ing the lambs of Christ ? At my shortness of your time. I charge first entry hither, I grant, I took a you to write to me, and in the fear stomach against my Lord, because of God, be plain with me, whether he had casten me over the dyke of or not ye have made your salvation the vineyard, as a dry tree, and sure: I am confident, and hope the would have no more of my service; best ; but I know, your reckonings my dumb sabbaths broke my heart, with your judge are many and deep. and I would not be comforted; but Sir, be not beguiled, neglect not now he whom my soul loveth is your one thing, (Phil. iii. 13.) your come again, and it pleaseth him to one necessary thing, (Luke x. 42.) feast me with the kisses of his love; the good part that shall not be tako a King dineth with me, and his en from you. Look beyond time; spikenard casteth a sweet smell. things here are but moon-shine ; The Lord my witness is above, that they have but children's wit, who I write my heart to you. I never are delighted with shadows, and deknew, by my nine years' preaching, luded with feathers flying in the air. 80 much of Christ's love, as he has Desire your children in the morning taught me in Aberdeen, by six of their life, to begin and seek the months imprisonment. I charge Lord, and to remember their Cre. you in Christ's name, help me to ator in the days of their youth, praise, and shew that people and (Eccles. xii

. 1.) to cleanse their country the loving-kindness of the way, by taking heed thereto acLord to my soul, that so my suffer. cording to God's word, (Psal. cxix. ings may someway preach to them 9.) Youth is a glassy age, Satan when I am silent. He hath made finds a swept chamber, for the most me know now better than before, part, in youthhood, and a garnished what it is to be crucified to the lodging for himself and his train. world, I would not now give a Let the Lord have the flower of drink of cold water for all the their age; the best sacrifice is due world's kindness; I owe no service to him: instruct them in this, that to it: I am not the flesh's debtor; they have a soul, and that this life my Lord Jesus hath dawted his pris. is nothing in comparison of eternioner, and hath thoughts of love ty: they will have much need of concerning me. I would not ex- God's conduct in this world, to change my sighs, with the laughing guide them by those rocks upon of adversaries. Sir, I write this to which most men split ; but far more infurm you, that ye may know, it is need when it cometh to the hour of the truth of Christ I now suffer for, death, and their compearance beand be hath sealed my suffering fore Christ. " O that there were with the comforts of his Spirit on such an heart in them, to fear the my soul; and know he putteth not name of the great and dreadful God, his seal upon blank paper. Now, who hath laid up great things for Sir, I have no comfort earthly, but those that love and fear him!' I pray to know, that I have espoused, and that God may be their portion. shall present a bride to Christ in Shew others of my parishioners, that congregation. The Lord bath that I write to them my best wishes, given you much, and therefore he and the blessings of their lawful will require much of you again ; pastor ; say to them from me, That number your talents, and see what I beseech them by the bowels of you have to render back again ; ye Christ, to keep in mind the doctrine cannot be enough persuaded of the of our Lord Jesus Christ, which I

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taught them; that so they may lay thousand floods of tears cannot exhold on eternal life, striving together tinguish these flames, or purchase for the faith of the gospel, and to you one hours release from that making sure salvation to themselves. pain ! O how sweet a day have ye Walk in love, and do righteousness: had! but this is a fair-day that run. seek

peace, love one another, wait neth fast away ; see how ye have for the coming of our Master and spent it, and consider the necessity Judge; receive no doctrine contra- of salvation; and tell me, in the fear ry to that which I delivered to you; of God, if ye have made it sure: I if ye fall

away, and forget it, and am persuaded, ye have a conscience that catechism which I taught you, that will be speaking somewhat to and so forsake your own mercy, the you: why will ye die and destroy Lord be Judge betwixt you and me yourself? I charge you in Christ's I take heaven and earth to witness, name, to rouse up your conscience, that such shall eternally perish; but and begin to indent and contract if they serve the Lord, great will with Christ in time, salvation is in their reward be, when they and I your offer: this is the accepted shall stand before our Judge. Set time, this is the day of salvation: forward up the mountain, to meet play the merchant, for ye cannot with God; climb up, for your Sa. expect another market-day when viour calleth on you.

It may be this is done: therefore let me again God will call you to your rest, when beseech you, to consider, in this I am far from you; but ye have my your day, the things that belong to love, and the desires of my heart, your peace, before they be hid from for your soul's welfare. He that is your eyes. Dear brother, fulfil my holy, keep you from falling, and joy, and begin to seek the Lord establish you, till his own glorious while he may be found; forsake the appearance.

follies of deceiving and vain youth ; Puur affectionate and lawful Pastor, lay hold upon eternal life. WhorAberdeen; 1637.

S. R. ing, night-drinking, and mis-spend

the sabbath, and neglecting of LETTER CXCI.

prayer in your house, and refusing

of an offered salvation, will burn up To CARDONESS, younger: Much honoured Sir,

your soul with the terrors of the I long to hear, whether or not Almighty, when your awakened your soul be hand-fasted with conscience shall flee in your face. Christ : lose your time no longer, Be kind and loving to your wife; flee the follies of youth: gird up make conscience of cherishing her, the loins of your mind, and make and not being rigidly austere. Sir, you ready for meeting the Lord, 1 I have not a tongue to express the have often summoned you, and now glory that is laid up for you, in your I summon you again, to compear Father's house, if ye reform your before your Judge, to make a reck, doings, and frame your heart to reoning of your life; while ye have turn to the Lord. Ye know, this time, look upon your papers, and world is but a shadow, a short-living consider your ways:

• O that there creature, under the law of time; were such an heart in you, as to within less than fifty years, when think what an ill conscience will be ye look back to it, ye shall laugh at to you, when ye are upon the bor- | the evanishing vanities thereof, as der of eternity, and your one foot feathers flying in the air, and as the out of time!' 0 then, ten thousand houses of sand within the sea-mark,


which the children of men


LETTER CXCII. building. Give up with courting of this vain world ; seek not the bas. tard's moveables, but the son's heri.

Much honoured Sir, tage in heaven, Take trial of I will not impute your not writChrist, look unto him, and his love ing to me to forgetfulness'; howshall so change you,

that ye shall be ever I have one above who forget. 80 taken with him, and never choose teth me not; day, he groweth in to go from him. I have experience his kindness: it hath pleased his of his sweetness, in this house of holy Majesty to take me from the my pilgrimage here ; my witness, pulpit, and teach me many things, who is above, knoweth, I would in my exile and prison, that were not exchange my sighs and tears, mysteries to me before ; as, 1. I see with the laughing of the fourteen his bottomless and boundless love prelates : there is nothing will make and kindness, and my jealousies and you a Christian indeed, but a taste ravings, which, at my first entry of the sweetness of Christ ; come into this furnace, were so foolish and see, will speak best to your soul and bold, as to say to Christ who is I would fain hope good of you; be truth itself, in his face, Thou liest. not discouraged at broken and spilt I had well nigh lost my grips : I resolutions ; but to it, and to it wondered if it was Christ or not ; again. Woo about Christ, till ye for the mist and smoke of my perget your soul espoused as a chaste turbed heart made me mistake my virgin to him; use the means of Master Jesus; my faith was dim, profiting with your conscience, pray and hope frozen and cold; and my in your family, and read the word. love, which caused jealousies, had Remember how our Lord's day was warmness, and heat, and spent when I was among you; it smoke, but no flame at all ; yet I will be a great challenge to you be- was looking for some good of fore God, if ye forget the good that Christ's old claim to me. I thought was done within the walls of your I had forfeited all my rights ; but house on the Lord's day, and if ye the tempter was too much upon my turn aside after the fashions of this counsels, and was still blowing the world, and if ye go not in time to coal; alas ! I knew not well before, the kirk, to wait on the public wor- how good skill my Intercessor and ship of God, and if ye tarry not at Advocate, Christ, hath of pleading it, till all the exercises of religion and pardoning me such follies. be ended. Give God some of your Now he is returned to my soul with time both morning and evening, and healing under his wings; and I am afternoon ; and in so doing, rejoice nothing behind with Christ now, the heart of a poor oppressed priso- for he hath overpaid me, by his ner. Rue upon your own soul, and presence, the pain I was put to by from your heart fear the Lord. on-waiting, and any little loss I susNow he that brought again from tained by my witnessing against the the dead the great Shepherd of his wrongs done to him. I trow, it sheep, by the blood of the eternal was a pain to my Lord to hide himcovenant, establish your heart with self any longer; in a manner, he his grace, and present you before was challenging his own unkindhis presence with joy.

ness, and repented him of his Your :ffectionate and loving pastor, S. R. glooms; and now, what want I on Aberdeen, 1637,

earth, that Christ can give to a poor


prisoner ! O how sweet and lovely nour or riches; nay pow, I say to is he now! Alas, that I can get laughter, thou art madness. 4. I none to help me to lift up my Lord find it most true, that the greatest Jesus upon his throne, above all the temptation out of hell, is, to live earth! 2. I am now brought to some without temptations; if my waters measure of submission, and I resolve should stand, they would rot; faith to wait till I see what my Lord Je- is the better of the free air, and of $us will do with me: I dare not the sharp winter storm in its face ; now nick name or speak one word grace withereth without adversity : against the all-seeing and over the devil is but God's master-fencer, watching providence of my Lord. to teach us to handle our weapons. I see, providence runneth not on 5. I never knew how weak I was, broken: wheels, but I, like a fool, till now, when he hideth himself, carved a providence for mine own and when I have him to seek seven easė, to die in my nest, and to sleep times a day. I am a dry and withstill till my gray hairs, and to lie on ered branch, and a piece of a dead the suony side of the mountain, in carcase, dry bones, and not able to my ministry at Anwoth ; but now, step over a straw ; the thoughts of I have nothing to say against a bor- my old sins are as the summons of rowed fire-şide, and another man's death to me; and of late my brohouse, nor Kedar's teats, where I ther's, case hath stricken me to the live, being removed far from my heart ; when my wounds are closacquaintance, my lovers and my ing, a litile riffle causeth them to friends ; I see, God hath the world bleed afresh ; so thin skinned is my

on his wheels, and casteth it as a soul, that I think it is like a tender potter doth a vessel on the wheel. man's skin, that


touch nothing: I dare not say that there is any in- ye see, how short I would shoot of ordinate or irregular motion in pro- the prize, if his grace were not sufvidence, the Lord hath done it; Ificient for me. Wo is me for the will not go to law with Christ, for I day of Scotland, wo, wo is me for would gain nothing of that. 3. 1 my harlot-mother ; for the decree have learned some greater mortifi- is gone forth : women of this land cation, and not to mourn after, or shall call the childless and miscarryseek to suck the world's dry breasts, ing wombs blessed. The anger of nay, my Lord hath filled me with the Lord is gone forth, and shall such dainties, that I am like to a not return, till he perform the pur. full banqueter, who is not for com- pose of his heart against Scotland; mon cheer. What have I to do to yet he shall make Scotland a new fall down upon my knees, and worsharp instrument having teeth, to : ship mankind's great idol, the thresh the mountains, and fan the world? I have a better God than hills as chaff. The prisoner's bless any clay-god; nay, at present, as I ing be upon you, am now disposed, I care not much

Yours in his sweet Lord Jesus, to give this world a discharge of iny Aberdeen, March, 14, 1637. S. Re life-rent of it, for bread and water ; I know it is not my home, nor my Father's house; it is but his foot

LETTER CXCIII. stool, the outer-close of his house,

To the Lady BUSBIE, his out-fields, and muir-ground; let Mistress, bastards take it ; I hope never to I KNOW, you are thinking some, think myself in its common, for ho- times what Christ is doing in Zion,

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and that the haters of Zion may get been to the fore, in our sad days, the the bottom of our cup, and the waters had gone over our soul. His burning coals of our furnace, that mercy hath a set period and appoint. we have been tried in those many ed a place, how far, and no further years by-gone. Othat this nation the sea of affliction shall flow, and would be awakened, to cry mightily where the waves thereof shall be unto God, for the setting up of a stayed: he prescribeth how much new tabernacle to Christ in Scotland. pain and sorrow, both for weight O if this kingdom knew how worthy and measure, we must have; ye have Christ were of his room! His worth then good cause to recal your love was ever above man's estimation of from all lovers, and give it to Christ: him. And for myself, I am pained he who is afflicted in all your afflic. at the heart, that I cannot find my. tions, looketh not on you, in your self disposed to leave myself, and go sad hours, with an insensible heart wholly in to Christ: alas that there or dry eyes. All the Lord's saints should be one bit of me out of him, may see, that it is lost love, which is and that we leave too much liberty bestowed upon this perishing world : and latitude for ourselves, and our death and judgment will make mèn own ease, and credit, and pleasures, lament, that ever their miscarrying and so little room for all love-worthy hearts carried them to lay and lavish Christ! O what pains and charges out their love, upon false appearit costeth Christ ere he get us! and ances and night-dreams. Alas! that when all is done we are not worth Christ should fare the worse, because the having: it is a wonder, that he of his own goodness, in making peace sbould seek the like of us: but love and the gospel to ride together; and averlooketh blackness and feckless that we have never yet weighed the ness; for if it had not been so, Christ worth of Christ in his ordinances ; would never have made so fair and and that now we are like to be de blessed a bargain with us, as the prived of the well, ere we have tasted covenant of grace is. I find, that the sweetness of the water; it may in all our sufferings, Christ is but be with watery eyes, and a wet face, ridding marches, that every one of and wearied feet, we seek Christ, us may say, mine and thine, and that and shallonot find him. Oh that this

know by their crosses, how land were humbled in time, and by weak a bottom nature is to stand prayers, cries and humiliation would upon in a trial; that then which our bring Christ in at the church door Lord intendeth, in all our sufferings, again, now when his back is turned is to bring grace in court and request towards us, and he is gone to the amongst us: I would succumb and threshold, and his one foot (as it come short of heaven, if I had no were) is out of the door! I am sure more but my own strength to sup- his departure is our deserving, we port me; and if Christ should say to have bought it with our iniquities ; me, either do or die, it were easy to for even the Lord's own children are determine, what should become of fallen asleep: and alas! professors me: the choice were easy, for I be. are made all of shews and fashions, hoved to die, if Christ should pass and are not at pains to recover by with straitened bowels; and who themselves again. Every one hath then should take us up in our straits? his set measure of faith and holi. I know, we may say, Christ is kind- ness, and contenteth himself with a est in his love, when we are at our stinted measure of godliness, as if weakest; and that if Christ had not that were enough to bring them to

men may

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