it, and that your

old Guide shall go and that he may be to you the God before you and take


his of all consolations. Thus I remain love to you will not grow sour, nor Your Ladyship's at all dutiful obedience in wear out of date, as the love of the Lord,

men, which groweth old and graya Anwoth, Sept. 14, 1634.

S. R headed often before themselves.

Ye have so much the more reason to love a better life than this, be

cause this world hath been to you LETTER XX.

a cold fire, with little heat to the To my Lady KENMURE.

body, and as little light, and much Madam,

smoke to hurt the eyes. But, AlL dutiful obedience in our Lord Madam, your Lord would have remembered ; I know ye are now you thinking it but dry breasts, full near one of those straits in which of wind, and empty of food. In ye have been before : but because this late visitation that hath befallen your outward comforts are fewer, 1 your Ladyship, ye have seen God's pray him, whose ye are, to supply love and care, in such a measure, what ye want, another way : for that I thought our Lord brake the howbeit we cannot win to the bot- sharp point off the cross, and made tom of his wise providence, who us and your Ladyship see Christ ruleth all; yet it is certain, this is take possession and infeftnent upon not only good, which the Almighty earth of him who is now reigning hath done, but it is best: and he and triumphing with the hundred hath reckoned all your steps to and forty and four thousand, who heaven; and if your Ladyship were stand with the Lamb on through this water, there are the Zion. I know, the sweetest of it is fewer behind; and if this were the bitter to you; but your Lord will last, I hope your Ladyship hath not give you painted crosses : he learned by on-waiting to make your pareth not all the bitterness from acquaintance with death, which be the cross, neither taketh he the ing, to the Lord, the woman's Seed, sharp edge quite from it; then it Jesus, only a bloody heel, and not should be of your wailing, and not

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of his, which should have as little help; and I am persuaded that in reason in it, as it should have pro. my adversities your Ladyship will fit for us.

Only, Madam, God wish me well. I seek no other commandeth you now to believe, thing, but that my Lord may be and cast anchor in the dark night, honoured by me in giving a tesand climb up the mountain : he timony, I was willing to do him who hath called you, establish you more service; but seeing he will and confirm you to the end. I have no more of my laboure, and had a purpose to have visited your this land will thrust me out, I pray Ladyship; but when I thought for grace to learn to be acquaint better upon it, the truth is, I can- with misery, if I may give so rough not see what my company could a name to such a mark of those profit you: and this hath broken who shall be crowned with Christ : off my purpose, and no other thing. and howbeit I will possibly prove I know many honourable friends a faint-hearted unwise man in that, and worthy professors will see your yet I dare say, I intend otherwise : Ladyship; and that the Son of and I desire not to go on the leeGod is with you, to whose love and side or sunny-side of religion, to mercy, from my soul, I recom- put truth betwixt me and a storm ; mend your Ladyship, and remain my Saviour did not so for me, who Your Ladyskip's at all clutiful obedience in his suffering took the windy side

in his sweet Lord Jesus, of the hill, No further, but the Anwoth, Nov. 29, 1634.

S. R. Son of God be with you.

Your Ladyship's in the Lord Jesus, Anwoth, Dec. 5, 1654.


2006 To my Lady K EN MURE. Madam,

LETTER XXII. My humble obedience in the Lord

To my Lady KENMURE. remembered. Know it hath pleas

Madan, ed the Lord, to let me see, by all I RECEIVED your Ladyship's letter appearance, my labours in God's from J. G. I thank our Lord ye house here are at an end; and I are as well, at least, as one may be, must now learn to suffer, in the who is not come home: it is a which I am a dull scholar. By a mercy in this stormy sea, to get a strange providence, some of my second wind; for none of the saints papers anent the corruptions of get a first, but they must take this time are come to our king's the winds as the Lord of the seas hand; I know by the wise and causeth them to blow; and the inn, well-affected, I shall be censured, as as the Lord and Master of the not wise nor circu inspect enough; inns hath ordered it: if contentbut it is ordinary that that should ment were here, heaven were not be a part of the cross of those who heaven. Whoever seek the world suffer for him : yet I love and par- to be their bed, shall at best find don the instrument; I would com. it short and ill made, and a stone mit my life to him, howbeit by him under their side to hold them wakthis hath befallen me; but I look ing, rather than a soft pillow to higher than to him. I make no sleep upon. Ye ought to bless question of your Ladyship's love your Lord, that it is not worse : and care to do what ye can for my we live in a sea where many have

suffered shipwreck, and have need saw this world turned your stepthat Christ sit at the helm of the mother, and did forsake you. Ma. ship. It is a mercy to win to hea. dam, ye have reason to take in ven, though with much hard toil good part a lean dinner and spare and heavy labour, and to take it by diet, in this life, seeing your large violence, ill and well as it may supper of the Lamb's preparing will be: better go swimming and wet recompense all: let it go, which through our waters, than drown by was never yours, but only in sight, the way; especially now when not in property: the time of your truth suffereth, and great men bid loan will wear shorter and shorter, Christ sit lower, and contract him- and time is measured to you by self in less bound, as if he took ounce-weights : and then I know, too much room. I expect our your hope shall be a full ear of corn, new Prelate shall try my sitting, and not blasted with wind': it may I hang by a thread, but it is (if I be your joy, that your anchor is up may speak so) of Christ's spinning within the vail, and that the ground there is no quarrel more honest or it is cast apon, is not false but firm. honourable than to suffer for truth; God hath done his part: I hope but the worst is, that this kirk is ye will not deny to fish and fetch like to sink, and all her lovers and home all your love to himself; and friends stand afar off, none mourn it is but too narrow and short for with her, and none mourn for her. him if it were more : if ye were But the Lord Jesus will not be put before pouring all your love (if it out of his conquest so soon in Scot. had been many gallons more) in land : it will be seen, the kirk and upon your Lord, if drops fell by truth will rise again within three in the in-pouring, he forgiveth you: days, and Christ again shall ride he hath done now all that can be upon his white horse; howbeit his done, to win beyond it all, and horse seem now to stumble, yet he hath left little to woo your love cannot fall: the fullness of Christ's from himself, except one only child harvest in the end of the earth is what is his purpose herein, he not yet come in. I speak not this, knoweth best, who hath taken your because I would have it so, but soul in tutoring. Your faith may upon better grounds than my naked be boldly charitable of Christ, that, liking. But enough of this sad sub- however matters go, the worst shall ject. I long to be fully assured of be a tired traveller, and a joyful your Ladyship’s welfare, and that and a sweet welcome home. The your soul prospereth, especially back of your winter night is broken: now in your solitary life, when look to the east, the day sky is your comforts outward are few, breaking; think 'not that Christ and when Christ hath you for the loseth time, or lingereth unsuitably. very uptaking. I know his love to O fair, fair and sweet morning! you is still running over, and his We are but as sea-passengers ; if love hath not so bad a memory as we look right we are upon our to forget you and your dear child, country coast; our Redeemer is who hath two fathers in heaven, fast coming, to take this old wormthe one the Ancient of days. I eaten world, like an old moth-eaten trust in his mercy, he hath some- garment, in his two hands, and to thing laid up for him above, how.roll it up, and lay it by him. These ever it may go with him here, I are the last days, and an oath is know it is long since your Ladyship given, Rev. x. by God himself,

that time shall be no more: and when you and your child, and bear you time itself is old and gray-haired, it company to your best home. were good we were away. Thus, Your Ladyship’s in his sweet Lord Jesus, Madam, ye see I am, as my custom

Anwoth, June 8, 1636.

S. R. is, tedious in my lines ; your Lady. ship will pardon it. The Lord Jesus be with your spirit.

LETTER XXIV. Your Ladyship's at all obedience in Christ,

To E ARLSTOUN, Elder. Anwoth, Jan. 18, 1636.

S. R.

Much Honoured Sir,
I HAVE heard of the mind and ma.

lice of your adversaries against you; LETTER XXIII.

it is like they will extend the law To My Lady KEN MUR E. they have, in length and breadth, Madam,

answerable to their heat of mind ; I cannot find a time for writing but it is a great part of your glory, some things I intended on Job, 1 that the cause is not yours, but

your have been so taken up with the Lord's whom ye serve; and I doubt broils that we are incumbered with not but Christ will count it his hon. in our calling: for Prelates will our to back his weak servant ; and have us either to swallow our light it were a shame for him, with reover, and digest it, contrary to our verence to his holy name, that he stomachs, howbeit we should vomit should suffer himself to be in the our' conscience and all, in this common of such a poor man as ye troublesome conformity; or then are, and that ye should give out for he will try if deprivation can con him, and not get in

again; write

up vert us to the ceremonial faith your depursements for your Master write to your Ladyship, Madam, Christ, and keep the count what not as distrusting your affection, ye give out, whether name, credit, or willingness to help me, as your goods, or life, and suspend your Ladyship is able by yourself, or reckoning till nigh the evening; and others, but to advertise you, that I remember that a poor weak servant hang by a small thread : for our of Christ wrote it to you, ye shall learned Prelate because we can- have Christ, a King, caution for not see with his eyes, so far in a your incomes and all your losses. mill-stone, as his light doth, will Reckon not from the forenoon; take not follow his Master, meek Jesus, the word of God for your warrant, who waited upon the wearied and and for Christ's act of cautionry, short breathed in the way to hea howbeit body, life and goods go for ven: and where all see not alike, Christ your Lord, and though ye and some are weaker, he carrieth should lose the head for him; yet, the lambs in his bosom, and leadeth Luke xxi. 18. There shall not one gently those that are with young, hair of your head perish, ver. 19. But we must either see all the evil In patience therefore possess your of ceremonies to be but as indif. soul. And because ye are the first ferent straws, or suffer no less than man in Galloway called out, and to be casten out of the Lord's in- questioned for the name of Jesus, heritance. Madam, if I had time, his eye hath been upon you, as upon I would write more at length; but one whom he designed to be among your Ladyship will pardon me, till his witnesses. Christ hath said, a fitter occasion. Grace be with Alexander Gordon shall lead the

ring, in witnessing a good confese, teeth. That ye are a head to, and sion; and therefore he hath put the favourer of the Puritans, and leader garland of suffering for himself first to that sect. If your conscience upon your head; think yourself so say, Alas, here is much din and litmuch the more obliged to him, and tle done, as the proverb is, because fear not; for he layeth his right- ye have not done so much service hand on your head. He who was to Christ that way as ye might and dead and is alive, will plead your should : take courage from that cause, and will look attentively upon same temptation; for your Lord the process from the beginning to Christ looketh


chal. the end; and the Spirit of glory lenge, as an hungering desire in shall rest upon you, Rev. ii. 10. you to have done more than ye did; Fear none of these things which and that filleth up the blank, and thou shalt suffer; behold the devil he will

of what


have done shall cast some of you into prison, in that kind. If great men be that ye may be tried, and ye shall kind to you, I

pray you overlook have tribulation ten days. Be thou them: if they smile on you, Christ faithful unto the death, and I will but borroweth their face, to smile give thee the crown of life. This through them upon his afflicted serJovely One Jesus, who also became vant; know the Well head: and for the Son of man, that he might take all that, learn the way to the well strokes for you, write the cross itself. Thank God that Christ sweetening and soul-supporting sense came to your house in your absence, of these words in your heart. These and took with him some of your rumbling wheels of Scotland's ten children; he presumeth that much days tribulation are under his looks, on your love, that ye would not who hath seven eyes.

Take an offend; and howbeit he should take house on your head, and slip your. the rest, he cannot come upon your self by faith under Christ's wings, wrong side; I question not, if they till the storm be over; and remem. were children of gold, but ye

think ber, when they have drunk us down. them well bestowed upon him. ExJerusalem will be a cup of trem- pound well two rods on you, one bling and of poison, Zech. xii. 2. in your house at home, another They shall be fain to vomit out the on your own person abroad; love saints; for Judah, ver. 6. shall be thinketh no evil; if

ye were not an hearth of fire in a sheaf, and they Christ's wheat, appointed to be shall devour all the people round bread in his house, he would not about, on the right hand, and on grind you. But keep the middle line, the left. Wo to the enemies, of neither despise nor faint, Heb. xii. Zion they have the worst of it: 6. Ye see your Father is homely for we have writ for the victory. with you: strokes of a father eviSir, Ye were never so honourable dence kindness and care; take them as ye are now; this is your glory, 80. I hope your Lord hath mani. that Christ hath put you in the roll fested himself to you, and suggested with himself, and the rest of the these or more choice thoughts about witnesses, who are come out of his dealing with you: we are using great tribulation, and have washed our weak moyen and credit for you, their garments, and made them up at our own court; as we can, we white in the blood of the Lamb. pray the king to hear us, and the Be not cast down, for what the ser- Son of Man to go side for side with vants of Antichrist cast in your you, and hand in hand, in the fiery

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