but I believe ye shall prove fast to to God, were lawful, if our inten. Christ: to his grace I recommend tion go right. My lord, I cannot you.

in this bounds dispute ; but if CamYour Lordship's at all obedience bridge and Oxford, and the learning in Christ,

of Britain, will answer this argu. Aberdeen, July 8, 1637. Ș. R, ment, and the argument from ac

tive scandal, which your Lordship

seemech to stand upon, I will turn LETTER CCIX,

a formalist, and call myself an arrant

fool, by doing what I have done, in To my Lord CRAIHALL.

my suffering for this truth. I do My Lord,

much reverence Mr. L's learning; GRACE, mercy and peace be to but, my lord, I will answer what you. I am not only content, but I he writes in that, to pervert you exceedingly rejoice, that I find any from the truth ; else repute me be. of the rulers of this land, and es- side an hypocrite, an ass also ; I pecially your Lordship, so to affect hope ye shall see something upon Christ and his truth, as ye dare, for that subject, if the Lord permit, his name, come to yea and nay with that no sophistry in Britain shall monarchs in their face. I hope he answer. Courtiers' arguments, for who hath enabled you for that, will the most part, are drawn from their give more, if

ye shew yourself cou- own skin, and are not worth a straw ragious, and (as his word speaketh) for your conscience; a marquis' or a man in the streets for the Lord: a king's word, when ye stand bebut I pray your Lordship, give me fore Christ's tribunal, shall be lighter leave to be plain with you, as one than the wind. The Lord knoweth, who loveth both your honour and I love your true honour, and the your soul. I verily believe, there standing of your house ; but I was never idolatry at Rome, never would not, your honour or house idolatry condemned in God's word were established upon sand, and hay, by the prophets, if religious kneeling and stubble. But let me, my very before a consecrate creature, stand-dear and worthy lord, most humbly ing in room of Christ crucified, in that beseech you, by the mercies of God, very act, and that for reverence of by the consolations of his Spirit, by the elements (as our act cleareth) the dear blood and wounds of your be not idolatry. Neither will your lovely Redeemer, by the salvation intention help, which is not of the of your soul, by your compearance essence of worship; for then Aaron, before the awful face of a sin-resaying, To-morrow shall be a feast venging and dreadful judge, not to for Johovah, that is, for the golden set in comparison together your calf, should not have been guilty of soul's peace, Christ's love, and his idolatry; for he intended only to kingly honour, now called in ques. decline the lash of the people's fury, tion, with your place, honour, house, not to honour the calf. Your intention or ease, that an inch of time will to honour Christ is nothing, seeing make out of the way.' I verily bereligious kneeling by God's institu- lieve, Christ is now begging a testition doth necessarily import religi. mony of you ; and is saying, And ous and Divine adoration, suppose will ye also leave me? It is possible, onr intention were both dead and the wind shall not blow so fair for sleeping; otherwise kneeling before you all your life, for coming out the image of God, directing prayer and appearing before others, to

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of many

the poor

back and countenance Christ, the poor hungry honour! O cursed fairest

among the sons of men, the pleasure ! and O damnable ease, prince of the kings of the earth, bought with the loss of God! How İsa. li. 7. Fear not the reproach many shall pray for you! what a of men, neither be afraid of their sweet presence shall ye find of revilings." ver. 8. “For the moth Christ under your sufferings, if ye shall eat them up like a garment, shall lay down your honours and and the worm shall eat them like place at the feet of Christ! what wool.” When the Lord shall be fair recompence of reward! I a. gin, he shall make an end, and mow vouch before the Lord, that I am down his adversaries; and they now shewing you a way how the shall lie before him like withered house of Craighall may stand on hay, and their bloom shaken off sure pillars ; if ye will set it on rotthem. Consider how many thou- ten pillars, ye cruelly wrong your sands in this kingdom ye shall cause posterity ; ye have the word of a to fall and stumble, if ye go with King for an hundred fold more in them; and that ye shall be out of this life (if it be good for you) and the prayers

who do stand for life everlasting also. Make not before the Lord for you and your Christ a liar, in distrusting his prohouse; and further, when the time mise. Kings of clay cannot back of your accounts cometh, and your you when you stand before him : one foot shall be within the border a straw for them and their hungry of eternity, and the eye-strings shall heaven, that standeth on this side break, and the face wax pale, and of time; a fig for the day's smile of

soul shall look out at the a worm. Consider who have gone windows of the house of clay, long before you to eternity, and would ing to be out, and ye shall find have given a world for a new occayourself arraigned before the Judge sion of avouching that truth : it is of quick and dead, to answer for true they call it not substantial, and your putting to your hand with the we are made a scorn to those that rest, confederate against Christ, to are at ease, for suffering these the overturning of his ark, and the things for it; but it is not time to loosing of the pins of Christ's taber-judge of our losses by the morning; nacle in this land, and shall certain stay till the evening, and we shall ly see yourself mired in a course of count with the best of them. I apostacy; then, then a king's fa. have found by experience, since the vour and your worm-eaten honour time of my imprisonment (my wit. shall be miserable comforters to you. ness is above) Christ sealing this

The Lord hath enlightened you honourable cause with another, and with the knowledge of his will; and a nearer fellowship than ever I as the Lord liveth, they lead you knew before ; and let God weigh and others to a communion with me in an even balance in this, if I great Babel, the mother of fornica. would exchange the cross of Christ tions; and God said of old, and or his truth, with the fourteen precontinueth to say the same to you, lacies, or what else a king can give. Come out of her my people, lest ye My dear lord, ver to take the be partakers of her plagues. Will wind on your face for Christ; I be. ye

then go with them, and set up lieve if he should come from heaven your lip to the whore's golden cup, in his own person, and seek the and drink of the wine of the wrath charters of Craighall from you, and of God Almighty with them? Ola dismission of your place, and ye

saw his face, ye would fall down at grace I recommend your Lordship, his feet, and say, Lord Jesus, it is and shall remain too little for thee. If any man Your's at all respectful obedience in Christ, think it not a truth to die for, I am Aberdeen, July 8, 1637.

SR against hiin : I dare go to eternity with it, that this day the honour of our Lawgiver and King, in the go

LETTER CCX. vernment of his own free kingdom To the Lady CULROSS. (who should pay tribute to no dying Madam, king) is the true state of the ques | Your letter came in due time to tion. My lord, be ye upon Christ's me, now a prisoner of Christ, and in side of it, and take the word of a bonds for the gospel. I am sen. poor prisoner, nay the Lord Jesus tenced with deprivation and conbe surety for it, ye have incompar. finement within the town of Aberably made the wisest choice : for deen : but oh my guiltiness, the my own part I have been in this follies of my youth, the neglects in prison that I would be half ashamed my calling, and especially in not to seek more till I be up at the well speaking more for the kingdom, head. Few know in this world the crown, and sceptre of my royal and sweetness of Christ's breath, the princely King Jesus, do so stare me excellency of his love, which hath in the face, that I apprehend danneither brim nor bottom; the world ger in that which is a crown of re. hath raised a slander upon the cross joicing to the dear saints of God! of Christ, because they love to go This, before my compearance, which to heaven by dry land, and love not was three several days, did trouble sea storms ; but I write it under my me, and burdeneth me more now ; hand (and would say more, if possi- howbeit Christ, and, in him God bly a reader would not deem it reconciled, met me with open arms, hypocrisy) my obligation to Christ and trysted me, precisely at the for the smell of his garments, for entry of the door of the chancelhis love kisses, these thirty weeks, lor's hall, and assisted me to answer standeth so great, that I should, and so, as the advantage that is, is not I desire also to choose to suspend theirs, but Christ's. Alas! that is my salvation, to have many tongues no cause of wondering, that I am loosed in my behalf to praise him; thus borne down with challenges ; and suppose


person I never en. for the world hath mistaken me, 'tered within the gates of the new and no man knoweth what guiltiJerusalem, yet so being Christ may ness is in me, so well as these two, be set on high, and I had the liberty who keep my eyes now waking, and to cast my love and praises for ever my heart heavy, I mean, my heart over the wall to Christ, I would be and conscience, and my Lord, who silent and content. But O he is more is greater than my heart. Shew than my narrow praises ! O time, your brother, that I desire him, time, flee swiftly, that our commu- while he is on the watch tower, to nion with Jesus may be perfected ! plead with his mother, and to plead I wish your Lordship would urge with this land, and spare not to cry, Mr. L. to give his mind in the cere. for my sweet Lord Jesus his fair monies, and be pleased to let me crown, that the interdicted and for. see it as quickly as can be, and it bidden lords are plucking off his shall be answered. To his rich royal head, If I were free of chal.

lenges and a high commission with be in love with. I know, Christ in my soul, I would not give a straw shall make Aberdeen my garden of to go to my Father's house, through delights. I am fully persuaded that ten deaths, for the truth and cause Scotland shall eat Ezekiel's book, of my lovely, lovely one, Jesus! but that is written within and without, I walk in heaviness now. If ye love lamentation, and mourning, and me, and Christ in me, my dear La- woe, Ezek. ii. 10. but the saints dy, pray, pray for this only, that shall get a drink of the well that bygones betwixt my Lord and me, goeth through the streets of the may be bygones, and that he would new Jerusalem, to put it down. pass from the summons of his highThus, hoping ye will think upon commission, and seek nothing from the poor prisoner of Christ, I pray, me, but what he will do for me, Grace, grace be with you. and work in me. If your Ladyship Your Ladyship's in his sweet Lord Jesus, knew me, as I do myself, ye would Edin. July 30, 1696.

S, RO say, Poor soul, no marvel.

It is not my apprehension that createth

Sw@@ this cross to me; it is too real, and hath sad and certain grounds. But

LETTER CCXI. I will not believe that God will take

TO ALEXANDER GORDON of Earlstoun. this advantage of me when my back Much honoured Sir, :. is at the wall: he who forbiddeth I FIND sinall hopes of Q's business. to add affliction to affliction, will be I intend after the council day to go do it bimself? why should he pur- on to Aberdeen : the Lord is with sue a dry leaf and stubble? De me, I care not what man can do. sire him to spare me now.

Also I burden no man, and I want nothe memory of the fair feast days thing ; no king is better provided that Christ and I had in his ban than I am ; sweet, sweet, and easy queting house of wine, and the is the cross of my Lord: all men I scattered flock once committed to look in the face, (of whatsoever me, and now taken off my hand by rank, nobles and poor, acquainthimself, because I was not so faith-ance and strangers,) are friendly to ful in the end, as I was in the first me. My Well-beloved is some two years of my entry, when sleep kinder and more warmly than ordi. departed from my eyes, because nary, and cometh and visiteth my my soul was taken up with a care soul; my chains are over-gilded for Christ's lambs ; even these add with gold. Only the remembrance sorrow to my sorrow.


of my


fair days with Christ in An. Lord hath only given me this to woth, and of my dear flock, whose say, and I write it under mine own case is my heart's sorrow, is vine. hand, (be ye the Lord's servant’s gar to my sugared wine; yet both witness,) welcome, welcome sweet, sweet and sou feed my soul. No sweet cross of Christ: welcome, pen, no words, no engine, can exwelcome, fair, fair, "lovely, royal press to you the loveliness of my King, with thine own cross : let us only, only Lord Jesus. Thus in all three go to heaven together. haste, making for my palace at ANeither care I much to go from the berdeen, I bless you, your wife, South of Scotland to the North; your eldest son, and other children. and to be Christ's prisoner amongst Grace, grace be with you. uncouth faces; a place of this king Your's in his only, only Lord Jesus, dom, which I have little reason to Edin. Sept. 5, 1636.

S. R.


prayers of our mother-church, to

go on as ye have worthily begun, TO ROBERT GORDON of Knockbrexo

in purging the Lord's house in this My dearest Brother,

land, and pulling down the sticks of I see Christ thinking shame (if I Antichrist's filthy nest, this wretchmay speak so) to be in such a poored prelacy, and that black kingdom, man's common as mine. I burden whose wicked aims have ever been, no man; I want nothing; no face and still are, to make this fat world hath gloomed upon me since I left the only compass they would have you: God's sun and fair weather Christ and religion to sail by; and conveyeth me to my time-paradise to mount upon the man of sin, their in Aberdeen; Christ hath so hand-golfather the pope of Rome, upon somely fitted for my shoulders this the highest stair of Christ's throne, rough tree of the cross, as that it and to make a velvet church, (in hurteth me no ways. My treasure regard of parliament grandeur and is up in Christ's coffers ; my com. worldly pomp, whereof always their forts are greater than ye can be stinking breath smelleth) and put lieve; my pen shall lye for penury Christ and truth in sackcloth and of words to write of them. God prison, and to eat the bread of adkpoweth, I am filled with the joy versity, and drink the water of af. of the holy Ghost. Only the me- fliction : half an eye of any, not mory of you, my dearest in the misted with the darkness of Anti-, Lord, my flock and others, keepeth christian smoke, may see it thus in me under, and from being exalted this land ; and now our Lord hath above measure; Christ's sweet sauce begun to awaken the nobles and hath this sour mixed with it; but O others, to plead for borne-down such a sweet and pleasant taste! 1 Christ, and his weeping gospel. find small hopes of Q's matter. My dear and noble Lord, the eye Thus in baste. Remember me to of Christ is

upon you;

of your wife, and to William Gordon. many noble, many holy, many learnGrace be with you.

ed and worthy ones, in our neiglaYour's in his only, only Lord Jesus,

bour churches about, are upon you. Edin. Sept. 5, 1636.

S. R.

This poor church, your mother and Christ's spouse, is holding up her hands and heart to God for you,

and doth beseech you with tears, to LETTER CCXIII.

plead for her husband, his kingly

sceptre, and for the liberties that To my Lord LOWDON.

her Lord and King hath given to Right konourable and very worthy Lord,

her as to a free kingdom, that ow. GRACE, mercy and peace be to you. eth spiritual tribute to none on Hearing of your Lordship’s zeal earth, as being the free-born prinand courage for Christ our Lord, cess and daughter to the King of in owning his honourable cause, I kings. This is a cause that, before am bold (and I plead pardon for it) God, his angels, the world, before to speak on paper by a line or two sun and moon, needeth not to blush. to your Lordship, since I have not what glory and true honour is it, access any other way, beseeching to lend Christ your hand and serv. your Lordship by the mercies of ice, and to be amongst the repair. God, and by the everlasting peace ers of the breaches of Zion's walls, of your soul, and by the tears and and to help to build the old waste

the eyes

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